How to choose a name for a rabbit

When choosing fluffy as a pet, you should first of all think about how to name a rabbit, according to what criteria, choose the most suitable name for it. After all, the nickname of a pet determines not only its adaptation, in many respects it reflects its character.

What to name a rabbit

Man is used to living near animals. Some people decide to get a dog, others - a cat. But the list of pets does not end there. You can still get a decorative rabbit, which will be no less beloved and affectionate than other animals. And if the family has a small child, the eared one will become his real friend for 5-8 years. After all, these cute creatures live just so much.

Features of the choice of nicknames

Nicknames for rabbits are just as necessary as for other animals.

With the right choice, the eared one quickly gets used to its name and runs to the owner at the first call. Each newly made breeder should know only one thing: cute creatures respond more quickly to a resounding short nickname. But if a person has a desire to dig deeper into the pedigree of his pet, you can use some conditional rules adopted by ordinary breeders many years ago. A newborn hare is called a name having the first letter of the same as that of the name of his father.

Not all breeders want to dig into the pedigree. In addition, to dwell on a certain framework in their own fantasies when choosing a funny or serious nickname for rabbits is silly. Nicknames are just a way of communicating between a pet and a person. And most often, breeders treat the animal not only as a faithful friend and favorite, but also as a toy, so the secret to all the rules for choosing a name is that there are no secrets. The hare needs to be given a name only so that he understands that the person is addressing him.

To study a large list of literature, search the entire Internet or look for a suitable name in some external features of hares - each person has his own methods for achieving the goal. But finally deciding on what to name your long-eared girl or boy, you can not expect a lightning reaction, responsiveness, etc. You will have to get patience, as well as treats for a decorative bunny, so that he quickly understands that the word sounding from the lips of a person is his new name.

What to look for

Having decided to address the issue of what can be called a rabbit, it is necessary to determine the search criteria. Most often, the pet gets nicknames that have a connection with some features of the soft fluffy. They can touch:

  • appearance;
  • character;
  • date of birth;
  • personal associations of the host;
  • human names;
  • names of characters of famous artworks, films and cartoons.

Those who decide to “connect” the search for a name with their appearance should pay attention to the shape of the body of the animal, its color, fatness, or even excessive leanness. So, for a red decorative rabbit, a good option for a nickname would be "Ginger", "Squirrel" or "Red". For black - “Corner”, “Chernysh” or “Chocolate”. For gray - “Smoke”. For white pets, names are also sufficient (“Crayon”, “Snowball”, etc.), as well as for rabbits of any other color.

If the owner was attracted by the fatness of the animal, you can come up with cool nicknames: "Ball", "Bun", "Donut" and others. For dwarf lop-eared breeds, nicknames are suitable that take into account their external features: "Kid", "Ushastik", "Gnome", etc. In addition, some owners of rabbits prefer to give their pets funny nicknames taken from the names of a set of products that most often fill the shelves in the kitchen or refrigerator. Often you can find such names as “Zephyr”, “Donut”, “Sausage”, “Sausage”, “Sweetie” and even “Duchesse”.

A few secrets to teach rabbits a new nickname

Choosing the right name for your rabbits is not an easy task. In addition, there are some features of how quickly the eared one can get used to a new way of communicating with a person:

  • the shorter and louder the name, the faster the rabbit will learn it;
  • in the first few days it is necessary to pronounce the name with the same volume;
  • the training is carried out by one person (the rabbit gradually gets used to a large family, you need to start communication with only one of its members).

It is equally important to pamper your pets with goodies. This is especially important during the training of a new nickname for him. Calling it, you need to give the baby a piece of carrot, or another vegetable. So, the animal will quickly understand that there is no threat from a person, and his intentions are kind. Gradually, the number of treats is reduced. Food should be replaced with affection. The rabbit will quickly get used to such human behavior and will also respond to other family members.

If there are small children in the house, they need to explain that the rabbit is not a toy. Kids often go overboard with their own curiosity and mischief, which is why animals suffer. Mistakes of children always lie on the shoulders of adults, so the animal should not be exhausted by small mischievous people.

How to choose a name by the nature of the animal

Names for rabbits may have something in common with the character of the pet.

Some breeders are trying to come up with some mystical, beautiful names for a furry animal. So, for a black hare, the nickname "Damn" or even "Demon" is suitable. This name will be especially successful if the animal is playful and persistent. For an active rabbit, picking a nickname is easy. The names are suitable for the girl:

  • "Spark";
  • Lynx
  • "Lada";
  • "Witch";
  • The Bandit.

For a boy, nicknames may come up:

  • "Player";
  • "Shuler";
  • "Clown";
  • "Pirate";
  • "Roger";
  • "Naughty."

