Grape Kras Nikopol

winegrowers are looking for home growing the most unpretentious varieties of care. One of these is the Kras Kras Nikopol grape. Such a variety will amaze with its characteristics both a beginner of viticulture and a specialist.

Grape Kras Nikopol

Characteristics of grape varieties

The Krasa Nikopol grape variety was bred in the last century by domestic breeder A. Sedun. The hybrid was created on the basis of varieties such as Rishbaba Cherny and Pearl Saba. Fruiting reaches 70%. The variety is early ripe. Harvested in mid-July. The ripening is smooth, uniform.

The resulting plant has taken the best characteristics of its parents. The hybrid can withstand frost up to -22 ° C without harm to the eyes and roots. Potentially fruitful buds are also not afraid of frost. But still, culture is cover-up.

This variety is always stable in productivity. Weather conditions do not affect it.

Description of the bushes

According to the description of the variety, the plant has medium growth power, forms a large number of inflorescences, and the number of fruit-bearing shoots is close to ideal indicators.

The inflorescences of the plant are bisexual. Culture is prone to self-pollination. The vine is characterized by good ripening along its entire length. Rooting is quick.

Description of clusters and fruits

The clusters are conical in shape. The color is pink, with ripening it turns purple. The weight of one cluster often exceeds 800 g.

The berries are large, oval. The skin is thin, edible, does not crack. The taste is sweet, there is a hint of spice in the aftertaste. The pulp is tender, the bones are small, inconspicuous.

An additional advantage is that the fruits are subject to long-term storage and transportation. They do not lose their presentation until 7 days when stored in a cool place.

Cultivating varieties

Preparation for landing

The first thing to decide is to find a suitable place for planting the cuttings.

It is better to choose those places that will be reliably protected from the wind. A plot near the wall of a house or an outbuilding is suitable. Also, the place should not be shaded, and groundwater should not lie nearby.

Then the basis is prepared for the favorable engraftment of the seedling - the soil is fertilized, where the hybrid will be grown. Back in the fall, the soil is enriched with useful substances. They bring in potassium salt, peat and rotted manure. If the acidity of the soil is high, lime will also have to be added.

Bush planting

For 1.5-2 weeks before the planned planting of the culture, cuttings purchased in the nursery are best tempered. Extra shoots are also removed, leaving only 1 of the strongest available. Some winegrowers resort to stimulating root formation, but this is not necessary.

Purchased seedlings must be tempered

Planting of the cuttings is carried out before the start of the growing season, that is, before budding. It is produced as follows:

  1. They dig a hole with a depth and width of 80 cm.
  2. A drainage layer of 30-35 cm is laid at the bottom. Broken brick or gravel is suitable.
  3. A seedling is placed in the pit, carefully spreading the roots.
  4. A support is placed next to the plant and tied to it.
  5. The roots are covered with earth.

After planting, you will need to water the plant with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. To avoid the rapid evaporation of moisture, the soil is mulched with sawdust or hay.

Crop Care

Caring for the Kras Kras Nikopol variety is straightforward. Like all representatives of grape crops, such a hybrid needs regular watering, replenishment with nutrients, as well as the formation of a bush. The owner of the vineyard will have to consider such care features:

  1. Watering. It is produced 4-5 times during the vegetative period. Use warm water. After watering, the soil is loosened.
  2. Fertilizer. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers are suitable. Contribute no more than 4 times per season. The last top dressing is carried out after harvesting. Make 1 bucket of compost under the bush.
  3. Pruning. It is carried out both in the spring and in the fall. In spring pruning, old, damaged shoots are removed. In the autumn, annual shoots are cut off using the short method, that is, no more than 6 eyes are left on one fruiting shoot.
  4. Shelter for the winter. It is produced by bending the vine treated with copper sulfate to the soil and warming it with polyethylene or burlap.

Given all these agrotechnical features, it will be possible to grow a healthy, tall grape that will delight its owner with delicious ripe berries already in their 3rd year of life. The main thing is to maintain the plant's immunity to disease and to prevent the attack of pests.

Diseases and Pests

According to the description of the variety, the susceptibility to infection by diseases in Kras Kras Nikopol grapes is below average. The greatest danger to the culture are diseases such as mildew, oidium and gray rot. The plant has immunity to powdery mildew.

In order to avoid infection with garden diseases, it is worthwhile to carry out preventive spraying with copper-containing compounds. Often use 1% solution of copper sulfate. Processing is carried out 3-4 times per season. It is forbidden to spray the plant during the flowering period and the full ripening of the fruit. Also an important event will be thinning of the deciduous mass, which in the thickened state creates the conditions for the occurrence of fungal diseases.

The possibility of pests on grape trees of this variety is low. Mature wasps do not pay attention to sweet berries, but you need to watch out for small birds. Cases of birds attacking the vineyard are rare, so chemical treatment is not required.


Krasa Nikopol is a popular variety due to its positive characteristics. This hybrid is universal. Because of resistance to spring frosts, you don’t have to worry about crop yields. It gives a good crop for any adverse environmental factors. Only winter frosts are worth fearing. Therefore, in regions with a temperate climate, as well as in the north, it is better to shelter bushes for the winter.


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