How to correctly cut Benjamin's ficus

Ficus Benjamin is one of the most famous plants found at home. It is believed that this bush is easy to care for, and therefore even a person is able to grow it without the slightest experience in floriculture. The tree has good decorative qualities, due to which it can decorate not only the apartment, but also the boring office interior. Moreover, only if you cut Benjamin's ficus at home, it will look well-groomed and healthy.

Ficus Benjamin pruning rules

Crop Types

There are several types of pruning. A good pruning can positively affect the health of the plant, which will be manifested in active growth. In addition, experts recommend combining the process of trimming Benjamin's ficus with crown harvesting.

Trimming Benjamin's ficus plant is best in the following situations:

  • to rejuvenate the foliage of a tree;
  • to form a crown correctly
  • in quality sanitary care.

To trim well influenced the ficus, cleaning should be carried out in the spring, best of all - in May. At the same time, care should be taken: the cut should be done only over the leaf directed outward. If the tree is not trimmed correctly, all young shoots will develop inward, which will lead to the death of the plant. This is the reason why you need to trim according to the rules.

Sanitary pruning

The main rule of such pruning is that all leaves that are shriveled, damaged, with a slight yellowness, already having lost the appearance of healthy processes, should be immediately cut off. These are the main processes of formation. Shoots that already look old and weakened must be removed immediately, since they can attract all bacteria and microbes that can subsequently spread to healthy processes.

According to experts, even by the appearance of the appendix, one can understand what disease the plant is attacking at that time. If you do not pay attention to such obvious symptoms of a flower’s disease in time, this can lead to the spread of the disease throughout the root system, then it will be impossible to help the flower - it will die. It is these factors that indicate that sanitary pruning is an important part of plant health. As soon as it became noticeable that one of the processes does not look well, you must immediately cut it off to protect the entire plant.

The main thing is to immediately cut off the old, diseased and damaged parts of the plant so that young healthy shoots that can bring a large number of fruits to the tree grow in their place. Ficus Benjamin is cut to the edge to a good scar. If damaged shoots hide deep in the ground, they must be trimmed from the root itself.

Plant rejuvenation

Regularly cut off the grown shoots

This kind of pruning is very easy to do at home. The procedure requires a flower with very long shoots, which eventually lose their leaves due to the fact that they do not reach the required percentage of moisture. Sprouts must be removed before the start. At this stage, you need to be very careful.

The more regularly pruned the flower, the faster the new shoots will grow, capable of producing more fruit. In order for the new shoots to be healthy, ficus at the time of growth must be fed with vitamins.

Trimming Benjamin's ficus is a very complex and delicate procedure. It is necessary to clean the plant within one week maximum.

Pruning Benjamin's ficus is done before the start of the active growth phase; the latest time to clean is the early flowering stages. After fertilizer must be added to the soil so that the flower is restored. The wrinkle removal scheme is not only an algorithm for removing old branches, but also forming a crown and a great way to give the plant a healthy color.

Shaping haircut

This type of haircut is considered the most difficult. It is in this way that the desired shape of the tree is formed. This type of pruning needs creative inspiration, in which case you need to constantly monitor your pet so that he does not lose shape and does not overgrow. Aerobatics for the formation is considered a bonsai from ficus. Experts advise creating powerful branching plants at home.

Before proceeding with cleaning, it is necessary to examine the plant from all sides, to see in which direction new sprouts grow. If there is a desire to direct all branches down, the last flower bud should grow in different directions or go down to the floor. If up - you need to cut the opposite.

With the help of some objects (rope), you can radically change the side of growth, but for the natural growth of the plant, the natural process will be better. The younger the flower, the easier it is to change the direction of shoots during the growth process.

Formation Types

A flower of this species needs constant crown formation. If this is not done, the shoots of the plant will grow randomly. In this case, you can forget about the beautiful appearance of the flower.

  1. Type of stem. To form a standard, you need to choose the most powerful direct shoot, which is already firmly rooted. On it, you need to remove the newly-formed shoots until the young ficus has grown to the desired size. As soon as the plant reaches a certain size, you must immediately trim the top of the flower, wait until 5-6 new side shoots appear. They will play the role of the main decor of the top of the flower pet. The upper seedlings must be pinched. Also, on the base of the stem, it is necessary to remove all the leaves. After all the steps, it will be possible to get a perfectly formed crown and a beautiful view of the leaves. Only then can we say that the formation was successful. Top growth will be very intense.
  2. Bush. In order for the flower to look like a bush, it is necessary to carry out certain stages of formation. You should choose a flower that has reached a maximum height of 7 cm. Then - find the main shoot and begin to remove all leaves from its top. Lateral shoots are fixed after the plant reaches 12 cm. The main thing is not to forget to remove all shoots that grow inside the bush. Pruning is best done in the fall.
  3. Arched view. In several species of bushes, there are those in which branches descend. In order to at least a little tidy, they can be launched in the form of an arc. You also need to trim the top. All this is done with the help of a wire exposed in a container with earth. After that, it will be necessary to carefully distribute them throughout the wire, and, if necessary, tie them in some places. Such a procedure is possible, it will not bring problems for the flower. In this case, the tree will look fluffy.
  4. Pyramid shape. Ficus can be shaped into a pyramid. This also requires wire and garter. A pyramid is not made from an adult plant.

The main thing is to follow all the rules for pruning and forming flowers. If all the processes are carried out correctly, the plants will delight you with a unique and interesting look. Care is a necessary stage in the development of any plant, it is thanks to it that you can make the flower grow beautifully and healthy.


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