Golden apples characteristic

In the garden areas of Russia, various varieties of apples are grown. This is justified including their high benefits to the human body. Among apple crops, the gardener can choose both summer and winter varieties, which will give high yields. Golden apples are considered the most common variety.

Golden apples characteristic

Chemical composition and calorie content

Apples are considered one of the most dietary foods. Their chemical composition contains all the vitamins and minerals necessary for humans, and they are characterized by low calorie content. 100 g of Golden fruits contain only 50 calories.

Given the fact that one apple weighs an average of 170-200 g, the energy value can vary and amount to 80-100 kcal.

Many people, choosing products, pay attention to KBZhU. The nutritional value of Golden apples is characterized by the presence of 50 mg of protein, 20 mg of fat and 105 mg of carbohydrates. Because the level of BZHU of this product is low, it can be used to normalize weight.

Given that the glycemic index may vary depending on the sugar level in apples, there is no exact figure that would characterize the fruits of this species. On average, it is 30-40 units. Before using this product, it should be borne in mind that during heat treatment, the glycemic index may increase.

Beneficial features

Gold apples are popular not only due to their pleasant taste, but also for human use. Due to the fact that the composition contains a large number of vitamins that enter the body, the use of this fruit can improve health and cure some diseases.

The value of this variety is manifested in the following:

  • used as a prophylaxis and treatment of the early stages of atherosclerosis;
  • prevents the development of rheumatism and other inflammation in the tissue area;
  • improves the quality of vision;
  • strengthens bone tissue;
  • helps to lose weight;
  • if you eat one apple a day, the condition of the skin and nails improves;
  • helps prevent skin diseases.

Often Golden apples are used to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. This fruit promotes better absorption of iron and is used as an oncology prevention.

Because iodine is contained in apple seeds; this product helps prevent thyroid diseases. In addition, it protects the body from viral infections and helps cleanse the blood.

Thanks to malic acid, the condition of the teeth improves (it eliminates plaque and helps prevent the formation of tartar), so be sure to eat at least one apple per day.

It is recommended to use this product for people who want to get rid of anemia and normalize stool. If you are trying to fight excess weight, apples of this kind are ideal. They dull the feeling of hunger for a long time, so it will be easier for you to get rid of excess weight.

This product can cause harm to the body if used improperly:

  • you can not eat more than 2 seeds per day - this threatens with intoxication of the body (in addition to iodine, they contain poison);
  • it is forbidden to eat apples in case of an allergic reaction;
  • It is not recommended to eat more than 3 apples a day so that the stomach does not overload.

Grade characteristics

The variety was bred by chance

The selection history indicates that the Golden Apple tree was obtained as a result of the random crossing of the Red Hornet and Resistant species. It was held back in 1905 in Serbia. Due to the fact that the farmer Mullins was engaged in crossbreeding, the first time the Golden variety was the name of its creator as a name.

In the early 1940s the farmer has sold all the rights to this variety to Stark Gardens and is now considered the official producer. It began to be sold as additional material to the Red Rangers. Import of this variety to Russia began in the late 40s of the twentieth century.

Description of the tree and fruits

The description of the species indicates a small tree height. On average, it is only 2-2.5 m. The crown changes its shape depending on the age of the tree. Apple trees, whose age is 3-5 years, are characterized by a columnar shape. Adult trees that grow more than 5 years have a round crown.

Gold apple tree leaves are oval. The surface of the green leaf is smooth, with small notches along the edges.

Fruit Characteristic:

  • apples are medium in size - in rare cases, subject to all the rules of cultivation, they reach 200 g;
  • the peel is dense, smooth - when the fruits are fully ripe, a slight roughness appears;
  • the hue of the peel on the fruits can be either golden or light yellow, green apples are often found, and when exposed to active sunlight, a red blush appears;
  • to taste the fruits are sweet with a minimum amount of acid, a bit like Duchess sweets;
  • the flesh is juicy, with a tint of green, over time it acquires a creamy tint.

