How often to water ficus at home

Ficuses belong to a diverse and numerous plant genus. They are very popular as a room culture. Before acquiring a plant, you need to figure out how to water the ficus. Watering regime is a key factor affecting healthy tree growth.

How to water ficus at home

In the summer, the tree is often irrigated, in winter the number of waterings is reduced. It needs to be grown in a warm and bright room with sufficient humidity. The rules for the care and maintenance of indoor ficuses of different species differ insignificantly.

Varieties of home ficuses and features of care for them

Ficus is a genus of tropical plants. They grow in the countries of the coast of the Pacific and Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and in southern Africa. Most of them are evergreens, but there are deciduous species.

In room culture, the following species are most often grown:

  • Benjamin (Lovely, Starlight, etc.);
  • Rubber-bearing (a popular variety of Melanie);
  • Dwarf, Dwarf creeping;
  • Bengal.

Different types and varieties differ in appearance, trunk shape, color and leaf shape. But the rules for caring for different ficuses are little different from each other.

Ficus can not be called a whimsical plant. He takes root well at home. It is important to provide the green pet with moderate watering, good lighting, and protection against drafts. Experienced flower growers know how to properly water ficus plants. This is nothing complicated. Any person will easily deal with the irrigation regime.

Features of watering ficus

How to water ficus at home, can tell any seller of a flower shop when selling plants. The watering regime depends on several factors:

  1. Season. Irrigation regimes vary with the time of year.
  2. Type of plant. Some species have individual moisture requirements.
  3. Age and size of the tree. The abundance of water filling depends on these parameters.
  4. Soil quality. You need to choose light soils that pass moisture well. If the substrate does not meet the characteristics, the irrigation conditions are adjusted. Over time, you need to transplant the tree into another soil.

With irregular and irregular watering, the tree begins to deteriorate. The leaves turn yellow completely or along the edges, dry or fall off completely.

It is necessary to water ficus more often and more abundantly if they are tall and with a developed crown. Then water will be enough for the development of the root system and shoot along the entire length.

Rules for watering ficus

Growing ficus is not difficult for a beginner grower. You just need to remember a few simple irrigation rules.

Recommendations on how to properly water ficus:

  1. Change watering modes depending on the season. The quality of its growth will depend on how often watering the ficus.
  2. Water for irrigation of ficus is used pure, with a temperature of 20-25 ° C.
  3. The basal soil during irrigation of the plant should be completely wet.
  4. You need to moisten the tree early in the morning or after sunset.

To remove excess moisture, it is necessary to provide drainage at the bottom of the tub. As drainage, crushed red brick or expanded clay is used.

How to water ficus is of great importance. Plant irrigation fluid should have room temperature at any time of the year. Using very warm or cool water will harm the roots.

How to water ficus in summer and winter

How many times to water ficus depends on the climate on the street and in the house. Summer and winter modes are significantly different from each other.

How often do I need to water the ficus:

  1. From the beginning of March to the beginning of September. The tree is irrigated every 3-5 days.
  2. Autumn. Humidification of the soil is carried out once a week.
  3. Winter. The tree is irrigated once every 10-14 days.

The microclimate of the room also affects the irrigation mode. With high humidity, a weekly watering hole will be enough. In hot summers, the need for water increases. It is better to pour ficus every 3 days.

If the frequency of watering is not reduced in winter, the leaves on the tree will immediately fall off. All year round you need to spray the leaves with water from a spray bottle. Ficuses are very fond of humidity. Sometimes you can make your pet a warm shower (not hot).

Water quality for ficus

Ficus, like any other indoor plants, is watered. Sometimes the quality of tap water leaves much to be desired. It is better not to use it for watering flowers.

Rain, melt and spring water are excellent for trees. It has unique natural properties. You can use tap water. The main condition is low fluid stiffness. So that heavy salts and harmful impurities do not get into the soil, water must be defended. Another easy way to clean water is to freeze and thaw. If you pass the liquid through a reverse osmosis filter, it will lose absolutely all salts. For plants, such water is not used.

During the period of growth activation (spring - early fall) every 10-15 days, it is necessary to water the ficus with water with the addition of liquid fertilizers. They will enrich the soil with the necessary trace elements.

If the ficus is sick

If you violate the rules of care, the flower may become sick. The problem can be recognized by the state of the leaves. Excessive and insufficient watering is equally harmful to the plant.

If the leaves began to fall regularly one at a time, there is too much moisture. Fill the tree with water less often and less abundantly. Excessive soil moisture is also indicated by the yellowing of the edges of the leaves. Putrid processes develop on the roots. If young leaves grow small, and old ones begin to turn yellow, it is necessary to increase the frequency of watering and the application of fertilizing.

Many users of the forums on floriculture recommend pouring ficus with vodka. The recipe can be tried if the plant has become frail and lethargic. Vodka is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1, after which the ficus is poured. Such watering with vodka is carried out once a week.

There is another folk recipe - sweet water. This tool can be used both in winter and summer throughout the life of a flower. Green leaves produce glucose on their own during photosynthesis. It forms starch, cellulose and other structural components. With a decrease in the activity of photosynthesis, problems with growth and development may occur. Watering with sweet water will provide the ficus with finished glucose. The mixture is simple to prepare. 40 g of sugar are dissolved in 1 liter of liquid. A small amount of sugar can also be poured into the pot for quick tree growth.

Ficus is a beautiful and majestic plant. It will become an adornment of any room. It is not difficult to take care of him at home, even a child can cope with this task. The main thing is to follow the basic rules of watering, spray the plant with water, and prevent the action of cold air.

In summer, ficus watering often requires, in winter - once every 10 days. If you adhere to the recommendations, the tree will grow tall with a sweeping thick crown.


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