Governor Goose Characterization

There are many breeds of domestic geese and new ones appear every year. One of the recently bred varieties of Governor geese. More than 10 years of breeding led to the fact that in 2011 the crossbreeding of Italian and local breeds ended in success.

Governor Geese

Distinctive features

Externally, representatives of this species are very similar to their fellow tribesmen, but some differences still exist. The description of the representatives of this variety is as follows:

  • disproportionate compact body;
  • shorter neck than others;
  • well developed chest;
  • small ponytail;
  • lack of bumps on the forehead;
  • dense fluff with excellent heat-insulating properties;
  • young growth with age changes the color of plumage from gray speckles to light.

Much of the appearance was inherited from the ancestors, but the big weight became the distinguishing feature: already at the age of two months, the goose is able to weigh 4.4 kg, and the goose - 4 kg. True, this is possible only with proper care and good feeding. A complete picture of how the representatives in question look will allow you to get a photo.


The geese of the Governor breed definitely deserve the attention of farmers. Why you should prefer representatives of this breed, will help to understand their characteristics:

  • have a very high survival rate, up to 95%;
  • gaining weight with great speed;
  • have a good adaptation to living conditions and easily tolerate cold;
  • the polygamy of males leads to the fertility of geese of the Governor breed;
  • have an excellent indicator of productivity in both meat and eggs;
  • separate value is fluff;
  • in 30 weeks of life, one goose produces up to 50 eggs;
  • high profit from breeding;
  • Each egg contains many beneficial substances for the human body.

These and many other properties of the Governor breed make them so popular for mass breeding, and for small private farms. They also became known in the West, thanks to valuable down. This aspect is crucial for Europeans.

How to contain

The goose of the Governor’s breed, which is not particularly fastidious in leaving, nevertheless needs certain conditions, therefore it is imperative to take into account such moments:

  • the room should be warm and dry;
  • it is important to make a flooring from straw;
  • we must not forget about the container with sand: it is necessary for hygienic procedures in the fight against insects;
  • you need to take care of the water, the drinker should always be filled;
  • in the summer it is important to enrich the diet of the Governor's geese with fresh grass, which will provide them with minerals;
  • regular vaccination will protect birds from disease and death;
  • you should look very carefully so as not to miss the moment of infection with insects: if this happened, then the only way to prevent the death of the whole herd would be a single victim.

It’s better to understand what the Governor’s breed of geese needs, and watching numerous videos on which people share their experience in growing and breeding will help. This is the easiest way to understand the details of creating comfort for the Governor’s breed, what the bird needs and how to get healthy offspring. The main points for increasing egg production: good conditions, to divide the premises for keeping into sections: each should contain no more than three hens. Such geese as the Governor, although patient in the cold, will need to heat the floor with sawdust for future babies. Also, in no case do not allow drafts, do not forget to ventilate the room. From an early age, keep females and males separate until the mating period.

A good prophylaxis of diseases can be considered comfortable living conditions and high-quality food in the required quantity. Governor geese rarely get sick, which is also considered a significant advantage. More often, cases of infection in young goslings are recorded and this happens through water, eggs or by airborne droplets. Timely vaccination will help prevent the problem.

To summarize

Even buying these geese for breeding at home, you can see how profitable it is. It will take only a little time and effort, thanks to which you can get high-quality marbled meat and healthy eggs. With the advent of the first greens, you can safely transfer them completely to such a feed. Walking and grazing in the fresh air will benefit.

They decided to purchase, but do not know how and where? Purebred governor geese are grown in the Kurgan region, in fact, it will be most profitable to buy them there. Or you can contact the Makhalov factory, where these geese were bred. Then questions about the purity of the breed will not arise, although with the development of today's technologies, one can meet such beauties in other areas. Despite the youth of the species, it has successfully spread throughout the country and has managed to conquer both beginners and experienced farmers. If you are interested in Governor geese, their photos will help to understand why this species captivated the hearts of many.


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