How does the Moon in Virgo affect people

The moon in Virgo is a harmonious combination. It stabilizes the changeable night luminary and brings emotionality to the life of the earthly sign of the zodiac. The main advantage of people with this combination is a developed mind, a pragmatic outlook on life. Of the negative - pettiness, a tendency to criticize, anxiety.

How does the Moon in Virgo affect people

Character Features

The influence of the moon on the fate of man is given special attention in the Hindu Vedic astrology jyotish. Based on lunar horoscopes, they make a forecast of life and its individual periods.

The moon in the zodiac sign Virgo affects a person differently. Such people are distinguished by high intelligence, analytical mindset. They are pedantic, executive, have a reputation of good workers.

Positive influence

Positive character traits endowed with a person by the Moon, located in the sign of Virgo:

  • intelligence;
  • analytical thinking;
  • worldly wisdom;
  • pedantry;
  • hard work;
  • responsibility;
  • discipline;
  • diligence;
  • judiciousness
  • tact;
  • diplomacy;
  • reliability.

People with such an astrological combination are able to analyze a large amount of information, pay attention to the smallest details, and be critical of any information. They quickly learn new things and know how to properly use their knowledge. Cases are meticulous, not missing out on trifles. They prefer to do everything today, rather than postpone it for later. Lunar Maidens are always busy, do not like idleness. They make reliable workers and good performers.

This sign is stingy on the manifestation of feelings, shows affection by deeds, not words. He is true to his principles, he expects the same attitude from partners. With people who seem dishonest, Virgo will not deal. She has high standards, a keen sense of justice, so she carefully selects a circle of acquaintances. Neither white nor black envy is peculiar to her, Virgo considers herself above this.

Negative traits

Under adverse circumstances, the Moon in Virgo awakens a number of negative traits. Their list:

  • excessive criticality;
  • irritability;
  • anxiety;
  • nervousness;
  • snobbery;
  • arrogance;
  • pettiness;
  • Conflict
  • diffidence;
  • tediousness;
  • touchiness;
  • suspiciousness;
  • hypocrisy;
  • cowardice;
  • stinginess.

Carried away by the details, such people often do not notice a holistic picture. They do not make good leaders and strategists. Virgo protects the inner world from unnecessary negative emotions, eventually becomes callous. She loves to criticize, but does not perceive criticism at all. Differs in a hypocritical attitude towards other people, notices their slightest flaws. At the same time, he considers himself a perfection, which only out of mercy has descended to communication with others.

The desire to do everything perfectly leads to uncertainty and anxiety. Excessive pedantry makes such people fussy and unproductive. They are afraid to show their feelings for others, which often causes problems in their personal lives. Family relationships are complicated by constant nit-picking to a partner, children. Not only loved ones suffer from this, but also the lunar Virgin.

Moon in Virgo in women

Lunar Maidens Can Make Money

If the Moon is in Virgo from a woman, you will not buy her with empty compliments and unrealizable promises. Such a lady chooses a partner pragmatically, without unnecessary romance. She is stingy with feelings, looks at the world through the eyes of a realist, adheres to strict principles. The partner expects the same attitude. She is interested in smart men who build a career and know how to make money. Beside them, Virgo feels confident and protected.

In bed, this woman is shackled, although the growing moon can awaken her hidden sexuality, destroy the image of a cold ice. Without hope for a further serious development of relations, the girl will not make intimate contact. She does not want to waste herself on trifles, because life does not consist only of pleasures. But with a partner who really suits her in terms of intellectual level, temperament, she is able to open up and become a passionate lover.

The wife and mother from the moon Virgo turns out to be good, although not progressive. She does not leave loved ones without care. The house is always in perfect order, often everyone lives on a clear schedule. The spouse makes sure that the children and the husband have regular healthy nutrition, so that they do not sit idle, develop and improve. Sometimes this behavior provokes problems: not everyone is able to sustain life according to strict rules, because the Moon in the Virgo of a woman does not always make her happy.

