How to kill and butcher a ram

When purchasing a live lamb, the breeder should remember that sooner or later he will have to face the problem of slaughter. When keeping an animal at home, you should be aware of the peculiarities of how to cut a sheep, properly skin it and cut the carcass into separate parts, why adhere to these rules.

How to cut a ram

Getting quality mutton is not an easy task. You need to follow step by step instructions to maintain the quality of not only the products and organs, but also the skins of the killed animal. In addition, some methods for improving the taste of carcasses should be applied several days before cutting.

Masters of cutting sheep

According to Kazakh and Muslim traditions, raising and slaughtering a ram is a male affair. Oriental men learn about how to cut a sheep from an early age, observing the work of the hands of their fathers and grandfathers. Muslims are partly prepared for the slaughter of rams for religious reasons (sacrificial offering on the holiday of Kurban Bayram). Adherents of Islam during the procedure read a prayer, cut, bleed the animal and cut it. They say: "We slaughter a ram or a camel, and Allah will be supportive."

The person who cuts the lamb must be a skilled craftsman, because the quality of the cutting will not only determine the quality of meat, but also of internal organs: liver, heart, etc. This is why Muslims are considered the best butchers.

Cutting a lamb for a religious holiday is a centuries-old tradition. The first to get organs, the second to soups from the head and legs, and the third to lamb kebab, pilaf, rack and other meat dishes. Unlike Orthodoxy, where people fast, limiting themselves in food, people of the East do not consider this necessary. Even in the post of Uraza, Muslims limit themselves not in the use of meat, but in the time of the meal itself. In addition, on Islamic holidays, raw meat is often distributed to the poor in need of food. The attitude to the procedure of slaughtering a ram and its cutting plays a major role in the quality of finished meat products, therefore no one will say better than a Muslim how to slaughter a ram properly.

The main differences between the slaughter and cutting of sheep in industrial and domestic conditions

Butchering a ram at home and in industrial slaughterhouses has some differences. They concern most often:

  • use of tools (electrical equipment may also be used);
  • places of slaughter and cutting;
  • compliance with sanitary standards;
  • the speed of all technological operations.

Wherever there is a special place for carrying out technological processes for obtaining meat products, sanitary standards are more taken into account. Slaughter, which is carried out in the yard of the farm, experts consider it wrong. This is partly related to the risk of contamination of meat, which can lead to infection by harmful infections, which is why it is recommended that ordinary farmers send their cattle to the slaughterhouse for specialized purposes.

If the slaughter of sheep or sheep is nevertheless carried out independently, the farmer must be aware of the fulfillment of all the requirements of the technological process. The first should be carried out preparatory operations, after which immobilization, slaughter and cutting of the animal. A sheep is cut only after all the preparatory operations are completed.

Slaughter preparation

Before you kill a ram, you should perform several preparatory operations. A separate place is given to feeding and watering animals. 12 hours before the planned slaughter, the sheep or sheep are kept without food. The main reasons for this preparation are associated with the need to empty the intestines of the animal, which will lead to:

  • facilitating the process of slaughter and cutting;
  • reduce the risk of contamination of mutton with feces;
  • compliance with sanitary standards.

If you can’t feed pets before slaughtering, then you should not refuse to drink them. A large amount of water drunk by cattle can improve the process of separating the skin from the carcass. If you slaughter an animal while not drunk, the skin may be damaged. That is why, before carving a ram, it is often drunk by force.

The time of the last haircut is also important. To get high-quality wool, sheep or sheep are sheared 1.5-2 months before the planned slaughter. By the time of cutting, she manages to grow to the required length.

We must not forget about the veterinary examination. The specialist should examine the animal for the absence of diseases dangerous to humans. If normal health is confirmed, the veterinarian must give the farmer a certificate confirming the readiness of the animal for slaughter.

