Growing cucumbers Donskoy Passage and Dmitry Donskoy

Currently, there are a large number of cucumbers. This unpretentious thermophilic plant affects an abundance of varieties. In recent years, an increasing number of gardeners choose cucumber Dmitry Donskoy for cultivation on their sites. In the literature, this type of cucumber is often abbreviated as Donskoy or Dmitry. According to many characteristics, it reminds cucumbers of the Don Passage.

Growing cucumbers Donskoy Passage and Dmitry Donskoy


Donskoy cucumber is a hybrid. You can get a good crop in open ground, a greenhouse and a temporary greenhouse. Culture entered the list of the State Register of the Russian Federation just a few years ago, but has already won the love of gardeners.

After planting seeds in the ground, the first cucumbers are tasted in 40-45 days. The lashes grow unlimitedly, therefore from 1 sq. m collect more than 10 kg of tasty and ripe fruits of the variety Dmitry Donskoy. On lashes grow greenbacks, equal in length and having the correct cylindrical shape. In appearance, they look like cucumbers Donskoy Passage. A wax coating is located over the entire surface of the fruit. Cucumbers weigh about 90-95 g. Sometimes 100 grams are found.

Dmitry’s fruits have excellent taste, they have the necessary amount of sugar and astringency. The cucumber, called Donskoy, is loved by adults and children, both fresh and in salads. The fruits are perfectly stored. They canned for the winter.

Culture is resistant to the development of cladosporiosis, but dies under the influence of other diseases. Cucumbers disappear if a viral mosaic or powdery mildew appears on the lashes.

Landing Features

Seeds are prepared before planting:

  • looking for lack of mold;
  • disinfected for 15-20 minutes. placed in a solution of potassium permanganate.

Prepare the soil for planting. It is placed inside the microwave and fried for half an hour. Each Dmitry seed is planted in its own container. After planting, it is covered with a film so that the shoots sprout faster. After waiting for the appearance of tender greens, the material is removed.

Seedlings develop over several days. When 4-5 true leaves appear, cucumbers dive, placing each plant in its container. Caring for your crop is simple. It consists in watering with warm water. Tender plants protect from drafts.

Permanent Place Secrets

Plants love warmth

The culture is thermophilic, therefore it is planted in open ground only after good weather is established. In central Russia, seedlings of Donskoy cucumber are placed in the ground in late spring.

Any sections are suitable for culture, excluding the territory where cucumbers grew last year.

Fertilizer in the selected area is introduced in the fall. Then it is carefully dug up. Then they make furrows, in each 30 cm a small hole is dug. Plants are carefully planted in the pits, after having straightened the root system. At the same time, they try not to damage the delicate roots.

After the seedlings of Dmitry cucumbers were planted in the ground, it is carefully watered, being careful not to get on the leaves.


Cucumber is a moisture-loving plant, so ridges with seedlings are watered every day. Donskoy and Passage love hydration in the evening, when the sun has already disappeared over the horizon. Leaving consists in elimination of weeds and loosening of the soil.

To increase productivity, ripened greens are often harvested.

To reduce the risk of developing diseases, plants are treated 2-3 times during the season from the effects of pathologies. It is forbidden to spray cucumbers with pesticides during the ripening period of the crop.

Harvest from Donskoy harvested since the end of June. After the onset of cold weather, the lashes are removed from the site and the territory is dug up to prepare for the next season.


Variety Dmitry Donskoy gained popularity in the last days. Subject to the rules of care, the fruits of the culture will delight the original taste throughout the season.


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