Lunar Maidens are active, rarely devote themselves only to the family. They know how to work and make money. Often choose the profession of secretary, teacher, doctor. Achieve success in business if it does not require a strategic vision and planning. Such wives also push their husbands into action, help them to pursue a career, and build their own business.

Moon in Virgo in men

The moon in Virgo in a man gives him a number of qualities that women do not always like. He is picky, draws attention to the slightest nuances of the appearance of a partner. He can notice a speck on his clothes, a casually styled lock of hair, a sloppy manicure or a poor haircut. In the manifestations of feelings, the man is stingy, rarely speaks compliments, beautiful words, almost never makes love.

But these guys have a lot of positive features. They are decent, they will not deceive a woman, they will not abandon her. If a man starts a family, this is for life, for divorce it is extremely rare. He is hardworking, efficient, makes a successful career, knows how to build his own business. He never loses money and expects the same behavior from his half. He controls the purchases of both his and his wife, but never refuses the things necessary in the house. He treats the material side of life with greater attention than the spiritual.

Sometimes the Moon in Virgo in a young man turns him into a domestic tyrant. He requires everyone to follow the order that he invents himself. For the slightest violation criticizes and finds fault. Spoiled things cause a scandal. For a wife and a child, life next to such a person turns into torture. Much here depends on the solar-lunar combination. Some signs of the daylight can smooth out negative traits of character.

When the Moon is in Virgo in a man, she makes him a good performer. It is always easy to rely on such an employee. He will complete any, even the most difficult task. But the instructions must be given clear, otherwise Virgo simply will not understand what they want from her. Cases that require imagination or wide views, this man can not do.

The combination of the solar and lunar horoscope

The moon is responsible in the natal chart for feelings and emotions. She corrects character traits defined by the solar horoscope. The moon in Virgo in a sunny man and woman affects their characters.


Such an astrological combination brings Aries a lot of benefits. He learns to pay attention to details, scrupulously perform any work and finish the job. Acquires the ability to analytical thinking, often makes a career in the scientific field. The energy of the fiery sign, restraint and pedantry of the earthly allow to achieve considerable success in life.

The emotional sphere does not develop so well: Aries become superficial in their feelings, cold and cynical, especially if their month of birth is April. But working on yourself can fix this.


Moon in Virgo and Taurus will make a harmonious couple

The moon in Virgo has good compatibility with Taurus. These signs have no contradictions, both solid, hardworking, consistent, appreciate the comfort of home. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, endowed him with sensuality, which Virgo lacks so much, therefore people with such a combination have strong sexuality and attractiveness. They know how to look at things easier than pure Virgos, and treats matters more carefully. This applies to those born in May, but also relevant for April Taurus.


This combination gives rise to brilliant people. Both signs have developed intelligence and analytical thinking. At the same time, Gemini can quickly switch their attention, which is why they often miss details. The lunar sign slows down this property, makes you pay attention to the little things. The holders of such a natal chart are able to make great discoveries in science, to solve the most complex problems in business and politics.

Their emotional development is weak: they do not know how to empathize, express feelings. Relationships are fickle, often marry by calculation. This more often applies to those whose month of birth is not May (there is a positive influence of Taurus), but June.


The moon in Virgo frees Cancer from excessive emotionality and sensitivity. The developed intellect of the earth sign, multiplied by the intuition of the water sign, give rise to a special personality. Such people can read the thoughts of others, they will be able to solve secrets, focusing both on observation and on instinct. They often achieve success in the detective business, medicine, science. They feel uncomfortable in society, prefer a narrow family circle or chat with close friends. Often closed, taciturn, touchy.

a lion

The combination of these two signs of the zodiac is not the most successful: they come into conflict. Leo seeks to lead, to be in the spotlight. His lunar sign slows down these desires, makes his possessor less decisive, inspires doubt in his soul.

