How to catch a wild ferret and how to get rid of it correctly

The ferret, like many wild predators, can harm the owners of rabbits or birds. However, most often these animals are not suitable for people. Many devastated chicken coops are attributed to ferrets, although martens or foxes are the culprits. However, these small, flexible animals can hover in the house, resulting in the killing of all poultry.

How to catch a wild ferret

Animals often do not control their instincts and can gut up to 80% of the chicken coop in one hunt. That is why farmers are trying to catch the animal as quickly as possible. Before you catch a ferret, you should determine the place where the animal penetrates the house and the type of traps.

Signs of the appearance of a ferret in the house

First of all, you need to determine the type of animal. Very often the chicken coop is ruined by a marten or ermine, for them you need to use other traps. You can distinguish animal breeds from the photo. Ferret traps are also suitable for affection: these predators are similar in build and habits.

The ferret, like many small predators, prefers massive slaughter of birds. For him, the hunting process is important first of all, and not how many carcasses the animal can eat. The first sign of the appearance of a ferret in the house is the behavior of birds. If the chickens do not leave their perches, a predator made their way to them at night.

In this case, you should act immediately: the ferret in several attacks can destroy the entire population of hens in the house. The animal kills all birds, because it considers the premises to be its own. In this way, the animal procures its reserves.

Even if the laying hens are again planted in the empty house, the ferret can again enter the room.

Many farmers are wondering how to catch a ferret in a chicken coop. To do this, you can use various methods of catching small predators.

ferret traps

It should immediately be noted that the ferret will not go into an empty trap or trap. To catch this smart beast, you should use the bait. For this purpose, bird feathers can be scattered around the traps or watering traps with animal blood.

Ideally, a dead bird is suitable for the role of bait. It is laid on the ground, and traps are placed around it. Even if the ferret can escape the traps, then, having dragged the prey, he will fall into the trap. The fact is that a predator usually pulls its victims, backing away.

Before installing a trap or cage, they should be carefully processed to discourage the human smell. For these purposes, you can use:

  • coniferous broth;
  • wormwood infusion;
  • manure.

If traps are installed around the perimeter of the yard, all pets should be restricted in their movement. Not only ferrets can be interested in meat, but also dogs or cats.

Before you get rid of the ferret in the chicken coop using a trap, you need to close up all the cracks and holes in the room, except where the trap is. To properly install the trap, you should watch the training video, otherwise you may violate safety precautions.

Using pets

To get rid of the ferret and affection, many farmers use dogs and cats. Specially trained dogs are released along the perimeter of the yard on a long chain. The animal patrols the houses at night, excluding possible attacks by predators.

Properly trained cats can be shut up at night in the chicken coop. They do not touch poultry, but hunt rats and ferrets well.

Ferret Pets

Some farmers take domestic ferret breeds to protect chicken coops. Ferrets prey on small rodents and scare away their wild counterparts. However, cats and domestic ferrets should not be allowed into the house where there are chickens: this can cause the awakening of hunting instincts in animals.

Dogs must not be locked in poultry houses: in confined spaces, animals are stressed and can attack chickens.

Homemade Ferret Traps

The device for the capture of ferrets can be done with your own hands. The easiest option for the trap is a regular box or bucket with a backup. A piece of meat is put in the center, preferably with a lot of blood. The animal usually knocks the props with careless movement when it clings to the bait. However, such a trap should be checked several times a day. If you do not act quickly enough, the ferret can slip away.

There is also a more advanced design for catching small predators. Usually they use it if they want to catch a ferret alive in order to tame the animal. For this trap you will need:

  • a cage with a front door that descends vertically;
  • bait;
  • rope;
  • external lever.

Before you get rid of a wild ferret or affection, you need to determine which side the animal sneaks into the chicken coop. To do this, the day before you should sprinkle the earth around the chicken coop with ash or sand and see where the tracks remain. A bleeding piece of meat is hung on one end of the rope, the second is tied to the door of the cage, after which the loop formed is thrown onto the external lever.

