How to make a chicken cage

A cage for chickens is necessary, because until the kids become adults and get physically stronger, they need to be watched. It will protect small birds from attack by dangerous animals, rodents and even pets. For them, little chicks are the easiest prey. It is also necessary that the design be portable (it is important to change the location of birds). Not all farmers or beginners know how to make a chicken cage with their own hands. The maintenance of daily broilers is a difficult task, so they need a convenient cage, which they can make really with their own hands by watching a photo or video. Production does not take much time, if the right approach to the issue.

Cages for chickens

Short description

It is necessary to install a light (bulb) and a device in the cage for chickens, which can reproduce heat. If the cage will be in the open space most of the time, you need to think about shelter for the chickens, so that in the event of rain or the scorching sun they can hide. Also, much depends on how many chickens the owner expects and where it is planned to keep them: on the street or at home. If there are not many chicks, then a simple wire system or a small iron fence is perfect.

If you need a large cage for chickens and it is decided to constantly breed birds, then in order to save space, it makes sense to construct a cage for chickens in several floors with your own hands. High-quality construction will be needed for broilers. It should be comfortable, so it will be necessary to follow all the recommendations of professionals.

The structure of multi-storey cells is very simple, and making them with your own hands will not be difficult. You can also design the cage so that you can remove one floor for cleaning. A cage cannot be placed in a draft, even if it is summer. Chicks should be on the street in a place where they will not be constantly blowing. Pets can live in cages for up to 45 days, then they must be distilled into pens or simply other rooms are several times larger in volume than the cage itself.

Experts say: for the chicks to grow and develop well, per 1 square. m can have 50 birds. In no case is it impossible: this will lead to the mass death of the brood. You should familiarize yourself with the photo or video, see the drawings, in order to create a comfortable cage for your broilers at home.

We build a living space ourselves

Not every poultry farmer or beginner knows how to make a cage for small chickens with their own hands. Each stage requires concentration and the right actions, because the cage should “protect” the lives of small chickens, and its strength will depend on how correctly and firmly it is mounted. To understand what kind of construction is needed, it is important to decide how many chicks will be in it. Based on this, it should be decided what size the cell will be, from which particular product it will be made. In solving this problem, drawings and photos will help.

Next, you need to estimate an approximate sketch of the structure, and then make accurate drawings. It also makes sense to watch a detailed video on how to completely build a structure, where to start and how to end it.

From metal

Such a building is perfect for a minimum number of chickens, it is best to use it in the hot season. The birds need to have a drinking bowl and a feeding trough in the house. Daily chicks should be safe. You can do it yourself at home. It is very easy to build, also great for the summer version, convenient and portable. Her dimensions are small, from 2-3 chickens to 50. The cage can stand in one place or it can be transferred. It is often called street, it can carry chickens anywhere.

For such a small structure you will need:

  • galvanized metal mesh with a size of 16 x 22 mm;
  • aluminum wire;
  • any nippers.

The metal mesh is cut into fractions exactly according to the drawings. On the hands, as a result, there should be 5 pieces of the same size. A total of 2 sides, 2 end faces and a floor. Then you need to prepare small fractions of the wire, approximately 3 cm each. Then you need to connect them together, in order to maintain the mobility of the entire system. The top of the cage needs to be fixed only from one side, so that later it can be opened and, if necessary, quickly get to the kids.

A similar structure can be with or without a bottom. The option without a substrate is simpler. Firstly, it can be quickly folded diagonally, and secondly, it will take up minimal space when folded. But, in this case, it will be necessary to find a temporary residence for the chickens.

The basis is a tree

You can choose a very light building with wooden or plywood bases for chickens. Such a design is very light and easy to use, it will not be difficult to make it yourself, but it is not suitable for carrying it. To make this room, you need to take:

  • products from plywood or wood, as for a wall;
  • the grid for the lining (gender), its diameter depends on how many days the chicks (for example, if the children are up to 15 days old, then the diameter is 10 x 10; for older children, you can take 15 x 15);
  • galvanized sheet;
  • fixing materials: nails, screws;
  • jigsaw to cut sharp corners and more.

Based on the drawings and according to their example, it will be necessary to cut the material taken on the basis (wood or plywood). From one board, 2 end faces, 1 side and a ceiling are obtained. Many poultry farmers advise to make the front wall of a metal mesh so that it is possible to look after the babies and so that they, in turn, are able to watch everything that happens around. After you can fasten all the parts together.

For the bottom, you need to choose either a wooden base, or the smallest mesh so that the legs of the kids are not stuck. Zinc should make a floor that can be removed and cleaned. It needs to be laid under the net. Also, the main thing is not to forget the heating. You can create it yourself. For this you need 3-5 light bulbs, preferably with a power of 50 watts each. All of them must be obscure (dim light), because too contrasting light kills the feathered nervous system.

The simplest construction scheme

For a huge number of broiler birds this type of cage is perfect. The essence of this cell is that it is built multi-storey (or rather, in blocks). Chicken houses are placed one on top of the other, so you can place many chickens or broilers in one area. In such conditions, it will be convenient for a large number of chickens and chickens. This is how archeage is a great game for many users. You will need:

  • zinc layer;
  • plywood;
  • oblong cubes made of wood, which will serve as the basis;
  • mesh for fastening different diameters;
  • all products for fasteners.

To keep birds in such “buildings”, constant and easy access to water and food is required. From the bars make the basis according to the instructions and drawings (they can be made by yourself or found in the photo / video). Side walls should be made of plywood sheet: they are safer for keeping chicks. Using the grid you need to make the floor. A pan is made of galvanized material to collect garbage and litter. The roof is better made of wood. Then all the parts are fastened together so that the structure is portable, you can fasten the wheels to it. The price of this building is already ready 4 times higher than the cost of materials.

Regardless of which palace you build for your pets, remember: water and food should always be near the birds. You need to wash bowls and cells daily. A good cozy home and proper care is the only thing that kids may need for proper development.

Any cage is perfect for broilers, and the video will allow you to do everything for nothing at home.


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