Fruits and berries

Grape processing in early spring

Processing grapes in the spring from diseases and various parasites is one of the mandatory procedures in care. After all, spring is the season of activation of pathogenic microflora. In our article we will tell you how to deal with diseases and pests of grapes, in what terms and with what preparations

Grape planting in spring

Growing grapes is a painstaking process that requires knowledge and skills. The growth and fruiting of seedlings depends on proper planting. Planting grapes in the spring involves observing a number of rules. Step-by-step instructions for planting grapes in open ground will be useful for beginner growers

Rules for planting grapes with cuttings in spring

Planting grapes with cuttings in spring is one of the best ways to grow this plant. But the processes must be properly prepared so that they take root. Rules for planting grapes with cuttings in spring Preparation of cuttings for planting in the ground Before you start planting cuttings, they are properly prepared

Uncovering grapes in spring

Grapes - a capricious plant that requires attention. You need to know exactly how to care for the seedlings, how to water and crop them. Opening grapes in spring is a mandatory procedure, which depends on the climate and weather conditions. Uncovering grapes in spring Features of the disclosure of grapes in spring Grape care procedures vary by variety

Processing grapes with copper sulphate in spring

After winter, the weather is not always stable. Temperature jumps create favorable conditions for the development of fungal diseases. Processing grapes with copper sulphate in spring is one of the main care points at this stage of crop development. This procedure helps to save the crop. Processing grapes with copper sulphate in spring About copper sulfate In another way, the drug is called "copper sulfate

For what reasons grapes cry in spring

The flow of juice from the slices of grapes during the onset of spring is a natural process. However, sometimes grapes cry in the spring and due to problems in the development of the plant. In this case, the secretion of juice is excessive. For what reasons grapes cry in spring Norms of allocation Pasoka is allocated in the spring, its duration on average is from 10 to 30 days

Vine grafting rules in spring

Using various methods of propagation of grapes, you can not only affect the development of the culture, but even save the variety after damage to the stem. The most important event is grafting in the spring. Vine grafting rules in spring Why in the spring grapes are planted The importance of grafting grapes in spring is due to a large number of benefits

Features of a grape garter in the spring

In order for the grapes to grow and actively develop, it is important to arrange appropriate conditions for it. Garter of grapes in the spring is a necessary procedure. Tying affects crop health and yield. Features of a grape garter in the spring Why tie up grapes Garter is a mandatory agricultural technique in the process of growing grapes

How to feed grapes in spring

Proper and regular feeding of grapes helps to grow healthy, strong bushes, as well as get a good and high-quality berry crop. In the article we will consider how top dressing of grapes is made in spring, with what preparations and in what terms. Topping grapes in spring Types of Feeding The main care and cultivation of this crop involves a balanced diet

Grapes and spring frosts

Poor climatic conditions can become an obstacle to the successful cultivation of grapes. Grapes and spring frosts are incompatible. Therefore, gardeners often have to look for effective ways to protect and restore plants from the harmful effects of low temperature. Grapes and spring frosts The danger of frost for grapes Spring is not only a time of plant awakening, but also a dangerous time of a drop in temperature indicators

Rules for the propagation of grapes by cuttings in the spring

Propagation of grapes by cuttings in spring is the most productive way. Saplings planted in the ground at this time of the year are less sick. Plants not grown by layering or grafting have better survival. They also bear fruit faster. Rules for the propagation of grapes by cuttings in the spring Procurement of material Grape cuttings should be prepared in the fall

Features of pruning grapes in spring

A good yield of grapes depends on the quality of the implementation of care measures. One of the most important procedures is pruning grapes in spring. The condition of the vine, as well as the quality and quantity of the crop, depends on how it is carried out. Features of pruning grapes in spring The Importance of Pruning Grapes Grapes love warmth and sun

How and when to plant grapes in early spring

Planting of perennial and annual plants takes place at a certain time of the year, so that the rhizome takes root more quickly, and the green part of the plant starts to grow rapidly. Planting grapes with seedlings in the spring is quick and without complications, if you prepare the soil, choose a planting place and provide the seedling with proper care

Fighting the scale shield on grapes

Grape shoots attract many pests that threaten the future harvest. These include the scale shield on the grapes. She feeds on plant juices, which leads to lower yields, and sometimes to complete drying of the vine. Fighting the scale shield on grapes How to recognize a scab Scutellum is a small insect 0

