How to plant tomatoes properly

Anyone who is engaged in growing crops in the garden or in the greenhouse wants to achieve the maximum yield. As for the cultivation of such a crop as a tomato, an effective tool that helps to get a good tomato crop is garter and pinching, especially the use of stepchildren in greenhouse growing conditions.

Rules for planting tomatoes

Today we will learn about the stepsoning of a tomato, how to pinch tomatoes correctly and how, in fact, to understand what a stepson is and how it differs from a regular leaf.

What is a stepson

Stitching of tomatoes is a branch of shoots located on the side, these shoots grow from deciduous sinuses. Why is this procedure mandatory? Indeed, it is necessary to pinch a tomato, the fact is that stepsons steal vitality from a plant, which negatively affects the growth of shrubs, and also worsens yield indicators.

For a better understanding of the process, it is worth identifying the goals, for which it is recommended to carry out stepsoning:

  • Using this process, you can easily independently form the required number of stems
  • You can speed up the harvest of tomatoes
  • There is a real opportunity to extend the period of fruiting of tomatoes
  • Productivity will increase in quantitative terms, so you can get more fruits from a single bush of tomatoes

How not to confuse stepson with leaf

Novice gardeners and gardeners often confuse a regular leaf with a stepson, we will try to shed light on this issue. First of all, carefully examine what a tomato bush looks like. Leaves grow on the stem of a tomato bush, and in the axils of these leaves there is an shoot, which is commonly called the stepson. Such a neoplasm grows quite quickly, its leaves are rapidly developing, thereby generating the same stepsons, but already at the second level.

It is worth saying that all stepchildren are subject to removal and trimming, and this must be done before they are too large. This is extremely important for the reason that such processes suck out the strength of the bush, so that future fruits receive less nutrients, and the bush itself does not grow. It is important to get rid of such processes carefully enough so as not to damage the stem, thereby not causing even more damage to the bush.

What time are stepsoning

Many people wonder when to properly pinch, when to prune and remove the processes. Here the answer will be extremely simple, it is carried out as necessary, that is, throughout the life cycle of a tomato shrub, starting with the fact that the bush must be rooted. However, it can be noted that stepchildren appear exactly then the bush enters the flowering stage.

It is important to say that in neglected cases when the stepsoning of the tomatoes was not carried out for a long time, regardless of the variety, the removal of the processes is much more difficult. The fact is that they grow so much that it is almost impossible to make out which leaves are true and which pests. The only advice that can be used is the characteristic arrangement of the stepson, usually it is located immediately below the flower brush.

There is one more piece of advice from experienced gardeners; the best time to carry out the procedure is in the morning, as it is at this time of day that stepsons are easiest to break off. It is also worth mentioning that by the end of the day the crack on the stem will completely tighten. If in the morning it was not possible to work on the beds, then all the wounds on the stem should be treated with ash.

If there are bushes in the greenhouse that cause concern, for example, the foliage on a piece is yellow and not elastic. Such tomato bushes are recommended to be left for one day without treatment in order to check whether the plant is affected by parasites or if there are defects in care. This is necessary in order to prevent the further spread of the disease.

The nuances of pinching

Remove peeling kidneys in a timely manner

It happens that after removal of the appendix from the kidney, a new stepson begins to hatch at the same place, which poses a threat to culture. The cause of this phenomenon may be excessive watering or too much fertilization. Of course, after pinching, you should immediately reconsider the care of tomatoes. Usually to avoid such situations in the future, it is necessary to carefully and thoroughly inspect the entire bush so as not to miss a single kidney.

There are situations when the stepson sprouts directly from the flower, which looks like a usual continuation of the inflorescence. They are also subject to removal, as they call into question the receipt of the crop.

In addition to removing stepchildren, you must also tear off all the lower leaves from the bush, this must be done strictly in late spring - early summer, when the street is still not so hot. In this process, there are recommendations, to tear off the sheets should be gradually, no more than three per day. If you do this aggressively, there is a chance of crop loss. In addition, it is necessary to observe the technology - the leaves should be removed not sideways, but towards the ground, that is, down.

