Fighting the scale shield on grapes

Grape shoots attract many pests that threaten the future harvest. These include the scale shield on the grapes. She feeds on plant juices, which leads to lower yields, and sometimes to complete drying of the vine.

Fighting the scale shield on grapes

How to recognize a scab

Scutellum is a small insect 0.5-5 mm in size, with a semicircular or oblong carapace. She settles on woody plants. The color of the shield is diverse: white, gray, orange, brown, black - it depends on the species.

Signs of presence

The initial signs of the appearance of the pest on the grapes are rounded or oblong scales on the foliage with an oily bloom.

Often, grapes are affected by a pseudoscutum, which settles on the underside of grape foliage.

Places of occurrence of insects depend on their varieties:

  • Californian look and brown scalefish settle on the upper side of the leaf blade,
  • palm prefers to live on the underside of leaves,
  • the olive variety can be seen on the stems and leaf veins.

Harm from scale insects

The main harm to grapes is caused by females and larvae that feed on grape juice, taking nutrients from the plant, weakening it and slowing its growth. As a result, foliage and fruits wither in the vine.

Insects produce a sticky liquid - a pad (honey dew), on which a sooty fungus appears and actively develops, clogging the airways of the plant, which further worsens the state of the garden culture.

Chemicals in the fight against scale insects

In the fight against pests, insecticides are used. They spray the vine.


The emulsion concentrate with the active substance pyriproxyphene has a narrowly targeted effect and is effective against California scale insects. It leads to changes in the development of the pest. Applicable in spring and summer.


This is an insecticidal preparation of systemic exposure to the active substance thiamethoxam. It has a wide range of applications, it is effective when applied to the soil, reaching the upper parts of the plant when watering for 3 days, and when spraying, penetrating the foliage cells per day.

It has an intestinal contact effect on Aktar’s shield, leading to their death within a day after the insect enters the body. The drug is used in warm weather. It is compatible with other insecticides.


Insecticides help get rid of pests

Actellik is a non-systemic drug with the pyrimifo-methyl insecticidal substance. It has a wide range of applications. It has an intestinal contact effect on the pest, leading to death 3 hours after use by spraying. The effectiveness of the protection lasts up to 20 days.

Confidor Extra

This is an insecticidal granular preparation of the systemic type with the active substance imidacloprid. The pest has an intestinal contact effect, entering the body of an insect through spraying. The effectiveness of the protection is 30 days.


Systemic insecticidal preparation of a wide range of applications with the active substance dithiophosphoric acid. It acts contact-intestinally. It is applied by spraying. It remains effective for 20 days.

Folk methods of combating scale insects

The use of folk remedies in the fight against scale insects on grapes has a lower efficiency compared to chemicals, but is safer for gardening.

Mechanical method

Harmful insects from grape leaves and stems are cleaned with a rag or toothbrush, previously moistened with a soap, kerosene or alcohol solution. The disadvantage of the mechanical method of struggle is the complexity and low efficiency, because the processing has to be repeated several times.


The affected vine is sprayed with a soap solution (10 g tar oil per 1 liter of water) or wood ash (300 g ash powder is boiled in 1 liter of water for half an hour).

Effective properties have decoctions of celandine and fern:

  • 3 kg of celandine are infused in 10 l of water during the day, the affected plantings are sprayed with a filtered solution,
  • 1 kg of fern is infused per day in 10 l of water, after which it is boiled for half an hour, cooled and filtered, used for spraying.

From vine plantings of harmful insects repel onions and hot peppers:

  • 4 onions are chopped, insisted in 1 liter of water for 4 hours, filtered and used for spraying,
  • 100 g of chopped bitter pepper is boiled in 1 liter of water for 15 minutes, then insisted for 1 day, filtered and a working solution is made and calculate 10 ml of concentrate per 1 liter of water.

Agricultural technology

Agrotechnical measures involve fighting by reducing the number of irrigations, because the scale shield likes high humidity.

Prevention against scale insects

Among the preventive measures that can prevent the appearance of insects on vineyards, the following are distinguished:

  • after harvesting in the fall and at the onset of spring, the soil is dug up, fertilizer complexes are introduced, dry branches and branches are trimmed, root shoots are removed;
  • before shelter for the winter, the bark is cleaned of moss and lichen, subsequently treated with a solution based on tar soap.


Scale shield causes significant damage to grapes, eating the plant's juices, stopping its growth and leading to wilting. From insects on grapes, chemical insecticides, alternative methods and preventive measures help.


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