How to immobilize a ram

Correctly slaughter and butcher a ram can only be previously immobilizing it. You need to apply the most common method of the procedure - stunning. In industrial workshops, electric current or gas is most often used. The purpose of this procedure is to facilitate the slaughter process. In addition, the animal, when killed, is in a disconnected state, as in a dream. The quick actions of a person allow to avoid the painful death of a ram, and this is fully consistent with human humanity.

Before refreshing a young sheep, you should decide on the exact method of neutralizing it. At home, the use of carbon dioxide is not popular, since it requires a sealed chamber. There are fewer problems with electric discharge:

  1. In a special box, one of the contacts of the wire is connected, which is attached to the metal floor.
  2. The animal is driven into boxing.
  3. The second contact touch the ram’s head.

The effectiveness of this method is high. The discharge of electric current paralyzes the musculature of the sheep and disrupts the activity of its nervous system.

The carbon dioxide application scheme is simpler. An example of such sheep clearance can be found on the Internet. There are many videos with detailed instructions for such an operation.

A few decades ago, before carving a lamb carcass, people stunned the animal with a hammer blow to the head. There is no need to talk about the effectiveness of this method. It often allows you to kill a sheep or a sheep in advance quickly and efficiently, which saves a person from the very concept of immobilization. But, this method has several disadvantages. The main one is the need to use an assistant who will hold the lamb.

All immobilization methods are equally effective, the main thing is to act according to the instructions. It is very important not to scare the lamb prematurely, because in this case it will not be easy to score it: it will resist and it can cause injury to humans.

Killing and bleeding

Slaughter and slaughter a ram, according to experts, should be in accordance with some GOST rules (cutting mutton and goat meat into cuts). There are many video tutorials about performing bleeding and the actions that take place after it. Slaughtering a sheep or ram has such features:

  1. Suitable age for slaughter is 7-14 months (how many months will be the animal before slaughter depends on the speed of weight gain). The ram is growing fast. In addition, some breeds are classified as fast-growing. So, a Gorky sheep by the age of 8 months weighs more than other cattle in its average developmental state.
  2. The animal is killed in a specially equipped place with hooks for hanging carcasses or a special drain for blood.
  3. For bleeding, you need to make an incision with a knife in the region of the cervical vessels. After it is placed on a clean floor sideways or suspended in a designated place. The correct procedure for bleeding is the key to the quality of cutting a ram.

If the household does not have an allotted space, it is possible to carve a ram, as experts say, on the street. But for this, care should be taken to design a special frame with hooks on which all operations can be carried out. In addition, if the supports of this design are dug into the ground and concreted, the cutting of the ram parts will be convenient.

We must not forget about which tool will be used in order to carve the lamb carcass. It is worth choosing several large sharp knives, used both for cutting the carcass into parts, and for skinning. If such a knife does not cut, you can also use a hammer. You also need to prepare containers for drained blood, organs and individual parts of meat products. This will leave them clean, not susceptible to infection by harmful bacteria. After preparation, the animal is cut. It remains only to begin cutting.

How to carve a mutton carcass?

You can find out how to properly carve a lamb carcass after bleeding into separate parts in special regulatory documents (GOST). The answer to the question of how to undress a ram for culinary needs correctly consists of several points:

  1. A bloodless sheep or ram is placed on a horizontal surface (floor with a oilcloth or table).
  2. Take a knife and separate the animal’s head.
  3. The front legs of the ram are broken at the level of the hooves and the skin is cut with a longitudinal incision to the inguinal region. After, the skin is separated so that it remains only on the back.
  4. The carcass is hung by its hind legs, after which it is necessary to tear the abdominal cavity and cut out the stomach and intestines. Next in line are the liver, lungs, kidneys, etc.

After the operations, each cuts the part of the carcass that he needs. Most often, the neck, loin parts, shoulder blade and legs are separated by a ram.

In production plants, carcasses are often divided into 2 parts by longitudinal section. Half carcass is easier to disassemble into separate parts. But there is a drawback: large parts of the products are stored longer.


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