Growing tomato seedlings according to the method of Yulia Minyaeva

Tomato seedlings according to the method of Yulia Minyaeva are especially popular among gardeners. Using this method, it is possible to grow healthy and strong seedlings, which are not afraid of temperature changes and show excellent germination when planting in open ground.

Growing tomato seedlings according to the method of Yulia Minyaeva

The advantages of the method

Advantages of the method of planting seedlings of Yulia Minyaeva:

  • Grown seedlings acquire a more powerful root system. Correct root development is achieved due to the fact that the plants are at the same distance from each other, they will not interfere with each other.
  • Watering is carried out more efficiently and not problematically, just pour 100-200 ml into the container.
  • If you plant seedlings in a snail or diaper, they will not actively gain growth. As a result, all energy will be saved for open ground.
  • Sowing seeds in a diaper reduces the area for growing crops.
  • Diving seedlings from snails or diapers is easier without harm to the root system.

Sowing seeds in a snail

A snail is a DIY place for growing tomato seedlings. Sowing requires compliance with certain rules. As soon as the substrate is laid on the table, it is completely filled with soil. Tomatoes need to have equal soil levels across the entire width. Do not lay out the layer more than 2 cm, otherwise the seeds will germinate for a very long time.

With tweezers, you need to put all the tomato seeds in 1 row. To do this, you need to deviate from the edge of the substrate no more than 1.5 cm. The distance between the seeds should be 2 cm. As soon as you reach the edge of the tape, you can start to roll the roll. The formed snail should stand upright so that the soil and tomato seeds do not fall out. It is important to bond the bundles with rubber bands and put them in a plastic container. You can use any box previously used for planting vegetables.

Next, the seed is watered and covered with a plastic bag so that a little air gets inside. Once the package is fully formed, it is placed in a warm, darkened place. As soon as the first shoots of tomatoes appear, the package is removed.

Preparation for sowing in snails

First of all, you should worry about preparing the place where the sowing will be carried out. It is better to use a table, because its surface is flat and it is much easier to lay out all the necessary equipment on it.

Julia Minaeva recommends pouring only moist moist fertile soil into a prepared container: it is easier to work with. For tomatoes, it is better to use black soil. It is important to prepare the seeds in advance: they must undergo a disinfection procedure using a manganese solution (5 mg per 1 liter of water).

To form a cochlea, Julia Minaeva recommends using a substrate, which builders often work with. It is important to acquire a strip whose width is about 12 cm. You can choose the length yourself. In addition, it is important to use stationery elastic bands that will fix the formed convolution.

Pickling seedlings in a diaper

Diapers are used to conduct the picking process.

Before starting work, it is important to prepare several basic components: a container with moistened fertile soil, plastic bags, a sprayer and a shovel. Packages will be used as a diaper. Depending on the size of tomato seedlings, packages of the appropriate size are used. It is important that seedlings feel comfortable. If only 4 leaves appear on the plant, small packets of 20 x 30 cm can be used.

For a dive, prepare everything you need

At the bottom of the container with soil should be organic components (sawdust or wood ash). They will act as fertilizers. The sprayer is necessary to moisten the soil in the tank if necessary. Thanks to the spatula, it is more convenient to get seedlings from the package.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

As sawdust, only waste from processing hardwood (but not oak) is suitable. Coniferous sawdust contains resin, and oak sawdust contains tannins, which negatively affect the roots of vegetable plants.

Swaddling process

First of all, you need to expand the bundle until the first seedling of tomatoes appears. It must be removed from the snail and put on the table. In a bag that will serve as a diaper, a little earth is poured (about 5 cm high). It must be watered from a sprayer, after which seedlings are placed.

The roots need to be covered with soil so that they are not visible even after watering. According to the method of Julia Minyaeva, the package is tied with an elastic band where tomato cotyledons begin to form. Watering is carried out vertically so that the water gets to the base of the stem.

Advantages of the diapering method

The main advantage of this method is that everyone can stop the work at any time. Damage to the remaining plants is not significant. As soon as you need to go away, the snail is rolled up to its initial position.

Thanks to the diapers, the gardener saves space on the windowsill: it is in this place that the containers should stand before planting in open ground. Vertical containers take up much less space than conventional specialized containers for landing.

The amount of soil for cultivation is minimal compared to conventional methods. When swaddling, the soil is used only to fix the roots at the base. They distinguish one more advantage: the roots are not intertwined with each other and are not deformed.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

The listed advantages of growing tomato seedlings in snails: saving space for seedlings, saving soil are also its disadvantages. To obtain normal 45-50 day seedlings, each plant requires a soil volume of about 125 cubic centimeters (a cassette cell measuring 5 x 5 cm and also 5 cm deep). It's minimum. When grown in a cochlea, there are only about 50-70 cubic centimeters per seedling unit! Like a person who didn’t get enough nutrition in childhood, he grows up small and puny, so from tomato seedlings grown in this way you can’t get a fruitful plant.

From diapers to the open ground

Planting seedlings in open ground is carried out in early April, but it is hardened in advance to reduce the risk of damage during temperature changes. Landing is carried out early in the morning or in the evening. It is important that there is no direct sunlight. Yulia Minaeva recommends planting plants according to a certain pattern: between the bushes a distance of 50 cm should be observed, and between rows about 70 cm. After planting in open ground, tomato seedlings need shading. It is better to create a shelter for them from paper so that the sun's rays do not interfere with their development.

Bushes are watered every 3 days. About 2 l of warm water is poured under each plant. Top dressing is carried out only 3 times.

  • The first fertilizer is applied 10 days after planting. At this moment, organic substances are used (2 kg of humus per 1 sq. M of plantings).
  • During the second feeding during the formation of inflorescences, potassium compounds (50 mg per 10 l of water) are added. In each bush pour 1 liter of the drug.
  • The third top dressing using phosphorus (80 mg per 10 l of water) is carried out during the formation of the fruit. For 1 square. m should be about 5 liters of fertilizer solution.

Garter bushes are carried out at the age of 30 days, from the moment of planting. For this, it is advisable to use metal pegs and dense fabrics.


Using the method of Yulia Minyaeva, you can grow strong seedlings and not worry about its further growth. A developed root system protects the culture from negative environmental factors.


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