How to prepare a cow for launch in winter

The maintenance of cows and bulls is not without difficulties for the farmer, but is considered a rather profitable occupation, bringing a stable income. Running a cow before calving in winter or summer is a matter of particular importance in farming. How to start a cow and not miss an important point in heat - information that will be useful to every farmer and will not be superfluous for a beginner.

How to start a cow before calving


Before breeding cattle, a person should think about how to provide animals with everything necessary, how to run a cow in front of calving and not harm the body. These questions will arise on their own, but it is better to be prepared for them. Running a cow is a very crucial moment, especially for a young animal. The period of readiness for fertilization lasts only a few days, after which the heifer no longer makes contact with the bull.

Cows are launched 1 or 2 times a year, depending on the farmer's ability. Proper care, feeding at home and a timely breeding process are the key to the work of the entire farm. Until a person organizes his own work with animals, the launch of cows and their maintenance will be a real torture for humans.

Cattle Launch Time

When does the right moment come to launch the heifer? Hunting in cattle does not occur immediately, it is preceded by changes in the behavior and perception of other animal heifers or gobies. From time to time, calves become aggressive due to illness or malnutrition (unbalanced feeding). In such cases, the change in behavior is due to external rather than internal factors. How many months and how to feed livestock before childbirth?

A prudent farmer compiles special feeding tables for animals, thanks to which all hormonal changes in the body of the body pass without any special complications. Summer is considered the most suitable time for offspring. During this period, livestock has access to green food, which contains vitamins and nutrients necessary for pregnancy. If the little body comes into contact with the bull early, then it will be more difficult for a person to find out about it. The same age of the heifers does not guarantee that they ripen the same way. The scheme and time of offspring is purely individual. To determine readiness, folk and scientific methods are used. How to run a cow before calving?

Cow Hunting

To start the cow before calving, the farmer should create special conditions. This process involves a change in the lifestyle of animals. What is it for? A healthy offspring, which will soon appear, needs to be fed and cared for by humans. To do this, the farmer increases lactation in the body in advance and before the appearance of the offspring ceases to express animal milk. From the correct actions of a person depends on how healthy the cattle will be before calving, and the timing of the launch of the cow will significantly decrease.

It is not difficult to protect the offspring and the female if you dilute the heifer feed with special strengthening vitamins (cattle) and useful additives even during the launch. Calmness and care will help the body to give birth without problems. The period of gestation of the calf and the first time (the first few months), the burenka should remain warm and have access to clean water, green and dry food. How long should a farmer prepare for offspring in cattle? Milk reduction is only the initial stage of preparation.

Expressing milk before calving

A few months before calving, milk yield ceases completely. The female does not give milk, does not walk with the whole herd. Taurus should spend most of the time in a secluded place. There is a need to limit the heifer to 77 days. In young females, milk withdrawal ceases even earlier, the period of accumulation of milk should last up to 80-90 days. Milk (several liters) absorbs all the beneficial substances that will go to feed the offspring.

All this period, when the calf should prepare for the birth of offspring, the farmer gives her as much grass and all kinds of environmentally friendly additives as possible. Milking a cow is permitted only in cases where the body has nowhere to get milk and it suffers. Milking reduces the discomfort of the animal, ready for offspring. The size of the udder is a conditional indicator for the farmer. Filter milk excess often enough.

When starting a cow before calving, you should focus on the health of the body. The appearance and behavior of the females will speak for themselves. How to start a cow for a beginner farmer?

Preparation before calving

Running a cow before calving is not as easy as it might seem. The cow needs special care and attention from the farmer during the launch. The first day of lactation of the heifer is dead wood. Taurus on this day is very vulnerable and not protected. Before calving, you must:

  • stop expressing milk in Burenka;
  • gradually reduce the amount of food (the body should be prepared for feeding offspring);
  • reduce the amount of water (before calving);
  • reduce the proportion of green feed.

The cow must settle in a separate stall before the calving process.

Hay is not recommended for animals, it is better to replace it with low-calorie straw. The female does not particularly like such food, but I can’t eat straw through. You can’t add green food directly on the last day before calving: such an addition can harm both the animal and offspring. The desired animal regime is established and carried out implicitly.

Milk is decanted gradually from 3 times a day to 1. If the calving calendar is calculated for the whole year, then running a cow in winter is much harder. On the fifth day, you cannot drive a cow to milking, because it is not given (dairy production ends). You can start a cow from the period when lactation ends. How to organize the launch? A proper start for cows is not typical, milk can continue to be collected. In such cases, the milking process decreases more slowly compared to experienced females. Along with milk yield, the amount of water and green food decreases. Gradual actions lead to the desired results - milk will stop collecting.

When the time comes to feed the offspring, all functions in the body of the body will be restored. Short dead wood will cause the cow to not start. Running a highly productive cow without gradual preparation will also fail. No matter what age the female is, she will not come to calving herself. Cows start up normally if they are provided with all the necessary conditions.

Mandatory measures before calving

In the warm season (summer, late spring), the female's range is reduced to 4 hours. A few days before calving, you can walk a cow, under no circumstances. Running without isolation of the animal is not possible. To accelerate natural processes, the cow is placed separately from the whole herd in a room where she can stay in a calm mood. The new environment contributes to the rapid return of cows to normal. In such an environment, the female will be able to prepare for the birth of offspring. Injury to the animal by sudden changes is not worth it - all actions should be gradual, not causing fear or aggression in the body.

The state of the udder is monitored by the farmer throughout the calving period. Running cows is a special attitude to the calf, without which the whole economy will not flourish. Improper handling of animals will lead to inflammatory processes in the internal organs. The cow will have to be treated for months, and the offspring will have to be forgotten altogether. A sharp launch will harm the animal's reproductive system.

Mastitis is a frequent consequence of a negligent attitude towards the female, the launch of which was not on the calendar or with gross omissions from the farmer. Hardening parts of the udder is an alarming sign. It will not be possible to manage on your own with such symptoms, so it is best to call an experienced veterinarian.

How to care for animals?

When starting up (systematic start-up of cows) feeding animals requires special attention from the person. Running a female without proper maintenance is not possible. The cow should be protected from all potential dangers and contacts with other individuals. An inexperienced novice farmer can properly equip a heifer. The main credo of such a person is that I can do anything, even if it takes a little more time and effort. It is necessary to feed the calves only with high-quality feeds, regardless of how much food the burenka needs. Periodic examination by a veterinarian will also not be superfluous. The problem will be if the cow does not start for a long time.

It is always difficult to prepare animals for calving, but without this natural process, it will not be possible to support farming. Training is half the battle, and followed by long periods of grooming for the female and the small calf. Caring for offspring and cows will not hurt.

The farmer should not neglect the organization of the launch of the cow before calving, otherwise it is his farm that will be at a loss, and the injured cattle will not bring healthy, tenacious and full-fledged offspring for many months to come. The choice remains with the person, what he is ready to go for the prosperity of his own business.


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