Features of Uheilui Chickens

There are birds with average productivity. They have a number of features, for example, an unusual egg color or an exotic appearance, which attracts poultry farmers and farmers. But hens Uheyilyuy is 2 in 1: their exterior is very unusual, and productivity is also up to par. Eggs are used in alternative medicine, and meat is distinguished by taste. Translation of the name of the breed - "5 black, 1 green." These black chickens carry green eggs, which makes the species unique.

Breed of hens Uheilui

Breed description

The color of the plumage is black, when exposed to light gives a green tint. The head, scallop and lobes are dark purple. The eyes are black. Scallop in the form of a leaf, may have about 5-6 points.

Uheyilyu refers to lightweight chickens. His body is compact, turning into a fluffy tail. The chest is well developed. The bird can fly if necessary: ​​a height of more than 2 m for Uheiliuy hens is easily overcome.

An adult rooster can weigh up to 1.9 kg, a female - 1.5 kg.

This breed includes chickens with the following disadvantages:

  • Low egg production. If a chicken gives less than 150 eggs per year, then it belongs to defective birds of this species.
  • The eggs are not green. Even if they are blue, blue or turquoise, it is still considered a marriage: the Uheilui standard carries exclusively green eggs.
  • Not the black color of the plumage. Purebred chicken Uheilui has no other colors than black with a green overflow.


The chickens are calm. They are sociable and easily get along with other breeds. They get used to a person quickly, but only with a good attitude on his part. They are easily afraid of a sharp noise, screams.

It is extremely important to ensure maximum safety for pets: the enclosure must be covered with a metal mesh.

Roosters always defend their females if they feel threatened. Chinese chickens are very mobile: they like outdoor activities, so they need space.


In the first year of life, a chicken is able to bring about 170 eggs. The minimum quantity is 150 pcs. per year, while one egg weighs almost 50 g. However, the value does not consist in the number of eggs or their weight, but in the characteristic. Yolk and protein are easily absorbed in the human body. Protein is very useful: in addition to protein, it has vitamins A, B, E, as well as zinc and iodine compounds.

Uheiluyu chicken egg has a quantity of amino acids more than 9 times higher than that contained in a normal egg. The yolk is about 9% larger than the yolk of eggs of ordinary breeds. Green eggs are recognized by the medicine as the most useful. They contribute to the treatment of diseases such as anorexia nervosa, pica. The egg affects the increase of immunity, as well as the growth of the child's body. The meat products are small, but the distinctive taste keeps the carcass in the top of the most delicious chickens.

Conditions of detention and care

Chinese hens Uheilui Breeds are demanding of living conditions, but efforts are worth the result. In order to ensure the normal productivity and development of birds, you need to follow simple rules.

  1. Plus temperature. The temperature should not fall below zero at any time of the year. Uheyilyuy are warm-blooded birds that do not tolerate cold, but heat also negatively affects their health. The optimum value is 15 ° C.
  2. House cleanliness. Hens are demanding on the cleanliness of their home - the floor should be covered with straw, dry grass or sawdust, which periodically change.
  3. Free range. A prerequisite for the normal maintenance of Chinese Wuheilui is free-range, where they can find green succulent feed and herbs that the farmer periodically falls asleep there.
  4. Swimming in the sand. Be sure to build an indentation for swimming in the enclosure, and then fill it with sand or ash. Bathing is not just a pleasure for chickens, but also a method of combating parasites.


Greens and succulent feed should be at least 65% of the total diet. During free walking, Wuheiluy perfectly obtain their own food. They love green grass, as well as grated vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, beets. Fruits must also be included in complementary foods.

Pure fresh drinking water should be available around the clock. Concentrated feed, minerals should also always be in the feeders. Compound feed and a mixture of different grains must be present all year round. There should be variety in food. Otherwise, the unique composition of the egg will lose its benefits, the taste of meat will change for the worse.


Uheiliuy hens are good hens. Their egg productivity begins after six months of life. Maternal instinct is possessed not only by females, but also by males, which can easily replace chickens for hatching eggs. Breeding is not a problem if you follow the principles of normal bird keeping. Fertility is about 95%; the survival rate of Uheiliu chickens is also not lower than 95%.

Chicks up to three months of age are fearful in nature and constantly need the protection of their mother. Closer to 4 months they become more courageous and calm. In order to achieve high quality breeding, to exclude marriage, it is necessary to try so that fertilization comes from different lines of chickens. Otherwise, the health of future young animals will be in doubt. To breed chickens of this breed and have a guarantee of purebred Wuheiluy, it is worth buying eggs in China.

Baby Care

How to organize care? Chinese chickens are born completely black. They do not develop very quickly, they fledge at the same average speed. At the age of 2 months, females weigh about 450 g, and males weigh a little more than 750 g. In order to grow birds with the least damage, it is necessary to adhere to some principles.

  1. Lack of drafts. Draft is something that should not be in any case. Chicks are very sensitive to winds.
  2. Moderate temperature. Sudden changes in temperature are detrimental to chickens.
  3. Transportation. Chinese chickens under the age of a week do not tolerate trips of any kind, so it is better to wait a bit to avoid losses.
  4. Feeding. Green eggs of the same breed must be present in the diet of young animals. Boiled yolk is mixed with semolina or corn grits. Also, greens and cottage cheese are included in the diet, which is important for any growing bird.
  5. Vaccination. Vaccination in a veterinary clinic is a prerequisite for normal breeding of birds. These are brought hens from other countries, and in order to help them adapt and protect against all kinds of diseases, timely vaccination is necessary.
  6. Vitamins and minerals. Already at this age, the birds need chalk and other minerals that favorably affect the digestive tract of the growing organism. Vitamins are purchased at special veterinary clinics or at pet stores.
  7. Drink. Young animals should consume water in such quantities as the body dictates, so water should be contained in large quantities. Drinking containers must be cleaned every day with great care, without the use of chemical detergents. The purity of the water must be perfect. The farmer is obliged to monitor this so as not to lose the chicks.

Proper maintenance, feeding and care are 3 main components of future success in breeding these beautiful birds. It is necessary to do everything correctly, and they will thank with good productivity.


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