Grade Tomatoes Honey Fingers f1

Gardeners, especially vegetable growers, often look for new, interesting varieties to supplement their collections. Fans of tomatoes are attracted to large-fruited hybrids, the fruits of which can be prepared according to various recipes. But there are also landlords who prefer small-fruited varieties of tomatoes. An interesting, in this regard, will be a hybrid - tomato Honey Fingers f1, which can be seen in numerous photos.

Grade Tomatoes Honey Fingers f1

Tomatoes of this variety are distinguished by unusually large fruiting. Honey Fingers have learned about tomato varieties relatively recently. This new, very young look was created by Russian scientists. After field trials, he was entered into the State Register. This happened in 2010.

Grade characteristics

A variety of favorite tomato Honey Fingers is indeterminate.

This means that his growth will constantly increase, reaching a person’s height or even higher. Such plants can live more than a year, giving a harvest of a huge number of brushes. But this means that it is advisable to grow these varieties in heated greenhouses.

From the moment of planting, little time passes before the fruit stains. This period is, on average, three months, since the variety is classified as mid-season. The yield of each bush can be about 14 kg per season. Tomato fruits real Honey Fingers: orange, elongated, neat with a small nose.


Feature bushes varieties:

  • plant height up to 1.8 meters;
  • fruit weight about 80 grams;
  • the period until the first painted tomatoes is 95 days;
  • bush productivity is high.

Growing tomato Honey Fingers in the middle lane of the country is recommended in greenhouses. In the southern regions, it is cultivated not only in closed ground, but also in the field: in vegetable gardens. But when planting outdoors, the height of the bush will be less, and the stems of the plant more resistant. Clean air and bright sunshine, together with sufficient humidity, will make it possible to obtain tomatoes of excellent quality.

When planting a variety of Honey Fingers, you need to remember that only with proper care will he confirm his description.

And its characteristics will correspond to the State Register. Shtambovye, tall bushes are very decorative in any period of growth. It is like a small forest, completely hiding a tired traveler. On the stems of the bush are alternately brushes with 5 to 10 tomatoes.

Beautiful clusters of fruits hide under their mother's stalk. Reviews gardeners about tomato Honey Fingers are the most enthusiastic, despite his young age.

When the time for ripening comes, tomato f1 just burns in the sun with its bright fruits. They are honey, with a touch of pink. A fully ripe tomato is decorated with orange stripes. The shape of the fruit is elongated, sufficient to be called fingers. Each tomato is decorated with a small nose, which is easy to see in the photo. Tomatoes of the second ripening wave are a little smaller and have a weight of 60 grams. With a cross section, two or three seed chambers are visible.

The taste of the fruit

In terms of taste, a tomato of the type Honey fingers occupies a high step close to ideal. The fruit variety has a sweet taste, unusual for tomatoes. Honey notes with a fruity aroma attract children. Some babies call them sweets - you will lick your fingers.

Especially bright and colorful are salads, decorated with slices of tomatoes, like flowers. Winter blanks also look original. When the tomato Honey Fingers are combined with other varieties and add greens and seasonings, it is not possible to take your eyes off them. It turns out elegant assorted, which is even a pity to eat.

Hybrid cultivation f1

The plant must be protected from excessive cooling.

60 days before planting in the soil, planting material is prepared. For successful tomato cultivation, the seedling method is used. This means that seeds are first sown in small containers. Sowing seeds is also a science.

Having prepared the soil from the garden earth, add there such components as:

  • peat;
  • ash;
  • humus;
  • fine sand (sometimes small sawdust of fruit trees);
  • fertilizers.

The ground should be crumbly and not stray into a lump, with a slight squeezing. A layer of soil is poured at the bottom of the tank or container, sufficient for the development of the root system. Level it and sow seeds, previously soaked in stimulants. Top carefully covered with a layer of earth, a centimeter thick.

After that, planting seeds are sprayed and covered with a film. If you have a large number of containers, it is best to place them on racks. In private households, tanks are exposed to heating radiators. In each case, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime. The minimum temperature should not be lower than 20 degrees, and the maximum not higher than 26. After germination, you need to lower the temperature by 10 degrees. In this case, the daytime temperature should be 20, and the night temperature should not exceed 12 gr. There is a very high probability that when overheated, each plant will stretch in growth. With excessive cooling, there is a danger of seedling disease and their death.

Seedling Care

Creating a warm and comfortable house for plants, you need to take care of its convenience for the farmer. Throughout the area, you need to pre-mark the rows of future landings. Between them, passages are provided that are wide enough to care for growing tomatoes. Before planting, determine the position of the holes, near which establish strong supports or create trellises. Be sure to prepare ventilation openings or windows for air to enter the greenhouses. Two months after emergence, seedlings are prepared for transfer to a permanent place. When planting young tomatoes, you need to monitor their location. The planting rate per square meter is four plants. On the bushes, it is advisable to leave one strong stalk or two. All side stepsons must be removed.

As they grow, the bushes are tied to the supports. Supports or trellises must be stable and withstand the weight of the ripening crop. Watering planting tomatoes is recommended only with warm water. And it is better to carry it out in the evening. When watering the plants also fertilize.

The main tomato care items will be:

  • compliance with the temperature regime;
  • regular watering;
  • periodic weeding and top dressing;
  • pest and disease control.

When the first wave of the crop goes, you must immediately collect it. Ready-made tomatoes can be stored for a long time, maintaining their shape and taste. This allows farmers to sell products. It is even possible to transport them over long distances.


We talked about a new kind of tomato Honey Fingers, which, despite their youth, won a place in the sun. A hybrid plant fully justifies the reviews of gardeners. The high yield and beauty of the fruits made him a welcome resident of greenhouses, and the taste won hearts.

Housewives, growing tomatoes on their own or purchasing products, can engage in the preparation of various dishes. When preparing recipes for winter preparations, include in their description and tomatoes such as Honey Fingers. They will diversify your table and will please the home with a wonderful sweet taste and beautiful view.


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