How to make a saddle for a horse and what types it happens

One of the most important elements of equestrian equipment is a saddle for a horse. Without him, riding is impossible. The better the saddle, the more comfortable the ride process for both of its members. Each horse owner must not only be able to correctly wear equipment, but also know what to look for when choosing him. Wrongly selected uniforms will cause discomfort to both the rider and the animal.

Saddle for a horse

What types of saddles are

The saddle, like the bridle, was invented a long time ago. In ancient times, it looked like an ordinary cloak with clasps. Over time, the design of the equipment was more than once modernized and improved, as a result, many different models appeared, created taking into account the individual characteristics of thoroughbred horses, able to satisfy all the needs of riders.

The following horse saddles are available:

  • Cavalry - leather cavalry equipment is great for long, continuous horseback riding. Depending on the model, he has either a steel or a wooden saddle ribbon (solid frame). The use of such dense materials is a guarantee of excellent wear resistance of the equipment. In addition, the weight of the rider when using such a saddle is correctly distributed on the back of the horse and does not cause her discomfort. Previously, when horseback riding was one of the main types of troops and cavalry campaigns could take a long time, horse saddles had additional armor and mounts for duffel bags and weapons.
  • Cossack is also a good marching saddle, but made using a completely different technology. The main structural elements that make up the Cossack saddle are juniper, wings and a pillow. A rider on a saddle of a special form with a small handle can at any time stand on straight legs or perform any of the elements of horse riding.
  • Ladies' - one of the types of equestrian equipment that has survived to the present day from the XVII century. In those days it was considered bad taste if a woman was sitting in a man’s saddle. In addition, given the fashion for fluffy long skirts, this was terribly inconvenient, so it was decided to develop a special female saddle for a horse. With the advent of fashion for trousers, this type of saddle practically ceased to be used, but recently, the lady's saddle has regained popularity.
  • Competitive - special competitive equipment with all the features arising from this sport. In such models, the wings are extended forward, due to which the rider's legs are firmly pressed to the sides of the animal, thereby increasing the stability of the rider in the saddle while jumping. The shape of the back bows is made either in the form of a circle or in the form of a square.
  • Dressage - a good dressage takes place only in saddles with deep landing, where the rider can easily straighten his legs to contact the horse. To make the required landing depth, the creators had to significantly shorten the seat. To properly maintain the legs, the structure of the wings is narrow and long. During dressage, it is very important that the animal reacts as sensitively as possible to each human command, most of which is fed by the hull, so dressage saddles have almost no upholstery, and the shelves are narrow and short.
  • Universal - equipment is suitable for almost all equestrian sports and for simple horseback riding. This is the best option for riding enthusiasts who are not professionally involved in arrivals who are just learning the basics of dressage. If you want to choose a good hunting or walking saddle, be sure to pay attention to the universal models.
  • Triathlon - visually the saddles are similar to universal and are also great for any riding options, but they have a slightly extended forward pillow with a wing, which makes it possible to change the usual landing to a field one when cross-country.
  • Skakova is a simplified sports saddle with an almost flat seat and short stirrups. This design allows you to minimize the load on the horse and direct all its forces to the main goal - victory in the races.
  • Officer - is used during military parades, in addition, it can be found on the mount of a mounted police, during any long horse run or campaign. On the saddle there are many mounts for weapons and other things necessary for officers.

There are some types of saddles for riders with a narrower specialization, for example:

  • Western - the equipment of American cowboys, providing stability and comfort of landing. Even during sudden movements or a sudden stop of the animal, sitting in such a saddle is convenient. In addition, it has a special horn for attaching a lasso.
  • Bezlenchikovy - a soft plastic saddle that fits perfectly to the back of the animal. It weighs almost nothing. Most often, such saddles are worn on injured horses or on those with a sore back. After the horses recover, this type of convenient equipment can dream for a long time. A gel pad is usually mounted on top of such saddles.
  • Pack - a device used to transport large bulk cargoes on animals.

There is another type of equestrian equipment, which can not be called a full saddle - pad. In this case, this shock absorber can be used either as a soft litter for rigid models, or as an independent element instead of saddles.

Making a saddle yourself

Do not think that making equipment for a horse is as easy as crafting it in your favorite game. In order to make a saddle with your own hands, you must have special skills and experience in such work. In addition, specific materials cannot be dispensed with, which is why many professional breeders advise you to choose the finished option, especially since today there is a huge selection of different models on sale.

Arriving at a specialized store, you can not only find out how much this or that type of saddle costs and select the optimal model, but also purchase all the necessary equipment to order for an individual design.

If you are not looking for easy ways, you can try to make this item of equipment on your own and put a favorite horse on it. It’s worth starting with the simplest model: a drill saddle, which is based on an ordinary wooden lenok.

So, you need to prepare in advance:

  • a sheet of thick cardboard;
  • wooden block;
  • a knife and a pair of scissors;
  • some nails and staples;
  • hammer;
  • construction model of a stapler;
  • skin, whether artificial or natural, or similar material;
  • file;
  • a piece of foam;
  • belts.

It is very good if before you make a saddle for a horse with your own hands, you can get somewhere the base from the old equipment. After all, if you already have a lunch box, then it will be enough to simply repair it by adding a couple of elements. This is much easier than making a saddle for a horse with your own hands from scratch.

Prepare the frame from scratch

  • The first thing to do is to determine the size of the animal at the highest and at the lowest point of the withers and in the bend of the back. The resulting dimensions should be transferred to cardboard, then draw a drawing of the frame for the lenok and cut it along the contour.
  • The next stage is the creation of 2 shelves. Having cut from a tree, connect them with a wire so that they hold a shape on the back of the animal. In each shelf make a hole for the cinch.
  • They take a wooden blank, apply a lenok pattern and cut it out, and then attach it to the shelves with nails.

Do Upholstery

  • Foam must be attached to the frame, and a felt lining must be sewn for shelves.
  • Then you need to start creating straps and cinchoes from belts. However, there are already ready-made versions of these elements on sale, you can buy them. Each prong is attached in a stapes, the cinch is installed in the shelves.
  • The final stage - take durable material, tuck the stapler in with brackets, tighten the entire frame, tightly attach the leather case to the wooden base and fasten the stirrups. Ideally, if you use soft skin as a skin tight.

Everything, the saddle is ready. You can, of course, describe the creation process in more detail, but the procedure for creating a saddle will be much clearer if you watch a detailed instructional video on this topic.

Creating a saddle is only half the battle. The animal needs to get used to it.

Please note that the training of a horse to a saddle should begin only after the animal has passed the basic training, trusts the rider, knows and performs basic commands.

These minimum skills determine the further behavior of the pet.


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