Honey agarics

Harvesting mushrooms for the winter involves not only pickling, but also freezing. Freezing fresh mushrooms has a large number of advantages. Collected fruiting bodies do not lose their taste and useful properties even after prolonged storage at a temperature of -18 ° C.

Honey agarics

Preparation of mushrooms before freezing

Honey mushrooms are one of the best types of mushrooms for storage in the freezer. Their size is small, and the flesh is dense. After defrosting, the consistency of the product will not change much. Products purchased at the store are frozen without the need for pre-processing. If mushrooms are harvested in the forest, some features of harvesting are taken into account.

Having found the mycelium, carefully clean the place of germination of the mycelium and remove the fruiting bodies with a clean sharp knife. After the cut aromatic fruits are in the hands of a person, they are cleaned of dirt and placed in the basket with the hat down.

Before harvesting it is important:

  1. Select fruit bodies of small or medium size. Large mushrooms are rarely used: they are worse exposed to freezing.
  2. Use only whole fruit bodies. Rotten and damaged mushrooms are removed.
  3. Rinse the product under running water (optional).

There are several ways to freeze at home. Both raw mushrooms and those that have undergone heat treatment are frozen.

For sanitary purposes, it is advisable to wash mushrooms before freezing, for culinary ones - no. After washing under water, fruiting bodies become saturated with moisture. This adversely affects the features of storing the product in the freezer.

Raw product freezing

You can freeze mushrooms raw. All that is required is to prepare a large chopping board and make room for it in the freezer.

Fruit bodies are evenly spread on the board in one layer. After they are raw, they are frozen. After 2-3 hours, when the mycelium hardens, it is transferred to a plastic bag for further storage.

Freezing Blanched Mushrooms

It will turn out to freeze honey agarics not only fresh, but also treated with hot water.

To carry out blanching, it is required to prepare 2 pots, a colander, a slotted spoon and paper towels. Cold water is poured into one of the containers, and saline solution (20 g of product per 1 liter of water) is poured into the other.

Following actions:

  1. A pot of brine is put on fire. Bring to a boil.
  2. Honey mushrooms are placed in boiling saline. They are boiled in it for no longer than 3 minutes.
  3. Using a slotted spoon, the product is laid out from the brine, placed in cold water.
  4. After the operation, the future harvest for the winter is laid out in a colander, allowing the water to drain.
  5. Mushrooms are dried on a paper towel.

To freeze honey agarics for the winter, the dried-up product is laid out in plastic bags or in special containers for storing food. To properly freeze honey agarics, it is necessary to divide the blanched fruits into small parts, so that you can use the created stocks if necessary.

It is impossible to defrost one large portion several times. After the second defrosting, the fruiting bodies will become soft, change their shape and color.

Freezing boiled mushrooms

You can freeze boiled mushrooms

Some housewives prefer to boil mushrooms before placing them in the freezer. The cooking and freezing procedure has its own characteristics. Fruit bodies are washed, and then thrown into cold water. Further actions with fresh mushrooms:

  1. A pot of mushrooms is put on fire.
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Water is drained. Mushrooms are poured into a colander.
  4. Boil new water, the product is again poured out already in the hot.

The fruits are boiled for 40-50 minutes. After cooking, boiled mushrooms are placed on a colander so that the glass is excess liquid. Then they are laid on a paper towel. When the boiled mushrooms have cooled and dried, they will be frozen.

Fried Mushroom Freeze

Freeze honey mushrooms at home and get fried. Before heat treatment, it is important to rinse and dry them on a paper towel. Fry the plant over low heat with a little fat. It is better to use sunflower oil.

Honey mushrooms are fried for no more than 20 minutes, stirring constantly. In the allotted time, the juice from the fruit should evaporate. Only after this the product is cooled and sent for storage in the freezer.

Stew mushroom freezing

It will be possible to freeze honey mushrooms for the winter after the preliminary extinguishing procedure. After such processing, the product will not lose its taste and aroma. Cooking time for prepared fruits during boiling, frying, etc. will decrease.

The extinguishing procedure is simple.

What to do with fresh mushrooms:

  1. Honey mushrooms are put on a clean hot pan (do not use fat).
  2. The fruits are salted and covered.
  3. The fruits are stewed in their own juice for 25-30 minutes.

After the mushrooms have cooled, they are laid out in plastic or glass containers for freezing. Also, the harvest will freeze in the forest after preliminary braising in the oven. The product is simmered on a baking sheet at a temperature of 180 ° C for 20-25 minutes. The main thing is to prevent the complete evaporation of juice. If necessary, add boiled water.


Honey mushrooms do not lose their properties even after freezing. The collected product is frozen both raw and heat-treated. Honey mushrooms are easy to boil, fry or stew. Such stocks are stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. Raw - up to 1 year.


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