French ram rabbits

In 1850, as a result of crossing the English lop-eared rabbit and the Flemish giant, the scientists bred a new breed called the French Baran. The English lop-eared rabbit was bred by a natural mutation of the auricle, which then became a characteristic feature of this breed. The Flemish giant, on the contrary, was large, which influenced the results of the crossing of 2 representatives. French Baran is an animal of rather large sizes, which quickly gains weight, is unpretentious to food and conditions.

Rabbit breed French Ram

The adult representative of the genus reaches 4-8 kg, is famous for its shiny smooth hair, has an unusual shape of the ears.

Lop-eared rabbits quickly gained popularity, and in 1870 became known throughout Europe. The countries of the European Union have gained popularity due to the breeding of several species of French Ram.

Lop-eared were previously considered exotic animals, thanks to their hanging ears and a round massive head. At present, everyone can keep these animals. French Baran is a rabbit that looks very cute both in the photo and in life.


It is believed that the French Baran breed rabbit is one of the most peaceful and friendly animals. Lop-eared pets get along well with children and pets.


French rabbits are often compared with rams. All because of their appearance: hanging ears, a muzzle of a round shape, a nose with a fungus very much resemble the muzzle of a ram.

For lop-eared rabbits, the following features are characteristic:

  • weight about 10 kg;
  • muzzle round with a convex forehead, voluminous cheeks, stand out against the general background, nose with a hump;
  • the ear has an unusual structure: it hangs on the sides of the muzzle, each ear about 50 cm long and 10-17 cm wide;
  • the body of animals is quite large, with a hollow chest, the legs are large and strong, the length of the body can reach 60-70 cm;
  • the back sags a little, has an elongated shape;
  • the fur is thick and soft, can be dyed in different colors.

Baran has an unusual structure of the ears. The French Baran rabbit hears almost nothing due to abnormally formed auricles. If, when buying a very small animal, it is noticeable that the ears have the usual shape and are not lowered, you should not be scared: a change in the structure of the ears begins only at 6 weeks after birth.

The characteristic claims that the French Sheep can have a very different color. The colors are so bright and beautiful that every animal lover can find a pet to taste. Rabbits can be white, gray, black, blue, spotted and motley.

The most valuable colors of fur are variegated and madagascar.

French rams are increasingly being bred for household purposes.

Upon reaching the age of 3-4 months they are slaughtered and get several kilograms of meat, high-quality fur. Many breed rabbits for the purpose of further sale of rare and young animals. Such a thoroughbred animal is sold on average for 800-1000 rubles.

In order for the rabbit to be guaranteed to buy, you need to carefully and responsibly treat the breed and choose the parents. Before acquiring a pet, you need to see photos and videos of the French Ram, as well as familiarize yourself with the description.


Cases are performed upon reaching the following age: in females - at 9 months, in males - at 5-6 months. During meetings, you should not allow the mating of animals of different breeds and subspecies, because subsequently you get rabbits with an irregular shape of the ears, making them unsuitable for sale or procreation. For breeding, you must carefully select a partner for rabbits. The animals should be of the same species, have regular long ears located on the sides, the weight of the rabbits should be within 5 kg.

Obese animals reproduce poorly. For mating, the female is placed with the male and wait about 7 days.

The female carries children on average 30 days. In one litter there can be 4-7 rabbits. If 12 animals are born, it is more difficult for a female to feed offspring. The lop-eared rabbits are responsible mothers; they do not eat their young, but carefully take care of them. After 3 years, the females are usually not taken for mating, as they often die during childbirth. Breeding of rabbits French Baran should be carried out by experienced breeders, then with the right approach it will be possible to get a purebred breed.


The rabbit loves to eat and is able to chew weed throughout the day. For this reason, pets are gaining excess weight, as a result of breeding French sheep becomes impractical. Greens, dandelion, nettle and plantain are used as food. It is best to collect herbs, vegetables and fruits in your garden, as purchased goods can be stuffed with chemicals to extend the shelf life. In winter, fed hay, vegetables.

It is permissible for rabbits to give the following products:

  • broccoli;
  • potatoes;
  • beets;
  • cucumbers
  • carrot.

The diet also includes cereals, compound feeds and fruits. Care must be taken when feeding animals, as rabbits tend to have digestive problems. Fresh vegetables and fruits need to be fed in small portions. It is forbidden to feed rotten and spoiled food, as well as give beans, tomatoes, cabbage, salad or rhubarb.

Feeding is carried out 2-3 times a day in fractional portions. Throughout the day, animals should have fresh and drinking water at room temperature.

Care and maintenance

Due to the large size of the pets, it is customary to keep them in a suitable room. It is not recommended to keep animals in cages with a mesh floor, since the mesh bottom rubs the tender legs of animals. In whatever enclosures or rooms pets live, it is important for all of them to observe certain conditions. The feeders should be metal, the drinkers should be nickel so that the animals could not inadvertently turn or gnaw them.

There should not be extra parts in the cells that could damage the ears of rabbits. Animals must be kept warm. Aviaries should be carefully protected from the sun and moisture, always clean, without unnecessary items. To prevent rabbits from chewing on the wooden walls of enclosures or cages, spruce branches are placed in their feeders. So they sharpen their teeth without spoiling their home.

Cage placement

The breed prefers to live in spacious rooms where several individuals can be raised without prejudice to animals. The rabbits really like to share the space, because in this case they have someone to play with, and they are not at all bored. Due to the tendency to corns and pododermatitis, you should not make a cage with a mesh floor or walls. It is best to use smooth surfaces for the cell. Pregnant females and males should be placed separately.

For one pet, the size of the cage should not be less than 0.9 × 0.8 × 0.6 m, and for those waiting for offspring of females - not less than 1.2 × 0.8 × 0.7 m.

Pets prefer to dig minks, so it will not be superfluous to install a pallet. French ram rabbits are afraid of the cold - it is important to maintain the temperature in the cells all year round. Sometimes farmers place cages for sheep in a greenhouse, where they maintain the temperature with the help of heaters. Hay is spreading at the bottom of the cells, otherwise there is a risk that the animals will freeze their feet.


Lop-eared rabbits are affectionate and loving animals, calm and unpretentious in care. Thanks to their well-developed intelligence, they are easy to train. Little children love animals, love to stroke their soft fur. The animals are harmless, easily get along with other domestic inhabitants. Since French rams are nocturnal animals, they become sleepy during the day, while by evening the peak of their activity increases.

Pets can be placed in special enclosures. Before you put the rabbit in the aviary, you need to take a centimeter and measure the room. If the cell does not meet the necessary standards, the maintenance and breeding of sheep will slow down. Sometimes pets are allowed to run out of their enclosures under the strict control of their owners. It is necessary to ensure that the animal does not accidentally injure its ears on furniture. Under proper conditions of keeping, rams can live about 7 years.

Disease and Vaccination

French sheep have a weak immune system, often suffer from diseases of the digestive system. Quite often, the ears and paws of animals are injured. It is forbidden to place animals on a metal mesh floor or on a fleecy carpet, as this contributes to the appearance and development of pododermatitis. Often animals have painful corns on the pads of their paws, so you need to carefully monitor the condition of the pallet, change the hay and insulate the enclosure.

The rabbit's ears are often fixed above the head with special clamps to avoid possible frostbite and injury. When breeding French sheep, it is important not to forget about regular vaccinations and other measures for the prevention of infectious diseases. It is recommended that all pets be shown to the veterinarian for a routine examination once every 6-12 months.


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