The technique of proper herding

Before you talk about how pinching is carried out correctly, it is worth identifying some process diagram, such as:

  • The procedure is carried out at least 1 time per week
  • It is necessary to determine in advance how many stems there will be in the bush. Earlier, we talked about the fact that the number can vary, from one to three stems. Further we will consider how these techniques differ

We form one stalk

It is worth saying that experienced farmers argue that the single-stemmed version is most suitable for growing tomatoes in greenhouses. However, those people who work with tomatoes at home say the opposite, saying that an increase in stems has a positive effect on an increase in yield. We learn how the formation of one stem is performed.

To form a bush with one stalk, you need to break off all stepsons, including those stepsons that formed in the area of ​​the bifurcation of the stem. However, it is important to leave the brushes of flowers intact, including the one at the very bottom.

Bush with two stems

In order to form a two-stalked plant from a tomato bush, the first stepson must be left untouched, usually it is quite powerful and developed, therefore it is not difficult to find it.

If nevertheless there are problems with its detection, you need to find the most developed flower branch, the stepson of interest to you is located under it. All other stepsons in tomatoes are subject to mandatory removal. It is worth saying that cherry tomatoes often form in two stems, such a formation is most appropriate.

How to form a three-stem bush

When forming, follow the recommendations

To get three stems on a tomato bush at once, you need to perform these steps step by step:

  • As in the previous version, we leave the very first stepson located at the base of the flower brush
  • Next, you need to find another well-developed stepson, his usual location - this is the area under the first process
  • The remaining stepchildren must be carefully removed by breaking down.

How the process changes depending on the type of tomato

It is worth saying that tomatoes are divided into three groups, depending on what the pattern of pinching changes:

  • Determinant Varieties
  • Indeterminate
  • Semi-Determinant Varieties

Let's move on to the description of each of the three types, find out how to remove stepsons, depending on whether the culture belongs to one or another type.

Indeterminate type

This group includes tomatoes that do not have restrictions on the issue of growth, usually a single-stem formation of a bush is selected for them. This choice can be explained by the fact that such bushes usually create a large number of processes on the side.

A feature of the pinching of this variety can be called the fact that at the place of separation of the stepson, a stump should form, the height of which will be approximately equal to 1 centimeter. This, for a normal crop, you need to get rid of all flower buds, except the most developed, it is recommended to leave no more than 10 pieces.

Semi-determinant type of tomato

This tall tomato variety grows to record levels of 190 cm. Depending on how densely and densely the seedlings are planted, you can form a plant in 2 or 3 stems. In such standard bushes, the problem is often encountered that the stem can stop growing, that is, the growth ends at the apex and disappears. To prevent this from happening, do not rush into pinching, you need to make sure that the plant does not tremble, that is, the stem continues to grow moderately.

However, even if rooting has occurred, do not worry, this is a fixable situation. In such cases, the formation of a tall shrub of 2 or 3 stems is recommended; it will be easy to grow such a bush.

Features of Determinant Varieties

It is customary to include here those varieties that do not differ in high growth, they can be found in Siberia. Usually, they do not need frequent stepsoning, however, they should not be completely abandoned. Here it is necessary to adhere to those recommendations given by seed producers, usually they are indicated on the package.

To maximize the yield of such tomatoes, it is worth observing these rules when caring:

  • Stepsons are removed, but they must be removed gradually, cutting off no more than 5 pieces at a time
  • Inflorescences also need to be removed, only a few pieces are left, no more than 3, no more required
  • It is important to pluck the top inflorescence, leave only the growth point in it, this rule is one of the most important to fulfill.

Now you know how to plant tomatoes properly, why it is necessary, why it is so important after planting seedlings. Finishing the story about pinching tomatoes, it is worth saying that this process is an integral part of caring for the crop, as well as the garter, without it you will not be able to get a good tomato crop.


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