Cultivation of Alex grapes

In each region, garden crops are planted that will yield a rich harvest, using soil, water resources and adapting to climate conditions. The same conditions are relevant for planting vines. Alex grapes is one of the most common varieties for climatic zones with a large temperature difference. Cultivation of Alex grapes Grape characteristics The Alex grape variety was bred in a hybrid way by crossing the European Delight variety and the American Biruin

Grapes dry berries and wither brushes

Berries in grapes dry and wither for a number of reasons. Their determination and elimination allows you to return productivity to the proper level. Grapes dry berries and wither brushes Reasons for drying Choosing a variety for cultivation, based on its parameters: fruit ripening dates; resistance to diseases and cold; growing region

What is useful white grapes

The grapevine is popular due to the beneficial substances contained in the fruits. One of the most common types of culture is white grapes. It covers almost 50% of all cultivated varieties. The benefits of white grapes White grape characteristic Vines are grown all over the world. White grapes are appreciated for their taste: they are used in winemaking, in the manufacture of raisins, they are used fresh, for conservation, in the cosmetic industry

Description of grapes Pearls Clogs

Grapes Pearls Szabo has several other names. In each country it is different. A distinctive feature of this variety is that it gives high yields, regardless of the region of growth. Description of grapes Pearls Clogs Variety Features According to the description, the Szabo Pearl variety was bred at the end of the 20th century by Hungarian breeders

Autumn grape processing

Grapes are a popular culture among gardeners. Its fruits are used in cooking, medicine and winemaking. The plant is demanding care and does not tolerate cold. In order for the bush to survive the winter normally, processing of grapes in autumn is required. It includes trimming and chemical processing

Lack of flowering and fruit in grapes

For an experienced gardener, growing vines is not a difficult task. The longevity of this plant allows you to take the right steps to get a generous harvest. But there are times when grapes do not bloom. Then you should identify the cause and adjust the care. Lack of flowering and fruit in grapes Rules for growing grapes To get the desired result, the gardener must observe several rules for growing vines

Methods of propagation of grapes layering

Reproduction of grapes by layering will increase the area of ​​the vineyard due to the increase in the number of vine bushes and includes several methods. Methods of propagation of grapes layering The essence of layering Grape layering - a stalk split from the uterine bush, rooted after its digging and acting as a seedling for subsequent propagation. A

Description grape raisins Aksaysky

Aksaysky raisins are considered the most popular type of this culture. The main advantages are high yield, resistance to gray rot, high transportability and good taste of fruits. The culture is suitable for universal use. Description grape raisins Aksaysky Main characteristics Aksay Vinogradd raisins was obtained by crossing two varieties (Victoria × raisins Novocherkassk).

Characteristics of Parisian grapes

Parisian grapes belong to frost-resistant crops. Gardeners prefer to grow it on their site, because it is not exposed to negative environmental factors (frost or excessive sunlight), therefore it is able to bear fruit in all regions of the country, even northern ones. Characteristics of Parisian grapes Grade characteristics The Parisian grape variety was bred at the beginning of the 21st century

Description of Venus Grapes

People were engaged in vineyards in ancient times, so useful and tasty fruit was relevant especially in ancient Greece and Babylon. Venus grapes are a great view for wine lovers and just lovers of ripe and juicy grapes. This variety is unpretentious in cultivation and care. Description of Venus Grapes general characteristics The Venus grape variety was bred in North America in the 60-70s of the last century and is still popular among gardeners in many countries of the world

Description of Variegated grapes

Colorful grapes are one of the new varieties. It ripens early and is unpretentious in leaving, but in order to get a good crop, you need to follow some rules for growing it. Description of Variegated grapes Grade characteristics The grape variety Pestry was brought up by breeder Gusev S.E. It was received as a result of crossing Kishmish radiant and the Talisman

What pests and diseases of grapes exist

Cultivation of a vineyard is a matter requiring knowledge and skills. At different stages of growth and development, from the time of planting a seedling to the time of fruiting, various diseases and pests of grapes are found. Most often, their appearance is associated with improper care of the culture

Characteristics of Supaga grapes

Among the variety of varieties, Supaga grapes are unpretentious and frost-resistant. Suitable for growing even novice gardeners. Refers to early ripening species. In addition to the use of fruits, the culture is planted for decorative purposes in landscape design. Characteristics of Supaga grapes Grade characteristics Obtained by crossing varieties Dvietes Zila and Madeleine Anzhevin

