How to bathe a ferret

Very often, people get ferrets as pets. These cute animals bring joy to children and cheer up adults. But such animals have one unpleasant feature: they have a peculiar aroma that is quite difficult to breed, so before you start a ferret as a pet, you need to ask how to properly maintain it, and especially how to bathe a ferret in order to remove an unpleasant odor.

How to bathe and wash a ferret

Important points in pet care

Taking care of such animals is not difficult, especially since ferrets love to swim. Almost always, they emit a bad aroma when they are afraid of something or someone. This smell is very persistent, but it can be removed, just use a special shampoo.

Ferret swimming should take place under the strict control of the owner, so during the procedure it is worth paying attention to several important points:

  • a large amount of water should not be poured into a bathing tank;
  • when bathing a ferret, it is important not to wet his head, ears and eyes;
  • bathing is carried out in warm water, it is necessary to ensure that the pet does not catch a cold.

It is necessary to bathe a ferret no more than 1-2 times a month. If he does not want to get into the water, do not force him: this can disturb his psyche.

What means can you wash your pet

It is better to bathe domestic ferrets with special shampoos. It is forbidden to wash the animal with simple soap or other means. The tool, which is intended for humans, will only harm the animal: it contains highly harmful elements that are not suitable for animal hair. The shampoo intended for ferrets has no harmful substances and is made using all the features. Such products make pet hair soft and shiny. She stops falling out, becomes thick and beautiful.

How to wash a ferret at home? First you need to warm up some water: it should not be too cold, since the animal can get very sick. Then the ferret is gradually beginning to be soaked and soaped with shampoo. It should be ensured that water and detergent do not get the pet in the eyes, ears and on the head.

If the ferret began to break out during swimming, it needs to be caressed. To do this, take it in your hands and stroke it. When bathing brings some inconvenience to the animal, you can not torment him, it is better to use dry shampoo. Such a tool is very convenient to use: water is not needed for its use. It is poured onto dry hair and simply combed out, while the pet is not nervous, but behaves very calmly.

First time water treatment

An important point is the ferret swimming for the first time. The first time always causes a little stress in animals: they see water for the first time, since they do not wash in their natural habitats.

First of all, the animal needs to be prepared for this procedure. You can take a special bath, or you can do with a simple basin. In such a bath you need to put a few toys so that the animal is not anxious.

First, the ferret is placed in a dry basin and only then they begin to add a little bit of water. You can’t pour a lot of water, just wet the animal’s legs. It is also advisable to build a small dry table above the bath: on it the animal will rest in between bathing. It is worth washing the animal so that he likes it. If everything is done not according to the rules, the pet will be very afraid of water.

What rules should be followed when swimming

Ferrets love to swim, and therefore their swimming will bring the owner only pleasure. It is best to wash the ferrets at home in the bathroom. The water temperature should be 37-38 ° C, this is very important. Many owners are used to bathing animals in a basin, so you can use any convenient method.

In order for the ferret to not frighten the water, it is better to put toys in the bathtub or basin that he likes to play. When the pet begins to touch the water and not be afraid of it, you can give him a favorite treat. After such an act, the animal will see that there is nothing dangerous in the water and will continue the water procedures.

In the tank in which the animal will bathe, there should be a little water. The ferret should not flush in the bathroom, it is important that he can move in it. You also need to check the temperature of the water so that it does not cool down, and the pet does not get sick.

What to do with the animal after the end of water procedures

When the swimming is over, the ferret should be wiped dry, for this you can use a towel. It is very important that all the windows and doors in the house are closed, as a small draft will cause the animal to become very sick. If the animal trembles after the bath, you can dry it with a hairdryer, but set the air slightly hot.

After the end of water activities and drying of pets, their hair is carefully combed. If ferrets like walking on the street, then after swimming it is better not to take them for a walk. When water has flowed into your ears, you can wipe it with a cotton swab, but you must do this very carefully. They don’t stick the stick very deeply, just wipe it around the edge.

If bathing did not bring the animal pleasure, it should be fed his favorite delicacy, so that he came to his senses a little. Often it is not necessary to bathe ferrets, 1-2 times a month will be enough. And so that during the walk the animals are not much smeared, a protective suit is put on the ferrets. Overalls can be bought at any pet store, the ferret in it will be very warm and comfortable.

In conclusion

It is not difficult to wash the ferret on your own at home, the main thing is to do everything carefully so as not to harm the health of the animal. These little animals love to swim, but not all, so they need to be trained in water gradually, otherwise they can cause severe stress.

Often this is also not worth it, because the wool can begin to give yellow. Especially often, the hair turns yellow in non-castrated males. For bathing you need to use only special shampoo. When applied, the coat will be soft, shiny and smell good.

Follow these conditions and your ferret will be clean and happy.


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