HOM and grapes

HOM is a copper-containing preparation that is used as an alternative to Bordeaux mixture to provide grapes with reliable protection against fungi. HOM and grapes are a successful combination for a rich harvest.

HOM and grapes

Indications for use

HOM is used for the treatment of diseases and pests in the open field. This is a help in the fight against anthracnose and mildew. The preparation contains a large amount of copper, which also protects the grapes from alternariosis and powdery mildew.

As a prophylaxis of the disease, up to 5 sprayings are carried out with breaks between each of 15 days. A prerequisite is to complete the procedure no later than a month before the start of the harvest.

Chemical action

HOM is a powder with a greenish tint, odorless. The substance that is contained in the drug effectively affects microorganisms, without causing addiction.


  • used for the prevention of diseases;
  • effective for the treatment of affected plants;
  • combined with other medications;
  • easy to use;
  • has an affordable price.


  • It is unstable to moisture, it is easily washed off even by small precipitation - it is often necessary to carry out processing.
  • Good processing requires a large amount of product.
  • Causes corrosion on metal surfaces.
  • Protects grapes for a short period.
  • It can not be used during the flowering period of culture.

Composition and form of release

Powder tends to dissolve quickly in water. It is packed in bags of 20 and 40 g, as well as in cardboard boxes of 10 and 25 kg.

The composition of the drug contains a highly concentrated active substance - copper oxychloride (90%). It is applied to the surface of the leaf, which stops the penetration of the fungus into the grape bush.

Rules for the use of the drug

Processing plants is carried out during the growing season

To conduct treatment with the drug, the plant is sprayed during the growing season. Exposure to the drug can not be performed in the period until the buds open, after leaf fall, during flowering. The soil should be regularly watered.

HOM is diluted with water until the solution is prepared. Mixing container should not be metal. Then add water according to the instructions (40 g of dry powder in a bucket of water - for 1 hundred parts). It is also acceptable to mix with skim milk (half a glass per bucket) to improve adhesion.

The prepared solution of copper oxychloride is used immediately after mixing.

For effective processing of grapes, it is important to conduct a high-quality wetting of the leaves when spraying the plant.

The grapes are processed in dry and calm weather, the air temperature should be up to 30 ° C. Feeding is done in the evening hours. HOM protects for up to 2 weeks, provided that there is no rain.

Safety precautions

HOM is a substance of the 3rd hazard class. It is strictly forbidden to process the plant during the flowering period, because the chemical is harmful to bees. It is allowed to use the product near fishery and water bodies, but you can not use it near sources with drinking water.

Be sure to check the expiration date of the chemical.

Wear chemical goggles, a respirator, gloves and a bathrobe when handling chemicals. At the end of the procedure, change clothes, wash hands and face thoroughly with soap and water, rinse your mouth.

During spraying it is forbidden to drink, smoke and eat. No need to use the dishes in which the food is prepared for the procedure. There should not be children and animals nearby.


HOM is non-toxic to plants, but if you use it in excessive quantities in the presence of a large amount of moisture on the leaves, burns or a brown net will appear.


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