Common subspecies

The Golden variety has several clones. The most striking example of successful cloning is the Rangers. A distinctive feature of the variety is that the clone grows much higher (reaches 3-3.5 m). There are small dark dots on the fruits. The fruits are similar to the “progenitor, ” but there are no rusty spots on the Rangers.

Another no less popular variety is Golden Vladimirsky. This species was bred in Russia in the late 80s of the 20th century. The result was a Vladimir look as a result of crossing Antonovka and American. A distinctive feature of the variety is considered to be scab resistance.

Trees of Smith, a derivative of Golden, grow in all regions of the country. The fruits of this tree are characterized by a green tint without blush. Variety Delicious Smoothie is the most popular, which is justified by high yield and large fruit size (individual fruits reach a weight of 300 g).

The Millennium variety was bred in America as a result of the crossing of Resist and Smooty. The description indicates that these trees are characterized by a columnar shape. Ripe fruits look more presentable due to the fact that they have no spots and dots.

Advantages and disadvantages

The fruits are delicious

The advantages of the Gold apple include:

  • resistance to frost and drought;
  • fast fruit ripening;
  • the perfect combination of quality and taste;
  • apples are suitable for long-term storage;
  • resistance to bacterial diseases and pests;
  • used to create high-yielding hybrids.

The main disadvantages of this variety include low resistance to powdery mildew. If a large number of fruits are formed on the trees, their sizes are significantly reduced. A high crop appears periodically. The older the tree, the less fruit it produces.


During the first 5 years of growing this crop, about 30 kg of high-quality apples are harvested annually. After this period, yield indicators depend on the climate of the region where the crop is grown. They are affected by the quality of care.

The Golden variety is not able to pollinate on its own, so it needs to be planted next to such crops as Idared and Simirenko.

Winter hardiness

Golden variety is characterized by high resistance to frost. The culture is able to withstand temperature differences from -20 to -30 ° C, so it is suitable for planting in all regions of the country.

To increase the frost resistance of the Golden variety, additional care will be required. To do this, mulch the soil before winter with the help of humus. After that, the tree is covered with agrofiber. The most winter-hardy variety is considered a clone of the Golden apple tree - Goldspur, which was bred in Siberia.


Before planting, the gardener must determine how close groundwater is to the surface of the earth. Their optimal depth should be 2.5-3 m. Planting is best done in chernozems to obtain a better and more stable crop.

Landing should be carried out using a semi-dwarf stock. The distance between rows and seedlings should be at least 4 m, otherwise the crowns of neighboring trees will obscure each other, which will negatively affect the yield of the variety.

Considering the time of planting, note the dependence of this on the region of growth. If planting is carried out in the southern regions of the country (where the climate is temperate), seedlings are immersed in the ground in October. If you live in the north of the country, then landing work should be carried out in April - May.

Landing technology:

  • prepare a landing pit with a diameter of 1 m and a depth of 70 cm;
  • Dig it up 30 days before landing. At the same time, 100 g of superphosphate, 200 g of wood ash and 100 g of potassium are placed in the well. In a month, the earth will settle, and nutrients will penetrate the soil structure;
  • in the central part of the pit, a peg is installed and its lower part is cauterized. This reduces the risk of rotting the tree. The support should protrude 40 cm above the ground;
  • after a month, 1 kg of chernozem should be poured into the hole. The seedling is placed inside, and the root neck is left above the ground (at least 7 cm) to prevent decay. To keep the young tree in this position, it is tied to a support;
  • after that, about 30 liters of warm water are poured into the hole and sprinkled tightly on the ground.


Trees need to be provided with quality care.

Quality care significantly affects the development parameters and yield of the variety. It is important to provide the crop with watering, top dressing and pruning.

For the normal development of this species, it will be necessary to additionally plant a seedling, and an effective fight against pests and diseases will help to grow a healthy tree.


The regularity of irrigation directly affects the development of the Golden variety. To prevent the tree from cracking the fruit, in the first year after planting, the crop is watered only 3 times during the summer. Each tree should have 30 liters of warm water.

