Growing grapes Muromets

Many table grape varieties differ from the rest in good taste. One of these varieties is the Muromets grape.

Growing grapes Muromets

Grade characteristics

The vegetative period of the Varietal variety is 110 days. With proper planting and proper care, a full crop ripens in August.

Bush characteristic

A distinctive feature is the rapid and strong growth of the vine. Almost immediately after planting in the soil, a young seedling begins to give out all the shoots on the cuttings. The ripening of the shoots continues until the end of the growth process. Usually, 40-45 shoots are formed on one bush of Muromets grapes.

Description of the bush:

  • Egg-shaped leaves are medium in size and have a matte surface.
  • The entire foliage of the bush is five-fingered, with an average degree of dissection.
  • The middle lobe is elongated.
  • The upper part of the leaf is often wrinkled, has a gray-green color.
  • Cuttings are closed at the top of the sheet, open at the bottom.
  • The cuttings are open.
  • The color of the spine varies from brown to red.

With proper care, 1 bush brings a yield of 4-7 kg. Grapes Ilya Muromets is able to withstand frosts to -26⁰С. However, it is still better to protect the fruiting bushes and cover them for the winter.

Fruit characterization

Bunches with the fruits of culture grow large. The average weight of the brush is 500 g. However, there are cases when the weight of one cluster reaches 1 kg. Berries are also large in size. The weight of each fruit is 5 g.

According to the description, a small amount of seeds is formed in the fruits of this varietal variety. The pulp of the berry is distinguished by crunch and meatiness. Sugar content of fruits ranges from 17-19%. These qualities make Muromets grapes taste good.

Features of growing crops

The quality of the harvest depends on the correctness of the actions taken during the cultivation of grapes. Proper agricultural techniques of planting the cuttings in the soil and subsequent care is no less important than the timely fight against pests and diseases.

Planting in the soil

Grapes love the light

The Muromets grape variety is planted in places open to sunlight, but protected from the wind. This variety of fruit and berry culture grows on soils of any type. It is worth paying attention to the level of acidity. Its most acceptable indicator is 6 to 7. When planting cuttings, places in which stagnation of cold air flows are observed are avoided.

Also check the saturation of the soil with moisture. In case of excessive moisture concentration take care of appropriate drainage.

3 weeks before the start of planting the cuttings, the soil on the site is carefully dug several times. At the same time, fertilizers are applied. Soil is fertilized in moderation, because overfeeding leads to the burning of planted grapes.

In the southern regions, landing is carried out from October to March. In more northern areas, these dates are not entirely suitable due to weather conditions. In the north, planting is carried out when buds open on the trees.

Grape varieties Ilya Muromets are planted with a distance between the vines of 1.2 m. Also, several pegs for twisting vines are fixed on the site. The grafting site of the cuttings must be located above the ground level. After planting, seedlings are tied to established pegs, the plot is mulched with manure.

Care Features

Ilya Muromets does not require a special approach to care.

Top dressing

During the growing season, mineral fertilizers are applied 1-2 times. In the spring carry out re-laying of manure in the soil on the site. Every 2 weeks, the plant is sprayed with magnesium sulfate 20% concentration.

During growth, it is important not to overfeed the culture with lime, otherwise the plant will not take root and die.

Before the fruits fully ripen, the varietal variety Ilya Muromets is fed with liquid mineral fertilizers once a week.


Timely pruning of branches and shoots avoids overloading the bush. A plentiful number of branches leads to a drop in crop quality.

When pruning shoots, the following recommendations are followed:

  • do not allow damage to shoots;
  • cut shoots with a thickness of 6-12 cm;
  • prevent damage to young shoots;
  • leave no more than 12 eyes on the vine.

If the vine grows weakly, do not prune a large number of shoots. It is better to wait until the culture begins to develop stably, and only after that carry out the classic version of pruning.


Most often, the Muromets variety suffers from mildew and gray rot.

Mildew is a seasonal disease affecting the culture during the development of the vine. According to the description, inflorescences, foliage and shoots suffer from the disease. In most cases, infection occurs during rainy periods.

The first sign of damage is oily spots on the leaves of the bush. On matte sheets they are easy to spot. The disease can affect the entire bush during the night. Falling leaves indicates the neglect of the disease.

To prevent the disease is simple: more often carry out loosening of the soil on the site.

It is also possible to use the following chemicals:

  • Amistar
  • "Rodomil";
  • Avixil.

It is more difficult to deal with gray rot. Continuous treatment with chemicals does not prevent the possibility of contracting a fungal disease. This disease is actively manifested only during fruit ripening. Any fight against rot will not give a result after the berries have stained.


Varietal variety Ilya Muromets is an unpretentious culture. This makes it possible for the gardener to receive a stable harvest of table grapes with a harmonious taste.


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