Growing Mandarin from Bone at Home

Growing exotic fruits on the windowsill in the apartment has already become common practice. Houses grow lemons, oranges, tangerines. Growing tangerine from seed at home is not such a difficult task. But care for the tangerine tree requires careful.

Growing Mandarin from Bone at Home

Plant characteristics

A bone tree does not bear fruit or produces small and tasteless fruits. He is kept at home as a decorative element in the interior. In addition, the leaves have a pleasant citrus smell. Fruitful plants reproduce vegetatively: with the help of cuttings.

This citrus is suitable for growing on the windowsill. In winter, monitor the temperature even in a heated apartment.

Growing process

Tangerine tree is easy to grow at home from the stone. For planting, it is recommended to prepare mandarin seeds and soil in advance.

Soil preparation

To grow mandarin from seed in a pot, the correct soil for citrus must be in the pot. It should not contain peat, so purchased soil is not suitable. The soil should contain:

  • 3 parts of turf land;
  • 1 part of sheet land;
  • 1 part of overdosed cow manure;
  • 1 part of sand;
  • some clay.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Be sure to make a drainage system in the pot and place expanded clay or pebbles at the bottom.

For residents of cities to prepare the soil is problematic. Neutral soil is sold in specialty stores; ash, superphosphate and organic fertilizers should be added to it.

Even in ordinary land with small amounts of fertilizer, several seeds should take root.

Seed preparation

To grow mandarin from the seed, you should choose the right seeds. Seeds from large tangerines are suitable, they should be medium in size, swollen. From split seeds to grow a tree does not work.

To germinate the crop, take up to 10 seeds. Always take with a margin, because part at home will not take root.

Seed treatments:

  1. Soak mandarin seeds in gauze. It must always be moist (hydrogel is still suitable).
  2. We leave the workpiece in a warm place for several days.
  3. We get germinated seeds - sprouts.


The seedlings should have enough light

Germinated grains are planted in prepared soil. When the planting is completed and the greens hatch, the pot is kept in certain conditions:

  • temperature should not be lower than 20 ° С;
  • adequate humidity and ventilation;
  • the place should be bright, but without scorching sunlight.

The tree sprouts for several days. Citrus prefers the southern sunny side, therefore, at home, it is recommended to plant grains in spring or summer

Tree care

When the sprout has become a mini-tree, care should be taken more carefully. To properly grow mandarin from seed, follow a number of rules:

  1. He does not like dry air. Place dishes with water next to the pot to increase humidity.
  2. The temperature should not fall below 14 ° C at any time of the year.
  3. To prevent the mandarin from wilting, it is sprayed every week and the leaves are checked for diseases and pests.
  4. Wipe the leaves from dust.

In summer and in spring, the plant needs abundant watering, in winter - up to 3 times a week. Too much moisture causes it to rot, and insufficiently watered plants wither.

Each year, transshipment is carried out in a new pot with old earth. And already an 8-year-old tree must be replanted every two years. You can decide whether or not to plant in a new pot according to the size of the crown - if it goes beyond the diameter of the pot, it's time to plant the tree in a suitable container.

Both adult and young trees are recommended to be fertilized with organics.

Diseases and Pests

A tree at any age is susceptible to pests and diseases. They kill a young tree almost instantly. The main pests of citrus:

  • red spider mite;
  • citrus whitefly;
  • scale shield.

Every week, carefully inspect the stem and leaves of the plant. At the first suspicion, start processing: with special chemicals or folk remedies - soapy water, tinctures, decoctions.

Citrus fruits also affect diseases. They can be caused by bacteria and fungi:

  • black leg (from excessive moisture);
  • late blight;
  • gray rot;
  • wartiness.

In the fight against diseases, fungicides are treated. The disease is easier to cure at an early stage, so you should pay attention to brown, black spots, mold on the leaves, damaged branches.

Growing decorative tree

Only grafted plants bear fruit

Only grafted trees will bear fruit. It is for this that it is worth germinating several seeds. Leave one tree decorative, on the other, vaccinate varietal plants.

A decorative tree can bloom and bear fruit from time to time, but the fruits will not be sweet, but sour and small. They are called wild game.


The procedure must be carried out in sterile conditions. During the procedure, due to inaccurate incisions, the stalk and tree may die. List of necessary inventory:

  • sharp disinfected instrument (knife);
  • garden var;
  • elastic tape.

Vaccinations are possible only on a healthy tree. The thickness of its trunk should not be less than 6 mm. Recommend the following procedure:

  1. Make an incision at a height of 10 cm in the shape of the letter T. Horizontally 1 cm, vertically - 2-4 cm.
  2. The scion is inserted into the incision without leaves and spikes. It must be taken from a branch no less than 2 years old.
  3. The place of cut is treated with garden varieties and fixed with tape.
  4. The graft is placed in a mini-greenhouse: the pot is covered with a film and a moist atmosphere is created. It will stay there for a long time: up to a month.

The graft is made during the period of active movement of juice: April, early May, August. In other periods, the procedure will not give a positive result.

The monthly scion, which has already grown well, is extracted from greenhouse conditions:

  1. The trunk is neatly incised obliquely. An incision is made 3 mm higher from the base of the shoot.
  2. The place of cut is covered with garden var.
  3. A wand is placed in the pot to even out the growth of the tree.

The fruits of the grafted tree after flowering will not be soon - in a few years.

According to the same scheme, grapefruit is grown from bone. The formation of branches in this citrus occurs faster, so you need to know the nuances of its cultivation.

Dwarf mandarin

For home growing varieties of dwarf mandarin were bred. This plant looks like a small mandarin: an adult tree does not grow above 80 cm. It does not require the formation of a crown and bears fruit from the second year of life.

To grow it, buy seeds or cuttings in special stores. This hybrid is ideal for growing on a windowsill. Winter temperate climate does not harm him.


From tangerine seeds you can grow only a decorative tree, which gives tasteless fruits. In order to get fruiting fruit at home, they vaccinate young decorative trees.

You need to carry out the scion carefully. Tangerine tree requires some care and protection from pests and diseases. Grapefruits and other citrus fruits are grown in the same way.


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