How much milk should be soaked and how to do it

Mushrooms are edible mushrooms widespread in Russia; they are popular in home preservation in a number of regions. There are several varieties: white and black, violin and peppercorns, poplar breasts, yellow and many other species. However, most of them have a bitter taste, which, on the one hand, scares away worms, but on the other hand, it can also harm a person. Therefore, the main stage in the preparation is soaking the breasts. We will tell about important nuances, recipes and useful tips below.

Proper Soaking


Upon returning from the forest, the mushrooms should be placed in a metal or plastic dish, add water and soak for 20 minutes. This primary soaking is necessary so that the particles of forest mud become slightly sour and easy to clean.

Each mushroom should be carefully examined for rottenness or the presence of worms. They remove dirt from a good mushroom with a knife along with a surface skin - a film. After processing the outside of the cap and legs, remove the spore plates from the inside of the cap. This procedure is carried out only with large (age) mushrooms. Carefully cut the thin outer edge, which is wrapped inside the cap and remove the white plate with a knife, moving in the direction from the leg to the edge. Some mushroom pickers use spoons for this purpose. Rinse with clean running water.

Soaking Features

It should be explained why the stage of soaking the breasts is key and its poor performance can lead to health problems. All types of breasts contain small amounts of poisonous substances in the composition of milky juice, which give a specific “bitter” taste and can cause poisoning.

Therefore, we advise you not to neglect the following recommendations:

  • To avoid the occurrence of chemical reactions, we do not recommend using aluminum pots or tanks for soaking, it is better to give preference to enameled or wooden utensils.
  • Water should completely wet the entire volume of mushrooms, otherwise, when exposed to air, raw mushrooms may oxidize and change color. If this happens - the mushrooms need to be washed and filled with new water, installing oppression on top, which will make them completely hide under the water.
  • If you decide to use warm water (in which the breasts are soaked faster), add more salt and change the water often.
  • Under no circumstances do not miss the time to replace the water - otherwise the breasts may become sour and become unfit for food.

Proven Soak Recipe

Soaking removes toxins from mushrooms

If you soak the mushrooms for 2-3 days in salted cold water (10 g of salt per liter of water) and change it 2 times a day, all toxic substances will go away.

Our ancestors did collect peeled mushrooms in a bag with nettles and sent them to a river or ponds with running water for 3 days. You can try such a simple way on your summer cottage.

Other recipes

Properly soak the mushrooms, given the characteristics of the variety.

White breast is considered the safest, because contains the least amount of toxins. It is enough to soak it overnight (10-15 hours). The water will darken, but remain transparent. Soaked “royal mushroom” (another name for white mushroom) is used in pickles and for pickling.

Outwardly, a creaky lump is like him. If you draw a fingernail over the hat, a quiet creak is heard, and because of the white liquid - milky juice, which appears when broken and looks like milk, it is also called "euphorbia." Skripun is the bitter mushroom of the whole family. Soak it should be at least 4 days, while the water turns red. It is very saturated with the taste of salt, so it is better to use it in a marinade - then the mushroom smell will remain.

Irina Selyutina (Biologist):

Indeed, a white lump in terms of the amount of toxins in the fruiting body can be safely called "clean." For soaking it is quite enough for 10-15 hours. If you put it in the evening for soaking, then in the morning it will be ready for cooking. Pay attention to the water in which this mushroom was steeped: if the process went as it should, then the water will be a bit darkish, but transparent. You can also break off a piece of mushroom for a taste test - it should not be bitter.

Black breasts no matter how much time you devote to soaking it, it will remain so black. And even a very frequent change of water will not help. And all because there are a lot of coloring pigments in it, but they have nothing to do with the toxicity of the fungus in principle.

Black breasts are used more for salads in fried or salted form. He will not lose pigmentation after soaking, but rarely marinate him because of his unattractive appearance. Before frying fresh, breasts should be rolled in breadcrumbs from eggs and flour, because they will release a lot of liquid.

Tips from experienced mushroom pickers

  • After collecting the bruises, the bitter smell remains on your hands and may haunt you for several days. To avoid this, wash your hands with sunflower oil, and then with soap;
  • You can clean the breasts with thin rubber gloves;
  • Use a hard toothbrush instead of a knife to improve the quality of cleaning and not deform the appearance of the mushroom;
  • To get rid of bitterness, cut the mushrooms into slices;
  • Iodized salt gives an unpleasant aftertaste, so you should use only ordinary;
  • With the barrel method of storage, once a week check for mold on the yoke and remove it in a timely manner.


Mushrooms must be steeped before cooking. This is done in order to avoid poisoning and make the taste more pleasant. It doesn’t take so much time, but health will be in perfect order.


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