How to deal with aphids on cucumbers at home

Of all the harmful insects, aphids most often attack cucumbers. It can cause significant damage to the crop, so it is very important to take timely measures to combat this pest. Consider how to deal with aphids on cucumbers and what preventive measures should be taken so that the insect does not appear at all on the plot.

Fighting aphids at home

Aphid control methods

All methods of combating aphids are divided into 3 groups:

  • chemical;
  • biological;
  • folk.

The most effective are chemical methods, but they are not always applicable. The advantage of biological and folk methods of combating harmful insects is their harmlessness. They are not always effective. To understand when it is better to use chemical, and when, for example, biological methods of struggle, we will consider each group separately.

Chemical methods

Chemical control methods involve the use of insecticides. To say which remedy for aphids on cucumbers is the most effective is difficult. It all depends on the variety of the parasitic insect, the climatic conditions of the region and the degree of infection of the vegetable crop. The most dangerous is black aphid, capable of destroying the entire crop in a short time.

Today, the funds of Komandor, Korada and Aktar are very popular. The first two help get rid of not only aphids, but also Colorado beetles. Actara is considered one of the most effective high-speed insecticides. In addition, it has a prolonged effect, protecting the vegetable crop for a month after processing.

All insecticides contain substances harmful to the human body, therefore it is impossible to use them immediately before harvesting. The instructions for each drug indicate how long before harvesting it can be used. If it is too late to use the drugs, alternative recipes and biological methods remain in the arsenal.

Spray vegetable crops in individual protective equipment. Do not allow insecticides to enter the respiratory tract.

Folk methods

Let us focus on the most effective tools that are used to combat this pest.

Soap solution

Its detrimental effect on harmful insects is easy to explain. Enveloping the body of aphids, the soapy solution deprives insects of the ability to breathe, which leads to their death.

To prepare a soap solution, you need about 300 g of laundry soap and 8-10 liters of water. Soap is simply dissolved in water. An alternative to household soap is liquid soap, but it is taken 3 times less. Processing plants is best after the sun has set.

If it has rained after processing, it must be repeated.


This is another simple recipe that is easy to make at home. It will take 10 liters of water, 35-40 ml of ammonia, a small amount of laundry soap. All components are mixed. Soap is added so that the product does not drip from the leaves of the plant, but envelops them.

To process with this means of planting is best with a spray gun or a special sprayer.

Ash and soap solution

Soap will help cope with insects

The protection of cucumbers from aphids by this drug has passed the test of time. It is used not only to control pests, but also to protect cucumbers from many diseases. For cooking, we need 10 liters of hot water and 300 g of ash. The solution is put on fire and brought to a boil. Then turn off the fire and in a slightly cooled mixture add laundry soap (100-200 g). Spray the cucumber leaves with this tool after it has infused for several hours.

Potato leaf infusion

This is an effective tool that can be easily prepared at home, but the ingredients you need are not always at hand, so there should be some dried potato tops in the cellar.

To prepare a bucket of infusion, you need 700 g of dried tops. If there is fresh, take 1 kg. The tops are soaked in water and left for 3 hours. After this time, the infusion is ready for use. First, spray the affected plants with strained infusion.

Infusion of tomato tops

This tool helps to get rid not only of aphids on cucumbers, but also of moths, apple stalks, scutes, herbivorous bugs. To prepare the product, you need 5 l of boiling water and 2 kg of dry tops of tomatoes. If the product is prepared from fresh tops, it takes about 5 kg. The tops are poured with boiling water and put on fire, and then boiled for 30 minutes, after which they are removed from the heat and insisted for 30-40 minutes. Before spraying the affected plants, the infusion is diluted with boiled water (3 parts of water are taken for 1 part of the infusion).

If you tightly close the lid of the container with infusion, it can be stored for several months.

Garlic infusion

With this tool, you can fight almost all parasitic insects. To prepare it, you will need 200 g of cloves and 1 liter of water. Chop the garlic cloves and fill them with water. Close the dishes used for preparing the infusion tightly with a lid and leave for 5 days. After this time, the tool is ready to use.

The fight against gourds aphids on cucumbers, namely this aphid variety seizes this vegetable crop in summer, involves the use of a weakly concentrated garlic infusion, so before using it, dilute the prepared product with water (take 250 ml of infusion per 10 liters of water). If you fight a harmful insect with concentrated infusion, you can burn the leaves of the plant.


If gourd aphids attacked the plantings, it can also be driven out with ordinary vinegar. To prepare the drug, in addition to vinegar, you will need water. Both components are taken in equal proportions. With this tool, the leaf plates are sprayed from the spray gun. You should not cook it for the future.

It is not always possible with this drug to destroy the melon aphid the first time, especially if the vegetable crop is grown on the open ground, so the treatment should be repeated after a few days.

All of the above funds are used both during the flowering period and during the fruiting period of the vegetable crop. A few days after processing, they can safely harvest the crop and eat it. The only exception is herbal infusions, which can contain toxic substances in a small amount. They process cucumbers at least 2-3 weeks before harvest.

Cucumber leaves need to be processed not only from above, but also from below, because it is there that the largest number of pests is located.

Biological methods

Get rid of the ants on the plot

This is perhaps the most difficult method to combat this parasite. A ladybug is a natural enemy of aphids, so you need to create all the conditions so that ladybugs become a frequent guest at the dacha. Plants such as mustard and dill attract their attention, so it is worth planting them near the beds with cucumbers.

But the aphid companion insects are ants, which eat the sweet-tasting waste products of these parasitic insects. That is why the biological methods of struggle include the destruction of anthills. You can get rid of ants on the site by pouring it with boiling water, a concentrated solution of boric acid or filling it with hot ash.

Preventative measures

In order not to think about how to process cucumbers from aphids, you need to follow a few simple rules.

Rid of weeds

It is possible to protect cucumbers from aphids by monitoring other plantings. This insect does not disdain weeds, therefore it is important to keep the area clean. Weed grass should be removed not only on the site, but also near the fence from the side of the street.

Soil disinfestation

After harvesting, soil disinsection is done. To do this, it is enough to treat the soil with chemicals that are sold in specialized stores. Many gardeners refuse to treat the soil with insecticides because they contain substances harmful to the body, but in fact, all substances that negatively affect the body break up over the winter. Accordingly, the entire crop obtained from the previously treated area does not contain substances hazardous to health.

Compliance with landing standards

Most often, aphids on cucumbers appear during excessively thickened plantings, therefore, they must follow the scheme for planting cucumbers. On packages with seed material, it is indicated what distance should be between bushes and between beds. In some cases, it is advisable to remove part of the leaf plates so that the plants have access to the sun and wind.

Feeding cucumbers

Weak plants are most susceptible to various diseases and pest attacks, so you should not forget to timely apply complex fertilizers. Most of all, the culture needs potassium and phosphorus - these trace elements must be present in the composition of mineral complexes. Organic fertilizers are applied several times per season.

Change of landing place

If cucumbers grow in the same place from year to year, they are more susceptible to attack by the same parasites. Accordingly, you can protect the vegetable crop by simply changing the place of planting.


We examined how to destroy aphids on cucumbers. The methods for controlling aphids on open ground and in the greenhouse do not differ, but it is much easier to drive the pest out of the greenhouse.

All windows and doors are closed before processing. Do not ventilate the greenhouse for 24 hours. If it was not possible to destroy the aphid the first time, the treatment is repeated.


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