How to choose a toy for rabbits

Of course, in specialized stores you can easily find a wide range of accessories for entertainment for rabbits and other various things that satisfy one or another need of the “inquisitive” mind of a pet, because when you bring a pet rabbit home, whether it’s a dwarf or lop-eared, smooth-haired or Teddy kid, you should remember that this is not an exhibit that can be boasted to neighbors and friends, but a living creature. The animal, in turn, in addition to other needs, needs to play and have fun, which means that toys for rabbits will be appropriate.

Toys for rabbits

Justification of the need for toys for a decorative rabbit

If the owner wants to get a satisfied and developed pet without going to the store, he should make a little effort and creativity, creating toys for rabbits with his own hands. What are they needed for?

  • The development of the mental work of the animal’s brain. At a time when the owner is away from home, the animal can get bored and have a bit of a smoke, so you need to leave him an “island” where he will play and develop.
  • The development of physical parameters. To overcome the tunnel, roll balls or climb the house, the pet spends energy and develops muscles, because you need to climb the stairs, climb over obstacles and jump between or behind objects. Such entertainment can be called exercise machines that contribute to the active life of rabbits.
  • Avoiding damage and breakdowns in a home environment. Having at its disposal numerous and varied entertainments, the rabbit fully satisfies all needs without harming furniture and decor items.

A variety of toys designed for decorative inhabitants of the house

Entertainment items can be divided into different categories. Basically the classification takes place:

  • by animal size: toys for little rabbits and older rabbits;
  • according to the needs of the rabbit: to satisfy the desire to rummage in the ground, combing teeth, sharpening claws.

The Internet is full of different articles, videos, and photo instructions for collecting playing instruments of animals, which is not surprising given how often questions like “How can I make toys for rabbits?” Or “Which toys for decorative rabbits are better” are asked? Examples of how to create entertainment for your pet with your own hands will be described below. So, let's go directly to the algorithm for creating toys for decorative rabbits.

Meet the need to dig holes in the ground, as well as scratch your teeth

In order to create this kind of entertainment, you will need a large cardboard box or plastic basket, a bunch of hay or a few handfuls of paper torn into small pieces (a newspaper or toilet paper is used). Hay or paper is poured into the container, and then a favorite animal is planted there so that it can enjoy the resulting design.

Another toy to satisfy the desire to dig a hole can be a flower pot with earth and a box of sand, but it is worth remembering that a pet can scatter everything around the room, and therefore you should carefully choose the location of such a toy. An artificial tunnel or a house can be built nearby. A similar project can be realized with the help of a tube made of pressed cardboard, one side of which is stuffed with newspapers or hay to close the hole. The pet will either hide there, as in a hole, or dig a closed side imitating construction. Instead of playing games, an old carpet, a blanket and a magazine can approach a pet, but these materials are unsafe.

Physiologically, the pet’s tooth structure is such that, if you do not comb the enamel, then the teeth grow at an incredible rate. Therefore, from improvised means, you can make an excellent tool for combing teeth. You just need to give your "roommate" a pine cone, a piece of raw wood or a branch. Domestic animals prefer the apple tree or any other freshly cut tree. Also suitable are old children's plastic toys without small and brittle parts.

We will help sharpen claws

Some pets have a passion for the process of tearing tissue. For this, you can donate an old towel or notebook. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the rabbit does not eat the fabric or the glued root of the book: this can cause digestion problems.

Another fun toy could be a cardboard tube filled with paper or hay and a treat hidden inside. In addition to grinding your claws about handmade rabbit toys, the rabbit will receive a tasty bonus - a treat. Or, using the same technology, you can roll up the hay by first placing the delicacy inside, and wrap the circle itself with cardboard paper.

Summing up, we can say that the variety of toys for decorative rabbits with their own hands is vast, and the material from which they are made can be found in any owner of fluffy animals. The main thing is to remember safety, to exclude access to wires and other places dangerous to the life of a pet. Also, one should not forget about the dangers of certain materials used in construction and in the development of toys for decorative rabbits with their own hands. Toys for a decorative rabbit are a real storehouse for the realization of his desires, in them the pet will never feel bored, and making them easier than ever is easy.


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