As soon as the predator grabs a piece of meat, the door will close under its own weight and the animal will be trapped. This method of catching animals has several disadvantages:

  • Bait can attract other domestic or wild animals.
  • In some cases, the ferret prefers live chickens to meat.
  • If the proportions of meat are incorrectly calculated, the ferret will be able to escape and will no longer fit into such a design.

In the northern regions, home-made ice traps are used to catch a predator. Materials for such a trap will practically not cost anything, and it is extremely easy to make it. To capture one ferret you will need such tools:

  • 10 liter bucket;
  • bait;
  • water.

A metal container is filled with water and left overnight outside the house. The next morning, an ice block is pulled out of the bucket, in the end of which a hole with a diameter of 10 cm is drilled. The tunnel should not be through. A bait is placed in the hole or bird blood is poured. As soon as the ferret crawls into the trap, he will no longer be able to climb out.

This method often ends in death for the animal. The ferret either suffocates in a narrow passage, or dies of a cold.

Ferret Repeller Methods

There are several ways to frighten off an animal without its capture. To do this, you can use special electronic devices that emit signals at low frequencies. For human hearing, these sounds do not cause inconvenience, but predators tend to leave this place as soon as possible. The fact is that animals are classified as low purity as an approaching earthquake. The downside of this method is the anxiety of dogs and poultry.

You can also use a light source with a motion sensor. As soon as the ferret approaches the house, such a lantern can frighten off a predator. However, such a repeller cannot capture the entire perimeter around the chicken coop, so the ferret can always sneak into the blind zone. Very often, light devices are also equipped with sound signals to dare predators. This method of scaring is suitable for a summer residence or a country house, since it does not require human control.

Folk ways to fight a ferret

Some farmers recommend treating the house with tar from the outside. This method is used by private breeders and poultry farmers. However, without strengthening the foundation and the roof, tar is useless: the ferret will easily dig or penetrate the gap. There is an opinion that such material can scare predators with its smell, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Folk methods of fighting a ferret

Owners of poultry are also advised to spread or hang goatskin on the wall of the shed. It is believed that the smell of these animals scares the representatives of the marten family.

With a certain dexterity, you can catch a ferret with your own hands. To do this, use a fur coat or heavy jacket. Fine fishing gear can also be used. The device is thrown onto the animal, after which the ferret is pulled out by the withers. Coarse gloves should be worn before contact with a wild predator: ferrets have very sharp teeth. If the animal has bitten through the skin, consult a doctor immediately. Ferrets are carriers of many diseases.

Preventative measures

Ferrets have a high level of intelligence. These predators are very inventive and cunning, so an ordinary trap will not always save chickens from the animal. Experienced farmers recommend considering the possibility of predator attacks during the construction of the house.

If the chicken coop is tight, the ferret will not be able to get to his prey. To ensure the safety of poultry, the following preventive measures should be taken:

  • Strengthen walls, close cracks and cracks with cement.
  • During construction, the foundation of the shed should be poured with concrete. This safety measure is needed so that predators cannot dig. The concrete base will protect not only from ferrets, but also from larger foxes and martens.
  • The floor of the chicken coop should be beaten with iron, covered with boards on top.
  • A fine mesh should be dug around the perimeter of the room from the outside. In some cases, you can replace the grate with heavy stones.
  • There should be no extra items inside the house, as ferrets like to hide in a cluster of boxes or crates. If the predator does not have shelter, then he will be afraid to attack chickens.
  • The chicken coop door must close tightly; at night the house will be locked with a lock or latch.
  • The ventilation system should be 2 meters above the ground. The air circulation openings are closed with grilles.
  • If the ferret lifted the chicken on a walk, then the remaining birds should be carefully monitored.

Such a series of actions will help protect chickens, ducks and turkeys from this unpleasant predator. Before getting rid of the wild ferret, you should decide on the further fate of the animal. The animal does not have to be killed. It is enough to take a few kilometers from the house and release it into the habitual conditions for it. The predator will not return to the house in this case.


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