Honey mushrooms in the Sverdlovsk region

Silent hunting is popular all year round in all regions of Russia. The Urals is a favorable region for collecting almost all varieties of mushrooms. There is a list of places where honey mushrooms grow in the Sverdlovsk region.

Honey mushrooms in the Sverdlovsk region

Region features

Sverdlovsk region is an administrative district in the Urals. The relief is represented by mountains, steppes, plains. Forests occupy 82.3% of the area. The following vegetation is presented here:

  • birch - 36%;
  • pine trees - 34%;
  • spruce - 16%;
  • aspen and cedar - 6%.

Due to the abundance of vegetation in the region, different varieties of mushrooms bear fruit. Honey mushrooms are considered the most popular. They grow in forests, meadows, mountain groves and city parks.

Honey mushrooms are earthy and arboreal. Mushrooms pick hardwood bark. Often grow on stumps. For a long time they do not change the place of fruiting - in one place they bear fruit until 5-10 years.

Subspecies of honey mushrooms in the Sverdlovsk region

Edible subspecies:

  • spring;
  • summer;
  • autumn;
  • winter;
  • meadow.

They are named after fruiting periods. Winter view is not afraid of temperatures up to -6 ° C. The pulp of the fruit freezes, but remains tasty, so the hunt continues until the first snow, when they will not be visible under the cover.

The spring subspecies is shown after the first thaws. And summer fruits are harvested from late May to mid-August. From August to the end of October, the autumn subspecies bears fruit.

Do not confuse poisonous mushrooms in the Sverdlovsk region with the true ones:

  • false brown brick.
  • false foam sulfur yellow.
  • galerine bordered.

Due to the relief, in the Sverdlovsk region a long list of objects where they go on a quiet hunt.

List of places for quiet hunting

Do not pick mushrooms in the city

Honey mushrooms grow in Yekaterinburg in groves and parks. It is dangerous to collect fruits within the city. They absorb toxins and salts of heavy metals that do not break down during processing. It is better to go to the forests of the area.

Mushroom areas

There are 3 types of forests in the region: dry, wet and forest-steppe. In dry plantations, fruiting begins in September after heavy rains. This includes forests in the mountains and at their feet. Due to the cool climate there are few fruits, they appear relatively late and quickly depart. These are the mountainous regions of Ivdelsk and neighboring cities.

In a damp forest (marshland), mushrooms bear fruit from early spring to autumn. But high humidity is favorable for poisonous counterparts. This is the east of the areas:

  • Novolyalinsky;
  • Ivdelsky;
  • Garinsky;
  • Turinsky;
  • Serovsky;
  • Taborinsky;
  • Tavrinsky.

Northern subjects - Krasnouralsky, Irbitsky, Artemovsky. Marshes are dangerous swamps and winding paths. Rescuers often look for lost hunters.

The forest-steppe occupied the south of the region. Mixed and birch plantations grow there. Many fields are habitats of meadow subspecies. The most productive areas:

  • Artinsky;
  • Krasnoufimsky;
  • Achitsky.

The forest-steppe zone is highly dependent on weather conditions. In cold and dry summers there is no need to look for fruit.

Fungi are considered places near reserves and lakes. The catch there is always big and safe. Often travel for trophies to Lake Baltym, Shuvakish. They get to them by electric trains or minibuses. The surroundings of the Visimsky Reserve are rich in fruits. In a warm, humid spring, they find delicious species - morels.

It is advised not to bypass the village and villages of Verkhnyaya Dubrovo, Aramil, Bobrovka, the city of Revda. Species grow abundantly in the area of ​​the Pervouralsky tract. They hunt in the season near Beloyarsky.

The surroundings of Yekaterinburg

Honey mushrooms grow in the Sverdlovsk region in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg. Places for collection are accessible by railway suburbs and bus routes. These include:

  • Ilmovka. It is rich in forests, ravines, log cabins, on which mushrooms settle.
  • Mixed forest in the area of ​​Sysertsk.
  • Neighborhood of Nizhny Tagil.
  • The village of Reshet.
  • City Dir.
  • Kamensk-Uralsky.
  • More distant, but less crowded cities are Nizhny Earrings and Mikhailovsk.

It is definitely not necessary to take forest specimens near the Sredneuralskiy and Kirovograd smelter. Edible species in contaminated areas are dangerous as poisonous.


In the Sverdlovsk region there is a long list of places where they hunt fruitfully for the season. These are different types of forests, neighborhoods of towns and villages, places near Yekaterinburg. Get there by train or by car. When hunting, you should be careful not to collect a poisonous fruit.


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