How to process potatoes from beetles

By planting potatoes in the garden, each gardener hopes to get a good tuber harvest. The end result depends on many factors. These include proper soil preparation, seed selection and planting care. An important measure is the protection of tops and tubers from pests during the growth of bushes. But, processing potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle before planting tubers will help keep the seeds from damage, until emergence.

Beetle Potato Processing

Pest Control Methods

There are only 2 methods for protecting seed material. At the first, tubers are treated with chemical preparations, and at the second: folk methods.

Pesticides treatment is more effective, but folk remedies do not affect beneficial insects, can not harm the health of pets and humans.

With each method of processing seed potatoes, it is necessary to follow the instructions for the preparation of solutions. Pesticides of high concentration can burn tubers or will be removed from plants for a long time, not allowing harvesting at normal times. Organic substances that are not cooked correctly can also harm the sprouts and delay their development, which would not be desirable.

Tuber preparation

The seed material is taken out of the storage and sorted, selecting damaged tubers or having signs of viral diseases. Potatoes are put on germination indoors, at a temperature of about 18 ° C.

A prerequisite is the germination of tubers when exposed to sunlight. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the peel of the fruit begins to turn green and releases solanine.

This organic compound is called poisonous glycoalkaloid (glycoside), which can cause significant harm to soil pests such as:

  • wireworm;
  • golden cyst-forming nematode;
  • cicada;
  • a bear.

When consumed by peel insects, poisoning of the body occurs. First, the nervous system of the pests is affected, and then the red blood cells begin to decompose and the insect dies.

When the tuber sprouts reach a height of 4 cm, they can be processed. After the procedure, the fruits are dried and planted in a permanent place.

Beetle Chemicals

The choice of funds is very large

Pesticides include drugs with a wide spectrum of action, which process potatoes before planting. They are very effective and able to destroy adult insects and their larvae.

  1. The composition of Prestige includes an insecticide that accumulates in the tissues of plants and protects the tops for 50 days.
  2. Maxim is suitable for treating tubers and soil.
  3. Protectant Cruiser is effective for 8 weeks.
  4. Taboo insecticide is valid for 45 days.

Sometimes, to achieve a greater effect, drugs can be combined.


Prestige is commonly used as the main ingredient. You can add one of the minor components to it and process the potatoes. More than 2 insecticides should not be used simultaneously.

The composition of Prestige includes imidacloprid, which belongs to the class of chloronicotinyl. Gardeners call it insecticide. It causes a blockage of the nerve impulses of the body, which leads to paralysis of the adults of the Colorado potato beetle.


The insecticide Maxim is created on the basis of a natural active substance. In action, it is similar to antibiotics that secrete soil bacteria to inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic fungi. The contact action fungicide fludioxonil belongs to a relatively new class of phenylpyrroles, recently adopted in the fight against insects.


Cruiser's active ingredient is thiamethoxam, the concentration of which in the preparation is the highest. In second place is metalaxyl, it is 8 times less. The third fungicide is fludioxanil. Its concentration in the drug reaches a minimum, compared with thiamethoxam, which is 35 times more.


The composition of the toxic taboo includes imidacloprid, 500 ml of which is in 1 liter of the drug. The remaining components are:

  • bright signal dyes;
  • adhesives;
  • wetting agents;
  • thickeners;
  • antifreeze;
  • special dispersant.

Due to its composition, the preparation remains on the peel for a long time, is not washed off by soil waters and protects both tuber and young shoots as much as possible.

Seed tuber processing

Tubers need to be prepared

The scheme for pickling potatoes before planting is simple and accessible to everyone. It is only necessary to use personal protective equipment, to maintain their own health, such as:

  • closed shoes;
  • latex gloves;
  • tarpaulin or plastic apron;
  • protective glasses;
  • gauze mask or a petal type respirator.

Toxic concentrated substances, getting on the skin and mucous membranes, can cause burns, redness and itching.

According to the instructions, a solution is prepared and poured into a spray bottle. Prepared tubers are laid out on a film or dense material in 1 layer. The solution is sprayed and wait until it dries. Then the tubers are turned over and processed on the other side. Dried fruits can be planted in holes, filled with soil and only after that take off protective clothing.

Folk methods of struggle

Dozens of years of struggle with the Colorado potato beetle taught gardeners to deal with the pest with available folk remedies.

  1. A solution of wood ash is used to soak the planting material immediately before planting.
  2. Solutions of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) and boric acid are less toxic than poisons.
  3. Copper sulfate is also suitable for pickling tubers.

These funds have a detrimental effect on beetles, but do not poison the tubers.

Wood ash is combined with warm water 1:10 and dipped in a solution, tubers packed in nets. After a few minutes, they remove the nets and allow the potatoes to dry.

Potassium permanganate is bred in water at room temperature. For 1 g of crystals, 10 liters of liquid are taken. After 5 minutes, seed can be planted.

Boric acid is used as an insecticide and fertilizer. 15 g of boric acid powder requires a bucket of warm water. In the finished solution, the tubers are pickled for 10 minutes, laid out to dry and planted in a permanent place.

Copper sulfate is used to protect potato tubers by preparing an aqueous solution. At least 1 g of the drug should be added to 1 liter of liquid and mixed thoroughly until crystals are completely dissolved. Potatoes are lowered into the solution, kept for several minutes, removed, allowed to dry and laid out in the planting pits.

Action of drugs

Depending on the composition of chemicals and the content of organic substances in solutions, the duration of action of drugs may vary. But all processed potatoes will give good tops, which cannot be damaged by insects and Colorado beetles, before the disclosure of flower buds. Upon contact with leaves or eating them, pests become infected with insecticides, which leads to the death of insects.

After flowering, the content of toxic substances in tubers and tops is reduced to a minimum. 2 months after the processing of planting material with chemicals, the threat of human poisoning completely disappears when eating potatoes.


When harvesting, you can be sure of its quality and that the products are environmentally friendly. By treating tubers before planting, we not only reduce the introduction of pesticides, but also protect the plants from the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle. By spraying the tops of potatoes, it is possible to destroy beneficial insects and lead the soil to severe pollution with toxic substances. This is easy to avoid if you follow the advice of experienced gardeners and pickle seed potatoes using primitive means.


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