How many days do cucumber seeds usually sprout

An integral stage of planting cucumbers is the planting of seeds, that is, sowing. Each gardener is looking forward to when the first shoots appear. However, it happens that it takes a long time to wait for the first shoots, or the sprouted shoots die soon or do not appear at all. Why this happens, and how many days the seeds of cucumbers germinate normally, today we will talk about this.

Seedlings of cucumber seeds

How long do cucumber seeds sprout

There are many factors because of which the seeds of cucumbers do not sprout. Do not forget that we are talking about a thermophilic plant that does not like a sharp temperature drop. In addition, the cause of not sprouted seed may be its poor quality. In order for the seed to hatch on time, it is worth waiting for the right time when the soil warms up and it is predicted that there will be no frost on the soil if you plan to land in open ground, that is, on the bed. As for the greenhouse, the seeds can be planted a little earlier in comparison with open ground - for about 3 weeks.

How many days do cucumbers come in? If all of the above conditions are met, then the first seedlings can appear as early as 4-6 days after planting the seeds. If you sow in heavy soil, it is worth digging them deeper, but even this will not help the first sprouts hatch before 6-8 days.

Germination phase

Germination of a cucumber sprout is the most scrupulous phase, because with high probability for one reason or another this may not happen. In order to understand the reasons, it is worthwhile to become more familiar with what cucumber seed is and how it ripens.

Cucumber seed is a slightly elongated white formation, inside which there is a germ that is reliably protected by the seed skin. This shell protects the seed from negative factors:

  • Mechanical damage
  • Drying out
  • Early germination
  • Lesions by one or another microorganism

In order for the shoot to appear in open ground or a greenhouse, conditions are needed that will make the peel open. For this to happen, it is necessary to provide sufficient watering, create the right temperature and good ventilation. As for lighting, the cucumber seed germinates equally well, both in the light and without it.

Life cycle start

The life cycle of cucumber seed begins with saturation with moisture until the required amount of water is absorbed. Immediately after this, the process of seed swelling begins, it was at this time that the peel opened, and then the activation of the enzyme system, the beginning of aerobic activity. It is worth saying that in order for these processes to occur, it is important to create the necessary humidity conditions:

  • Seed needs about 40% moisture in the soil after planting
  • During swelling, the indicator changes and grows to 70% and even up to 80% if the plant is planted in the garden

In addition, it is important to note that the above processes can occur only if the temperature does not fall below 25 degrees. If the indicators fall below, there is a risk that immediately after swelling the seeds will grow moldy, which will make further growth impossible.

Seed germ development

After the previous stage has ended, the stage of development of the embryo begins. This is accompanied by many chemical reactions that are aimed at the breakdown of starch, the oxidation of lipids and, of course, the formation of proteins and amino acids. As a result of this, a germinal root is formed, now the nutrition of the future plant occurs only due to its absorption of nutrients from the soil.

Due to the environmental impact, the root quite easily and quickly gets rid of the peel, this happens directly in the soil after sowing. If you planted the seeds too deep, you can see the roots that have not dropped their peels. Unfortunately, they will no longer be able to sprout, since under the influence of air and the sun the peel will quickly harden, sealing in itself a young seedling. To remedy the situation, you need to spray the seedling with a spray gun or sprayer, and then gently remove the peel with your fingers.

Why seeds do not germinate

Seven key factors affect seed germination

We will figure out what factors negatively affect the germination of cucumber seeds. It is customary to single out seven main reasons; let us dwell on each of them in more detail.

Soil temperature

If the temperature of the soil in the bed is too low, namely, it falls below 12 degrees, the risk is increased that the seeds will begin to mold and not sprout. For germination, the ideal temperature is considered to be a range from 23 to 27 degrees, then the seeds of the cucumber germinate in 4-5 days. Despite the recommended temperature conditions, seedlings can rise at 15-17 degrees, but the process can be significantly delayed and the ascent will not be simultaneous.

Incorrectly buried seed

It is recommended to bury the seed of a cucumber to a depth of no more than two sentiments, then a young sprout will penetrate the subgrade without problems. If you increase the depth, there is a chance that the seedlings will not sprout. In the case when the depth is less, the peel from the seedlings will not be able to get off, this situation has been described previously.

Heavy soil

The heavier the soil, the less germinating the sprouts. If this factor is also combined with low temperature, then most likely you will not wait for the sprouts. If you still have to plant seeds in heavy soil, it is recommended to make a small groove before planting, its depth should be about 1-2 centimeters.

It is necessary to sow seeds in it, and pour lighter soil or sifted soil on top, the thickness of the underfill layer should be about 2 centimeters. If the seeds are covered with too heavy soil, a crust may form from the ground, which the sprouts will not be able to break through.

Dry soil

Before the seeds are placed in the ground, you need to moisten the soil well, this watering is usually called moisture-charging. If the water temperature is too cold, it is better to wait a bit so that the soil has time to warm up to the rock of sowing.

If we allow the drying of the soil on the eve of sowing, this will slow down the ascent of the seeds, this period will last not 4-5 days, but 10 and longer than the standard period.

Moreover, there is a risk that the seedlings may simply die, as the germinal root is dry. Usually, the soil dries up on hot summer days, consider this fact when planning seedlings.

Excessively moist soil

Usually, the problem of excessive moisture is in soils with high clay content. If such land is intensively watered, that is, exceeding the permissible volume and frequency of irrigation, there is rice that the seedlings will be rare or the seeds will simply die.

Incorrect seed preparation

There are many ways of pre-sowing preparation and dressing of seeds, if you use several at once, it will negatively affect the germination of cucumber seeds. If you increase the concentration of the solution for soaking, there is a risk that the seed will get burned and will not be able to germinate and stretch afterwards.

If, for example, after saturation with biologically active substances, the seeds of the cucumber are dried, then germinal roots may not appear, respectively, germinating seeds will not appear soon. Presowing preparation at home should be carried out competently.

Error storing seeds

It is important that the maximum permissible level of conditioned germination is ensured for the entire shelf life, it remains for 7-10 years. However, it is necessary to create special conditions so that the storage takes place correctly, this can be done even at home.

The first thing to remember is that you need to store them in a dry place and cool enough at home - it can be a basement or a cellar. To create the most favorable conditions, seeds are usually covered with a film, paper or any dense material. Do not use woven material, as it has gaps between the weaves that will not allow you to maintain the desired temperature.

Now you know how many cucumbers sprout, what factors influence this process and how exactly the cucumber seed ripens.


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