Girl's Three-Pointed Grapes

Grapevine is one of the grape family. It grows in the wild, and is also grown in artificial conditions.

Girl's Three-Pointed Grapes

Botanical characteristic

Three-pointed girl's grape - a tree-like liana, a winding woody plant with relatively thin stems. It grows 15-20 m long. Foliage of a three-lobed species, 10-20 cm long, has large teeth along the edges, a glossy surface.

Depending on the season, some types of plants change color. In summer, dark green with the onset of autumn becomes carmine red. At the ends of the antennae there are extensions in the form of a disk, with the help of which the plant clings to the bark and steep surface.

The second name of the vine is a girl's ivy-shaped grape.

This is a perennial plant. Its vegetation period totals about 157 days and covers the period from May 12 to October 15. Inflorescences are corymbose, small in size, pale, greenish-yellow. The flowering stage occurs in mid-June-early July.

Berries are formed without pollination, which is why grapes are called maiden, or virgin. The fruits of the maiden triangular creeper have a blue-black color, a surface with a wax coating. Berries in diameter grow to 6-8 mm, each weighing about 7 g, has 1-2 seeds. The fruits are inedible, used only for decorative purposes.


In nature, there are 3 varieties of girl's grapes:

  • Purple. Has purple leaves.
  • Golden There are golden blotches on the foliage.
  • Vicha. The most common in landscape design, changes the color of the foliage.


The main part of plants grows:

  • in China, including in the eastern provinces of Anhui, Hebei, Fujian and Henan, in the northeast region of Liaoning,
  • in Japan, including the islands of Hokkaido and Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu,
  • In Korea,
  • in Taiwan.

In Russia, the plant grows in the Primorsky Territory

In Russia, it is possible to see triangular grapevine on the southern side of the Primorsky Territory.

Preferred habitats in the environment are steep cliffs and cliffs on the sea coasts. With artificial cultivation, grapes are gas and smoke resistant.

Practical use

The plant has been cultivated since 1862. The main areas of practical use of triostrated grapes are traditional medicine and landscape design.

The medicine

It is believed that the plant has phytoncidal and antimicrobial properties, because it is planted to cleanse the air of microbes and used externally for inflammatory processes and violations of the integrity of the skin.

Landscape design

Girl's grapes are widely used in the decoration of garden plots, due to the bright dense foliage, frost resistance and active growth. The plant is able to increase the length to 3-5 m during one growing season.

It is used to decorate the walls of buildings, decorate garden arbors, fences. Grape shoots easily cling to any surface using natural suction cups with a sticky substance.

A variety of triangular vine girlish grapes Vinca has found wide application in the garden and park areas of the Krasnodar Territory, the Far Eastern region and many European countries.

If necessary, the vine is grown as a ground cover, while the plant grows up to 3 m wide, forming a dense living carpet up to 25 cm high on the surface of the earth. soil root system.


Maiden tripartite grapes are a variety of ivy tree-like vines. It is used in folk medicine and for decorative purposes.


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