Goodman Cauliflower Description

Cauliflower Goodman F1 belongs to the cruciferous family. Uniqueness is added to it by dietary fibers that improve microflora, and low calorie content. Being an indispensable dietary product, cauliflower is superior to white cabbage in terms of vitamins, fiber, nutrients and healing properties, but inferior in popularity.

Goodman Cauliflower Description

Grade characteristics

Being a mid-early hybrid, the culture reaches technical maturity 60-70 days after transferring the 30-day seedlings to a permanent place. The variety is high-yielding. The culture is annual. It was named because of the similarity of large peduncles with overgrown inflorescences.

The bush is compact in size, the foliage is directed upwards and covers the forming fruits, protecting them from sunlight. It has a fibrous root system, located close to the surface of the earth. With growth, small flowers with thin yellow petals are formed.

Seeds ripen in pods. Culture is demanding of lighting and neighbors. Growing petioles are tightly twisted, form flat-round white heads with slight tuberosity. The average weight is 0.8-1.4 kg.

Best predecessors:

  • legumes;
  • potatoes;
  • onion;
  • carrot.

Unwanted neighborhood:

  • radish;
  • turnip;
  • radish.


The culture is grown both in a seedling-free way, in which the seeds are immediately sown in moist soil to a depth of 2 cm in early May, and in seedlings: in March, in the prepared mixture no deeper than 0.5 cm. It is better to sow immediately in separate cells and prevent overgrowing, t .to. the head of cabbage will form loose and will not have a salable appearance. A month after the emergence of seedlings, the culture is planted in open ground, watered, loosened and shaded for 2-3 days. It is important not to sprinkle the apical kidney.

When planting, humus and minerals are introduced. To protect from a sharp temperature and sun, shoots are covered with a protective film or agrolon. The culture is photophilous, therefore, for convenience and proper vegetation, it is convenient to place 45 by 50 cm. The variety responds positively to hilling.

Humus-rich loam, fertile chernozem, and neutral acidity are well suited for cultivating the variety.


The variety is easy to care for.

The variety is undemanding in care.

Watering is carried out every other day (5 l under each bush), without filling, so that the roots do not experience a lack of oxygen. To prevent the appearance of crusts, the beds are regularly mulched or loosened.

Top dressing is carried out in 3 stages.

  • The first - organic matter (diluted mullein in a proportion of 1:10) directly into the hole after 21 days.
  • The second is a crystalline solution (25 g per 10 liters per 5 square meters).
  • The third - 40 g of nitrophosphate per 1 square. m with 10 l of liquid.

After feeding, the plants must be flushed.

When harvesting to facilitate transportation and storage, the outlet is carefully cut along with the leaves covering it.

Diseases and parasites

More often, a viral mosaic and a black leg are found in the culture. Their development is stopped by biofungicides, which absolutely do not harm people, animals, birds. Systemic treatment can improve the impact, so they are sprayed from early spring to late autumn with an interval of 3 weeks. These include Trichodermin, Haupsin, Trichopolum, Fitosporin and Magrantzovka (diluted according to the instructions). Chemical preparations are strictly prohibited.

Significant damage is inflicted by slugs, aphids, caterpillars of the whitewash and other sucking ones. Protection during systematic use is provided by Verticillin, Bitoxibacillin, Bicol, Boverin (the mixture is prepared according to the instructions).

Cabbage scoop exterminate the infusion of burdock. To prepare the mixture, the third part of the bucket is filled with chopped leaves and filled with water. The mixture is left to stand for 3 days, then filtered. The resulting product is treated every bush.

Dry wood ash protects from snails, slugs and cabbage flies (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water). The means are sprayed between the aisles.


A detailed description of agricultural technology helps even a novice gardener to achieve high yields of cauliflower Goodman F1. When purchasing seeds, carefully study the manufacturer's instructions. In most cases, they are already covered with growth accelerators and do not require preliminary soaking.


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