To achieve his goal, Leo has to work hard. After all, the Moon knocks off part of charisma from him, which helps to win the position and sympathy of people. Leo wants love, but under the influence of the night luminary begins to fear betrayal, failure, often turns into a jealous person.


The influence of the moon on the sunny Virgin gives rise to perfectionists and pedants. They want to perfectly equip the space, perform any work at the highest level. They have clear moral principles, never violate them and demand the same from others. They are more interested in material things, the sphere of interests is related to mental activity, requiring analytical thinking.

Emotions are poorly developed. Such people rarely fall in love, the choice of a partner for them is a clearly designed operation. But they are faithful to him all his life capable of creating a strong family and a cozy home.


On Libra, the influence of the moon affects differently. Intellectual abilities, curiosity, learning ability of this sign are enhanced. Libra becomes fundamental, they have less doubt if a moral reference is clearly defined. The emotional sphere suffers, the sign loses its ability to empathize, adapts worse to circumstances, but it lends itself more easily to other people's influence.

To avoid the negative influence of the night luminary, more attention should be paid to spiritual development.


The sun in Scorpio and the moon in Virgo give rise to "monsters", which are controlled by warlike Mars and dark Pluto. There is compatibility between these signs, but they evoke the worst features in each other. The holder of this combination wears a mask of moral authority, behind which lies an unprincipled personality.

The emotionality and empathy inherent in Scorpio disappear. But passion, sexual unbridledness intensifies. Scorpions become fans of black magic, they not only bring things to the end, but do not stop on the path of revenge.

Such people should not be excluded from society. They have developed intelligence and willpower. If Scorpio receives the correct upbringing, self-perfection, he is able to control evil inclinations.


Moon favorably affects Sagittarius

The combination is favorable. Under the influence of the moon, Sagittarius opens chakras, additional abilities appear. This applies to the emotional sphere, and intelligence. Sagittarius sees the future, is able to understand the integrity of the world. His moon sign draws attention to detail. When these traits are combined, the mind becomes aggravated, and strong analytical abilities appear. The earthly sign restrains the emotional and inconstancy of the fiery. Sagittarius learns to start long-term relationships, ceases to change partners, while not losing his sexuality and passion.


In Capricorn, the lunar sign enhances thrift, which often comes to stinginess. The owner of this combination is overly conservative and indecisive. He is completely incapable of taking risks, changing the rules of the game. This is a diligent and hardworking performer, able to carry out clear tasks and bring any business to perfection. The slightest change in circumstances unsettle him.

Capricorn is popular with the opposite sex, but is not always able to take advantage of it. He is afraid to show feelings and misses happiness. He should give vent to emotions, not to limit himself and look at the world with a more optimistic look.


On Aquarius, the Moon puts a special stamp. This sign is distinguished by high intelligence, which, under the influence of the Virgin, is further enhanced. The sign gains the ability to deep analysis, a sober view of the world. The pragmatism of the earth sign is multiplied by the creative abilities of the air, which contributes to the comprehensive development of the personality.

The world of feelings remains scarce, Aquarius builds a longer relationship, but does not learn to empathize and understand other people, evaluates everything from his own bell tower. Often such people succumb to outside influence, therefore they must make a lot of efforts so as not to fall into the trap of someone else’s opinion.


The astrological combination on Pisces is well displayed. Such people become big realists. They are removed from the world of fantasies and begin to look at things pragmatically, learn to work diligently, to bring things to the end. Under the influence of the moon, intuition begins to interact with the intellect, it protects from impulsive and reckless actions. Sensual and emotional spheres remain as developed and rich. True, the sign prefers not to reveal its emotions even to close people.


Human characteristics depend not only on the moon and the sun. Other planets are also influencing. What matters is the ascendant and the descent of the night luminary, its relationship with different celestial bodies. But not a single description is a sentence: the birth calendar and horoscope are not an oracle that accurately predicts the future. Character is formed not only by stars, but also by man himself.


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