Grade of tomato truffle red

Red truffle tomato bred thanks to Russian scientists. The description indicates that this variety is considered resistant to diseases and pests. Red truffle has proved itself to be the best and has gained good popularity among gardeners and gardeners. Truffle red tomatoes were registered in 2002 and since that time, tomato began to gain its popularity. The versatility of the variety and its characteristics play a large role, as it is easily grown both in greenhouse conditions and on open ground.

Grade of tomato truffle red

Red truffle has a lot of positive qualities and a beautiful appearance, so it will easily decorate your garden. Before you buy red truffle seeds, you need to study in detail the description of the variety, what its characteristics are, whether such a variety of tomatoes is suitable for your climatic zone or not. To have a complete picture of the red truffle, you can see his photo and read the reviews of other gardeners who have already grown such a variety in their area.

Variety description truffle red

Truffle red fruit tomato is an indeterminate variety. Such tomato varieties and hybrids do not limit stem growth. The height of the plant varies from 90 to 170 cm. You can pinch a brush and thereby grow one fairly high main stem, which must be tied to long stakes or trellis. You can also form a bush with two main trunks, which will be slightly lower. With proper care in a greenhouse or in the southern part of our country, this variety can live and bear fruit for more than a year.

During this period, one seedling can produce from 40 to 50 clusters of crops. To improve yield, the truffle bush of red must be properly formed, regardless of its characteristics. In such a variety, mid-ripening and proper formation helps ripen the fruit.

Under suitable conditions of cultivation and care, planting begins to bloom, when full 9-12 leaves appear. Bunches are found after every third leaf. After planting seedlings in open ground or in a greenhouse, it will take about 100-110 days to harvest the first crop. This kind of tomato is practically not susceptible to disease and has a high resistance to insects that cause harm to the bush. The main thing is to adhere to the basic requirements for the care and creation of optimal climatic conditions.

Tomato Appearance

Truffle red has an attractive shape, which distinguishes it in appearance from other varieties. Also, this variety of tomatoes easily tolerates temperature fluctuations.

  • After full ripening, the fruit acquires a bright red color. The shape of the fruit resembles a pear.
  • The tomato has a slightly ribbed but smooth skin.
  • The fruit is not large and weighs about 120-150 grams, but in some cases it can weigh 200 grams.
  • One vegetable contains about 6% of dry matter, the inside of the fetus is divided into 5-6 chambers.

Growing Tomato Red Truffle

You can grow seedlings at home, or in the open ground. It is optimal to grow seedlings on open ground, since soil seedlings are stronger and healthier. The first days of April or the last days of March are considered the most suitable time for sowing seeds. Before sowing seeds, you need to prepare the soil, dig and fertilize. Recesses should be made in the soil by about 20-30 cm. This is necessary so that the material which needs to be covered with seeds does not interfere with future seedlings. It is necessary to sow seeds approximately to a depth of 1.5 cm. For faster and more guaranteed germination of seeds, it is recommended to treat them with Kornevin solution.

Before the first shoots appear, the sown areas are necessarily covered with glazed frames or plastic wrap. After the sprouts have grown and warm days have come, you need to adapt the seedlings to fresh air. For the day, it is worth removing or opening the materials with which you closed the plantings, and cover them at night. As soon as the sprouts get stronger and the air temperature is settled, you can forget about the shelter. After the formation of one or two true leaves on a seedling, a dive, that is, thinning, is necessarily performed.

It is recommended to grow seedlings in open ground

Remote shoots are already transplanted separately. For the entire time of growing seedlings, one must not forget that the earth must be moistened. It is also recommended to introduce top dressing about three times. 50-60 days after sowing seeds, seedlings need to be planted already at the place where it will grow all season. A more profitable option for good harvesting is to maintain density when planting seedlings. This density is approximately three units per square meter. In advance, you need to prepare high pegs or trellises to support the bush, as well as garter material.

The positive qualities of truffle red

  • High resistance to diseases and injuries of harmful insects.
  • Abundant harvest.
  • Pleasant taste of fruits.
  • Harvested crops are stored for a long time.
  • It withstands transportation well.

Red Truffle Variety Disadvantages

  • Strict adherence to irrigation.
  • The branches are not very strong and because of this require constant garter.
  • Great fertilizer requirements.

Care and Growing Tips

The red truffle tomato variety can be attributed to the Siberian tomato varieties. Thanks to what he feels great in the open ground, not only in the southern regions of our country, but also in the central part of Russia. Although in the central regions, in order to avoid the risk of a decrease in yield, agronomists still prefer to grow this variety in a greenhouse.

In Siberia and the far north, it is recommended to grow a tomato only in a greenhouse, otherwise a prolonged arrival of summer and an early onset of cold weather will not make it possible to wait for the harvest. It is most practical to form a bush in such a way that it turns out two stems.

Diseases and harmful insects

The varietal type of tomatoes has a high resistance to diseases, but still there are several types of diseases that can affect the bush and if you do not detect them and react in time, you can completely ruin the crop.

  • Phomosis. To help the plant defeat this disease, it is necessary to carefully examine the fruits and in case of detection of the disease, you need to remove the affected fruits from the bush and destroy. It is recommended to treat the bush with a special preparation “Hom”. And significantly reduce the rate of input nitrogen fertilizers. You can also reduce the rate of watering. If tomatoes are grown in greenhouse conditions, they should be aired during the fight against the disease.
  • Dry spotting is one of the few diseases that this tomato variety can get. To combat this disease, drugs such as Antracol, Consento, and Tattu are used.
  • When growing tomato in open ground, there is a high probability of damage to the bush with rusty ticks. In the fight against ticks, be sure to make treatment with the drug "Bison". If you do not treat your plantings, then in the end it will negatively affect the yield.
  • Also, when grown in a greenhouse, this variety can be affected by melons and thrips. To combat aphids and thrips, treatment with the Bison preparation is used. Before using any drugs, it is necessary to study the description and instructions for use.
  • Along with other varieties of tomatoes that are grown in greenhouse conditions, red truffle has the opportunity to become a victim of greenhouse whiteflies. It can be defeated by treatment with the special drug Confidor.

In conclusion, I would like to note that if you have studied the description and know what characteristic your tomatoes have, it is not difficult to grow them on your site. The main thing is that all recommendations for the care and watering of the plant should be strictly followed. A variety of red truffle, despite the fact that it is considered unpretentious, still requires special attention. Follow all the recommendations and then you can get a plentiful and high-quality crop.


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