Garlic planters

Most gardeners grow garlic in their area. This is an unpretentious culture in care, which always gives a good harvest. The taste of the product allows you to use it in many recipes, as well as use as a medicine. A garlic planter will facilitate planting in large areas.

Garlic planters

Principle of operation

A garlic planter is a simple appliance that consists of:

  • container for seedlings;
  • stars
  • gearbox;
  • cases and frames;
  • steering wheel in the form of 2 handles;
  • opener, which is responsible for the depth and width of the furrow;
  • chains.

The purpose of the garlic planter is to facilitate the planting of crops in medium and large areas. The principle of operation is the rotation of metal discs, which distribute garlic evenly into the soil. Depending on the dimensions of the units, such wheels can be from 1 to 4.

A container is installed on the body, into which the seedlings fall asleep. The furrow depth reaches 25 cm. At the same time, when the soil is loosened, the wheel grabs a clove and places it in the soil. For additional moisture, the garlic planter is equipped with a water tank.

The planting tool ensures even row spacing and seedling distribution. An important advantage is the same sowing depth for the entire plot.


Types of Garlic Planters:

  • hand held;
  • for walk-behind tractor;
  • for tractor and mini tractor;
  • pneumatic;
  • Chinese
  • universal (also used for potatoes and other crops).

Popular manufacturers:

  • Poltava;
  • Yarilo;
  • Centaur;
  • Premium
  • Star;
  • Damask steel.

Hand-held garlic planters are popular when used in small areas. The advantages are light weight, ease of construction and ease of use. Storage of a manual garlic planter does not require much space, and during operation, fuel is not needed, which makes it economical.

The disadvantage of using a manual garlic planter is the need for human effort. Also, the unit is less effective in comparison with other varieties.

Planters for walk-behind tractor

Landing by the motor-block additionally loosens the soil

The use of a garlic planter for a walk-behind tractor is suitable in middle areas. This type of planting further loosens the soil, which adds moisture and oxygen to the soil. Although the walk-behind tractor requires fuel, there is no need for human strength, and efficiency is also increased several times.

A garlic planter clings to the tractor when planting crops in large areas. Aggregates are available with several bodies to accelerate disembarkation. A popular variety is the 4-row garlic planter. Garlic sits in a dotted manner. Such a device is also used when planting potatoes.

Features of 4-row planters:

  • the need for prepared soil;
  • the use of calibrated seedlings;
  • container volume more than 8 l;
  • steady work on uneven ground;
  • the ability to adjust the landing pitch and depth.

Pneumatic planter

Using a pneumatic garlic planter requires more heavy equipment. The advantage of pneumatics is a more accurate and faster fit. The speed of the garlic planters reaches 4 km / h.

The principle of operation is a double-disc distribution system. The device is equipped with 20 holes in the vacuum and distribution circle, which accurately plant teeth.

Pneumatics adjust to the size of the seedlings and soil conditions. Each opener operates individually in floating or fixed mode. It is possible to adjust the height of the hull and the depth of landing.

Do it yourself

The advantages of a self-made garlic planter are:

  1. Cheapness. A simple unit is assembled from unnecessary pieces of metal with additionally purchased parts, the price of which is chosen independently.
  2. Convenience. The dimensions of the device are selected based on personal preferences, and auxiliary segments are also equipped. The gardener chooses the number of containers, the height of the control handle and the number of wheels.
  3. Universality. The device is made with the possibility of planting other crops by making removable interchangeable parts.

Drawings for manufacture are selected based on the preferred design. The main details are a metal frame, a shaft, a coulter, a chain and a container for culture.

The capacity for seedlings is equipped with a double bottom. A plate is inserted between them, moving which regulate the landing speed. The plate and the bottom should have holes that match each other.


High-quality units are produced both in the CIS countries, and in Poland, China, etc., the drawings are almost identical. Such planters help only when planting crops, but a good harvest requires regular care of the plants.

To successfully grow garlic, you should choose the best soil and lighted area. The culture does not require constant watering, but it does not tolerate weeds growing nearby.


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