The functionality of a quail perching machine

Today, the cultivation and sale of quail is considered a very profitable business. But in order to still make a profit, you need to create all the conditions for this. After slaughter of a feathered bird, you need to clean the carcass of feathers, and this process is very long and scrupulous. But the world is developing, and with it the technology, so today there are many different devices that can help with this issue. One of them is a quail feathering machine.

DIY quailing machine

A bit of history

The quail perching machine is a progressive product, thanks to which you can save time and energy. Many scientists are still struggling to achieve the ideal. Today they have achieved the fact that almost every poultry breeder has such a machine at home, because you can make it yourself at home.

There are two types of peroschipalny machines:

  • casual;
  • production.

The difference between them is that the production machine is always very large, usually it can only be found in factories, since it is suitable only to process more than 500 carcasses per day - such a pick-up machine is not needed for farmers who are modest in economy.

A do-it-yourself quailing machine is a very lightweight unit that is suitable for people who keep a not too large yard. Such an apparatus consists of a plastic form, which resembles a cylinder, inside it there are special protrusions, thanks to which the bird is cleaned. One unit can clean several carcasses at once. Everything will depend on what the bottom will be.

Why is it needed?

It often happens that the owners of their house or a small summer cottage begin to think about their own small household, and, of course, the first thing they want to get is a poultry. But not everyone realizes that this entails, because it all starts with the purchase of the baby, and ends with cleaning the carcass from feathers.

Carcass cleaning is perhaps the most complex process associated with keeping livestock. Because of this, beginners are trying to come up with something of their own, to realize some innovative ideas. Often, it all ends with the fact that they spoil the presentation of the carcass and the meat itself. To avoid such situations, they came up with a car that itself removes feathers from carcasses. Typically, a pick-up machine is expensive, so many people prefer to make it with their own hands.

How does the cleaning process go

The apparatus is taken as a basis - a centrifuge, and he himself fills the container with water, exactly as much as he needs. By means of water and a centrifuge the bird is cleared of feathers and possible dirt.

After the feathers have been removed everything leaves through a special compartment. Any device that is created with a smooth surface, almost all the materials from which the device is made, have antibacterial bases.

How to make such a device yourself

The most important thing in such a device is the “fingers”. During the "cycle", the carcass of the bird clings to the fingers, thus getting rid of feathers. Even if you try to do it manually, it will not work just as well, and you will also have to spend 2-3 hours when the machine can cope in 30-40 seconds. The device itself is very expensive, it will be simpler and easier to do it yourself. What is needed to create such an aggregate?

  1. Make drawings.
  2. To find something resembling a cylinder in shape, it is desirable that this object is made of plastic. This will be the basis of the product - the drum. You can also use materials made of metal. The proportions of the drum should be as follows: in height 75-80 cm, not higher, and in radius - 65-70 cm. If you want to make the machine bigger, then the proportions are as follows: height - 2 m, and girth around - 170-180 cm.
  3. Take into account the thickness of the material chosen. If a metal base is selected, then its thickness should not be more than 1.3 mm. There were times when they used a drum from a washing machine.
  4. Make holes in the finger drum. Between the holes should be a distance of 2.5-3 cm, they should occupy 1/3 of the total area.
  5. Correctly calculate the power of the pick-up machine, since if the power is strong, the body will hit its fingers, while its presentation will be damaged. To avoid this situation, you must carefully and carefully watch how the machine is created.
  6. Ensure a stable position for the scraper: under its base, it is necessary to put a wooden level stand so that it can withstand the strong impacts of the drum.
  7. Be sure to check that the bottom of the machine is in precise contact with the system, which is responsible for the rotation of the drum.
  8. Bring water to the car and make an entrance for it and exit. This will help in the process of cleaning the entire device.

You can find a video on the Internet that will also tell you step by step how to create a device, what is needed for this, what is the principle of its operation.

How will a homemade unit work

The unit should start working immediately after the plug is inserted into the outlet. The first thing that starts to rotate is the lower part of the system, while the carcass itself will be turned over and over again, which will be “grabbed” by fingers, and they will rid the body of feathers. Fingers are best made from environmentally friendly rubber. At the same time, the body is poured with very hot water, which does not harm the feathered skin and its structure.

Hot water washes the carcass and flushes feathers from it, while removing dirt and disinfecting. After 30 seconds, the carcasses will be processed and ready for sale. If done manually, the process will take more than one hour. In the end, it remains to check how the whole system works, first without carcasses, and then with them. You must be careful and careful when creating the device, carefully draw up drawings. There is nothing complicated in making a car yourself. The scavenger is a real helper for poultry breeders.


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