Characteristic Dixon Grapes

Dixon grapes are a relatively new variety that has already gained public recognition. The main advantages are high yields and resistance to frost. Suitable for cultivation in all regions of the country. Characteristic Dixon Grapes Grade characteristics The Dixon grape variety was bred in Russia at the beginning of 2014

Grape growing Lilac Fog

Despite the fact that every year a large number of varieties of grape culture appears on the market, the Lilac Mist grapes do not give up their popularity positions, because it is not whimsical to care for, it gives high yields. Grape growing Lilac Fog general characteristics To obtain grapes of the Lilac Fog variety, several similar varieties were crossed - Cherry Rizomat and Keshu

Description of Lorano Grapes

Lorano grapes received the main popularity for the beauty of their clusters and the unusualness of the berries. If you decide to plant this crop on your plot, do not hesitate to collect high yields. This variety is unpretentious in care, which greatly facilitates the process of growing. Description of Lorano Grapes General characteristics Lorano grapes were bred in Ukraine

Ataman grape cultivation

Summer is a season of sweet fruits and berries, not only tasty but also healthy. Fruits grown on their own plot enhance these properties. Ataman grapes have been successfully grown by our country's gardeners for many years. Ataman grape cultivation general characteristics Ataman hybrid table variety was bred for cultivation in the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine

Description of grape Korinka Russian

Early ripe varieties are popular for providing a stable crop. Grapes Korinka Russian refers to frost-resistant varieties. The variety is resistant to diseases that are transmitted between horticultural crops. Description of grape Korinka Russian Grape characteristics The culture has a high yield, which does not depend on weather conditions - even in rainy summers you can harvest a good crop from a bush

Flowering grape care

The flowering of grapes is a special period that determines the quantity and quality of the future harvest. How much care was taken at the stage of formation and opening of the buds depends on how many ovaries the vine will give. Flowering grape care Flowering time The calendar dates when the vineyard blooms, and the duration of the period of disclosure of inflorescences directly depend on weather conditions

Description of grape variety Souvenir

Grapes Souvenir - a hybrid that is characterized by high yields and resistance to sudden changes in temperature. A popular variety is transported over long distances and does not lose its presentation. Tasty clusters are consumed raw and are used to make fortified juices. Other names of the variety are Vaskovsky or Russian Souvenir

Description of Jaguar grape

Grapes Jaguar refers to the early crops that yield crops already in early July. This variety is considered ideal for those who want to harvest a large crop and not spend much time caring for the plant. Description of Jaguar grape general characteristics Jaguar grapes are classified as first-generation hybrids

Description of the First-Called Grapes

The first-called grapes are obtained by crossing the Talisman and the radiant Kish-Mish. Due to its quality characteristics quickly won the love of winegrowers professionals and amateurs. Description of the First-Called Grapes Characteristic The first-called grape variety belongs to the table, hybrid, superearly, with a highly developed vine

Growing Ilya grape varieties

For the cultivation of grapes in any region, the key is the right choice of variety and proper care of the plant. There are grapevines that are ideal even for an inexperienced gardener. These include the Ilya grapes. Growing Ilya grape varieties Grape characteristics According to the description, the Ilya grape variety was bred by breeders of the research center VNIIViV named after Ya

Description of grapes Gift to Irina

Every year the number of new grape varieties increases. Not all of them are characterized by high rates of yield and disease resistance, so gardening critics do not recommend them for planting. Grapes Gift to Irina refers to those crops that have received positive reviews and are suitable for growing in gardens

Description of Pharaoh grape variety

The Pharaoh grape variety is a new hybrid with an unusual pleasant taste, for which gardeners love it so much. The breeder Pavlovsky created this species by combining two grapes - the Gift of Zaporozhye and Strashensky. Pharaoh’s grape has been recently bred, therefore it is at the testing stage. Description of Pharaoh grape variety Grade characteristics This variety is appreciated for quick adaptation to the terrain.

The main properties of grapes White raisins

Some of the varieties of grape culture came to us from the countries of the East and Asia. One of these is White Kishmish grapes. This is a dessert variety with juicy pulp and small seeds. The main properties of grapes White raisins Grape characteristics In vivo White raisins cannot be found. The absence of seeds does not allow the variety to reproduce on its own