If a new girlfriend or friend is constantly tired of active games, and they prefer to spend time in a dream, lounging on a pillow or sofa, their calm character can also affect the choice of nickname. Calm girl will have the following names:

  • "Countess";
  • Cleopatra
  • "Sonya";
  • "Milka";
  • "Musya."

It is also easy for a calm lazy boy to find a suitable name, especially if these animals, in addition to their laziness, have a proud character. There are many options:

  • "King";
  • The Sultan
  • Newton
  • "North";
  • Rex
  • Tamerlan.

Rabbits belong to those pets, which are even very difficult to look at seriously. These cute, fluffy creatures are so affectionate and kind that their names are often given the same. It makes no sense to look for deep meaning in such amusing nicknames: "Masyanya", "Nemo", "Peanut", "Stepashka", "Tishka", "Khrustik" and others.

The animal world is full of secrets and mysteries, and even the purchase of a domestic animal, a small and tender rabbit, can reveal to a person some peculiarities of his own relationship with nature. A reliable friend requiring affection for adults and children can become a real favorite. And it doesn’t matter if he is black or white, the name that is given to him will be the first step on the path of communication with him.

Human names for rabbits.

The first thing to take care of after a pet has appeared in the family in the form of a small rabbit is to create all the necessary conditions for life. It should be allocated to him a feeder and a drinking bowl, as well as a berth (cage). The animal will feel the care of people and thank them with its affection. But it is very difficult to establish contact between a person and an eared one without giving a nickname. In addition, some furry owners treat their small brothers as family members. The first thing that comes to mind is to call the rabbit a human name.

Those who do not know what to name a rabbit can use names such as:

  • "Zlata";
  • "Maroussia";
  • "Masha";
  • Zina
  • "Nyusha";
  • "Mila."

There are a lot of options. Each owner of a fluffy girl can choose for her the name that he likes best. People can be guided by different associations or desires. Very often the muzzle of a small animal resembles a celebrity or even a close friend or comrade. Some owners prefer to call their pets their own name, characterizing a comic patronage over them.

If the new domestic animal is a boy, a more suitable male human name should be chosen. It can be ordinary or affectionate. The main thing is that the person himself likes it, and the animal will quickly get used to it. The most common names are “Grishka”, “Antokha”, “Alex”, “Roy”, “Rick”, etc.

Help is better to look in the calendar

Female and male names, which are called rabbits, do not always suit one or another animal. Often, among the many options, the best name cannot be found. But do not despair. Solving the question of what can be called a rabbit is not difficult, especially if you use the usual calendar. Particular attention is paid to the month and even the birthday of the pet. That is, for rabbits, nicknames are suitable:

  • “Marta”, “Monya” - for those born in March;
  • "Yan" - born in January;
  • Maya - in May;
  • “Summer”, “Spring”, “Aspen” and “Zimushka” - according to the seasons.

Also, some breeders use the days of the week when choosing a nickname, starting from "Monday" to "Sunday." Owners of eared ears can leave such a nickname unchanged or redo it at their own discretion. The options that the owners of the animal use are always many, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. But the owner does not always decide on his own what to name his rabbit.

The male rabbit is also easy to name with a calendar. As a name, the season, month and birthday are suitable for him. The most popular nicknames: “March”, “Martin”, “Feva”, “April”, “May”, etc.

Our favorite characters

Solving the question of how to name a boy’s rabbit is also not difficult if you recall the favorite cartoon characters from childhood, as well as some films and books. The first one that comes to mind is the well-known “Bugs Bunny” from the old, but funny cartoon of the 80-90s. But this character is not to everyone's taste. Often the owners of the rabbit choose a name for him from "close to the heart" of domestic and even Soviet works. But no less rarely come across not at all nicknames for children. Examples are varied:

  • “Korsh” from the cartoon “Smeshariki”;
  • “Stepashka” from the TV show “Good night, kids”;
  • “March Hare” (ex. “March” or “Marta”) from “Alice in Wonderland”;
  • Playboy, in honor of the famous adult magazine;
  • "Roger" from the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

Some owners of a small domestic hare prefer to choose a name for the rabbit, which has nothing to do with animals, such unusual nicknames for rabbits. Funny animals are given the names of famous characters and actors in Hollywood. Today it’s easy to meet rabbits with the nicknames “Passepartout”, “Rambo”, “Rocky”, “Trinity”, “Neo”, “Sherlock” and others. It’s also funny to watch the namesakes of famous actors: Jackie Chan, Van Damme, Bruce Willis and others, the list can be endless. Such names of rabbits often do not carry a semantic load, but sometimes a fluffy brawler is called so, based on his behavior and aspects of his attitude to other animals.

We must not forget that animals are not toys. To come up with insults as nonsense, on the one hand is stupid, and on the other is immoral. Rabbits are the same living and kind creatures, like all other inhabitants of the planet, it is necessary to treat them appropriately. Everything is in the hands of man, therefore, the attitude towards small animals should be humane.


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