How to find out how much a shell egg weighs

If you are going to raise chickens not only to please your own taste buds, but also to replenish your wallet, you should find out how much a chicken egg weighs without shells and with it, because the price of the product and the category to which it belongs are in direct depending on its size.

How much does an uncooked chicken weigh?

Labeling value

An egg must be labeled before being sent to the store. The marking can be seen directly on the shell or on the packaging, it consists of 2 characters. The first indicates the freshness of the product, the second - the category and approximate weight.

  1. C means "table", i.e. with a period of more than 7 days from the date of demolition.
  2. D - “dietary”, or, in other words, the freshest product “just” from chicken. After 7 days it becomes a “dining room”.

The category is indicated by numbers: 1, 2 and 3, or by the letters O and B. In the European equivalent, the signs will look like this: M (1), S (2, 3), L (O) and XL (B). O means "perfect, " and B is the highest category. The average weight of each category is shown in the table:

CategoryAverage weight in one chicken eggMinimum - maximum weight in one chicken egg
340 g35 - 45 g
250 g45 - 55 g
one60 g55 - 65 g
ABOUT70 g65 - 75 g
AT80 gfrom 75 g

If we talk about standard products, one look at its labeling should say about its characteristics. In ordinary stores, everyone most likely saw (and sees) eggs labeled c1 or c2 (that is, a table egg of category 1 or 2).

Unshell Weight

Shells are rarely used in cooking, so it is only natural that buyers are interested in the question, how much do yolks and shells weigh without shells in a single chicken egg? Average Shell Weight - 10% of the total mass of raw eggs.

CategoryUnshell WeightShell in g
3From 32 to 40, on average - 355
240 to 506
one50 to 597
ABOUT59 to 688
AT68 to 7010

The shell is not as useless as it seems (think about it the next time you throw it away). The shell is a source of calcium that is beneficial to the health and growth of poultry. Resourceful owners instead of buying additives in pet stores add chopped shells to feed feathered pets. The shell is used in other areas of life, for example, from it, plant nutrition and cosmetics are made.

How much does yolk weigh, and how much squirrel?

the weight of protein in one egg is 55% by weight, and the yolk is 35%. As you can see, the bulk of the mass is protein, and it, in turn, is 90% water. Water gradually evaporates during long-term storage, and therefore, weight decreases. This is to the question of why the mass in the chicken egg bought in the store is less than it should. Weight loss is inevitable, so you should not consider this moment as fraud. Consider how much the yolk and protein weigh in the table:

CategoryMass of yolkprotein weight
312 g23 g
216 g29 g
one19 g34 g
ABOUT22 g40 g
AT25 g46 g

Some interesting facts to note

  1. The mass of raw and hard-boiled product remains almost the same, if we exclude the weight of the shell.
  2. Average weight is still average weight. It happens that chickens lay "unformatted" eggs. Sometimes paper newspapers and online publications literally start to replete with reports that someone's chicken laid an egg weighing only 5 g (it's less than quail!) And the news of the appearance of an egg weighing 200 g or more. Non-format sizes in our table, of course, not included, but the owners of poultry should know about such cases (and find the addresses and phone numbers of people who record new records in the Guinness Book of Records in advance).
  3. By the way, now the proverb “black chicken carries a white egg” has become somewhat irrelevant. Now a black chicken can lay not a white, but a blue or greenish egg. The color of the shell depends on the breed, but the mineral composition of the "multi-colored" products is the same as that of ordinary white.
  4. Is cholesterol a myth or not a myth? Some dietary advocates fear yolk cholesterol. It is actually there, but it is not so much as myths tell. In other words, it can be eaten by those who are on diets, but, of course, in limited quantities. It is believed that a day you can afford an omelet with 1-3 yolks or as many boiled foods.

The use of eggs is undeniable, it is enough to read the list of useful substances that they contain in order to be sure of this. So eat them and choose the best quality products, since now it’s clear how to decipher obscure signs on the shell. Now you know how much an egg weighs about the benefits and dangers of this product.


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