Growing Australian Lime

Growing exotic fruits on the windowsill has become a common practice for urban residents. Citruses are grown at home: lemons, oranges, tangerines. One of the types of citrus that is gaining popularity is not at all like its closest relatives. This is an Australian finger lime.

Growing Australian Lime

Plant name

The Australian finger lime got its name because of its elongated shape. It is also called "fingerlame" (from the English. Finger - "finger"). The most favorable conditions for this plant are the climate of Australia and warm countries. Finger lime began to be cultivated on an industrial scale only in 2000.

Now this species is of commercial interest to the whole world.


After the shoot has turned into a tree, they monitor its health. A healthy finger lime bush looks like this:

  • height is up to 6 m, bush or tree;
  • oval leaves, up to 4 cm in length;
  • on the stem are sharp spikes, which, in strong winds, damage the fruits of finger lime;
  • flowers reach 1.5 cm;
  • flowering period - from late summer to mid-autumn.

Australian lime yields unusual fruits. They have an elongated shape, up to 12 cm in length, up to 3 cm in diameter. They have a rough skin and a peculiar structure of pulp.

Pulp of finger lime reminds fish caviar or seedless pomegranate seeds. Ripe fruits with sourness, a bright citrus smell and notes of needles, unripe bitterness.

The color of the surface of the fetus can be different: red, green, yellowish, pink, raspberry. The color of the pulp does not always match the color of the peel. One of the saturated red varieties received the title of bloody.

The crop is frozen at a temperature of –18 ° C, stored for up to 6 months.

Growing rules

Exotic tree can be grown from seeds

To grow an exotic fruit at home, he needs to create an appropriate microclimate. The optimum temperature for plant emergence is the usual summer and from 8 ° C to 16 ° C in winter. The fruit is resistant to short-term temperature drops.

In Australia, finger lime is propagated by cuttings, planting them in the ground. Many were able to achieve the growth of a tree from seeds in the home. Planting seeds is better in the spring.

Useful recommendations for those who want to grow an exotic tree:

  • Several seeds of the fruit are placed at a shallow depth in nutritious loose soil without excessive acidity and well watered. Next, watering is done every day, in winter - as necessary, carry out hydration.
  • Set the light mode. There should be a lot of light, but not direct rays. In the spring-autumn period, the tree is exposed to the open air.
  • They make organic fertilizers. This speeds up shoot growth, positively affects the productivity of finger lime.
  • Compulsory treatment is carried out against spider mites and scutes. Because of these parasites, the tree dies. To avoid pests, the room is ventilated, dust is removed from the leaves with a damp cloth.

Growing a tree from seeds is a long and painstaking process. The first fruits after planting receive only after a few years, at least - after 3 years.


Getting the fruits of finger lime at home is not easy. They are used in cooking for the preparation of sauces, marinades, confectionery.

Lime look spectacular as an element of decoration. It is also consumed with alcoholic beverages. Its fruits are low-calorie and rich in vitamins and minerals. Most of the exports of this fruit are in Europe and Asia.


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