Every year, the frequency of watering is gradually increasing. In the 5th year of culture growth, it is watered 5 times during the summer. After each watering, you need to loosen the topsoil so that the crust does not form, and mulch the earth. For these purposes, humus is used.

Top dressing

In order for the Gold apple trees to be characterized by good development, fertilizers must be applied. To improve growth and good pollination of flowers, you need to make fertilizing from nitrogen. The best tool is ammonium nitrate (300 g per 1 tree).

If 200 g of superphosphate is added under each apple tree, this can improve the skin tone and increase the number of kidneys on which the fruits are formed. Pouring 20 l of potassium solution (300 g of potassium nitrate per 10 l of water) under the tree, you will contribute to the growth of young shoots.

Of organic fertilizers, manure should be preferred. Use it in the fall, before digging up a garden site. To do this, under each tree contribute 3 kg of unripe manure.


One of the main care methods is trimming. It is carried out annually, due to which fruiting occurs much earlier and productivity indicators increase. If pruning is correct, you will increase the life of the tree and protect it from frost.

For optimal development of the Golden variety, you need to alternate the pruning time. If in the first year it is carried out in the spring, then the next year it should be carried out in the fall. The main thing is to do this before the buds open in the tree.

First cut off the top shoot. This helps the apple tree to stop its growth and direct all nutrients to the formation of side shoots. Every year, the gardener must remove growth by shortening it by 1/3. Thanks to this, the development of branches on which the fruits are formed is stimulated.

Every year you need to thin out the crown, removing excess fruit and ovaries. This action will reduce the number of underdeveloped apples, which will be characterized by low indicators of taste. When the ovaries and fruits are formed, you need to remove the middle section. The distance between the beams should be 10 cm.

The higher the load on the tree, the lower the yield will be next year.

Vaccination Rules

Vaccination is best done in the spring (before the buds begin to bloom) exclusively by the “butt” method. Its essence is as follows:

  • collect the same cuttings with stock;
  • about 3 kidneys should form on the scion;
  • the scion and stock are divided into 2 parts by an oblique cut, a part of the scion is applied to a part of the stock and wrapped with elastic tape;
  • the upper part of the scion is cut off and treated with garden varieties, after which it is wrapped in a bag so that the shoots do not dry out;
  • with the appearance of the leaves, they remove the bag, put it on only at night.

Pest and Disease Control

Treatment helps maintain tree health

Despite the resistance of the Golden variety to disease, often signs of powdery mildew and scab appear on the trees. To eliminate the first, you need to spray every month with the help of the drug "Ridomil" (60 g per 4 liters of water). Against scab, it is advisable to use "Topaz" (50 g per 4 liters of water).

Of the most common pests, aphids, moths and buds are noted. It is necessary to fight them using chemical preparations. Best for these purposes is Oksikhom (30 g per 5 liters of water) or Skor (100 g per 5 liters of water).

Features of ripening and fruiting

The Golden apple variety is characterized by early ripening. The farmers harvest the first crop already in the 3rd year after planting.

From the first year, it is necessary to regulate the inflorescences.

Harvesting and storage of crops

It is necessary to start harvesting in the autumn. Depending on the region of cultivation, the fruits are harvested in September or October. First pick apples that have ripened. This will protect them from over-ripening and decay.

Gold apples can be stored under any conditions, even in the refrigerator. For 8 months, the fruits do not lose their taste, but it is best to store the crop on the balcony, there is the most optimal temperature for them.

Gardeners reviews

Due to the large number of advantages, gardeners leave positive reviews about Golden apples. Despite the small dimensions of the tree, it brings a good harvest every year. Positive reviews are explained by the unpretentiousness of the culture in care. She is able to adapt to weather changes without loss of crop.

The price for 1 seedling is about 120 rubles.

Growing apples of the Gold variety, you can be sure that in the fall you will collect a large number of high-quality fruits. If you supplement all the advantages of culture with timely care, even beginners in the field of gardening can boast a good harvest.


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