Features grape Marshal Foch

There are 2 versions of the origin of the Marshal Forsh grape. Some say that he is Riparia, crossed with a variety of Rupestris 101-14 and Goldriesling. Others write that it was obtained from Oberlin 595 and the Goldriesling variety. Grapes Marshal Foch is ripe, characterized by active growth and excellent ripening of shoots.

Features grape Marshal Foch


France is the birthplace of this culture. It is used in the manufacture of red and pink wine.

The vegetative period of the plant is up to 125 days. The grapes begin to ripen in late August-September, which depends on sunshine.

The variety is resistant to cold and frost, survives cold from -32 ° C to -40 ° C without shelter.

Marshal Foch does not like high temperatures, prefers sandy soil. It tolerates drought well.

Bush description

Young stems take root perfectly during spring planting, the vine is characterized by active growth.

The bushes have a large number of clusters, the weight of which reaches an average of 100-200 g. Be sure to prune, because the branches grow quickly.

Description of berries

According to the description, the berries have a rich blue color, smooth, elastic, with a strong skin and small, which attracts the attention of birds.

They ripen spasmodically. The degree of maturity of clusters is leveled during the week. Sometimes the crop has to be harvested in part, which is inconvenient for those with small vineyards.


Marshal Foch grapes grow on sandy soils, but sandy, clay and loamy grapes are also good.

Before planting, prepare the soil: release it from excess vegetation (weeds), saturate it with useful elements like black soil or humus garden soil.

For grapes, fertilizing is useful: both organic and mineral. It is advisable to add compost obtained from kitchen, garden and garden waste to soil that is poor in minerals and minerals.

It is better to buy the plant in containers: this way the root remains intact, and it is already saturated with fertilizers. In this case, the seedling is guaranteed to successfully take root.


During fruiting period needs watering

The plant must be fed with organic matter. Winter shelter is optional.

For the first time, Marshall Foch grapes are cut in autumn when he reaches the age of 3 years. This allows you to achieve better fruitfulness of the plant. The load on the bush should be 55-65 eyes.

Break off shoots in the spring.

In watering, the plant needs only drought. This is especially true for the fruiting period.

Diseases and Pests

Protection from pests and diseases is one of the most important aspects of growing berry bushes. For this, chemical preparations are suitable, the processing of which is carried out at the stage of plant development.

Common problems:

  • Oidium. This disease manifests itself at the stage of buds and leaves. The drugs “Shavit”, “Falcon”, “Novopidon”, “Tolendo”, “Topaz” help to fight the disease.
  • Black spotting, gray rot, mildew, bunch of leaves. These ailments appear before flowering. To combat them use the means of "Quadris" and "Match". They guarantee the preservation of the integrity of the flowers for a month. At the end of flowering, Tiovit Jet, Akarin, Neoron and Ridomil Gold are used to combat mildew, oidium and ticks.
  • Ground pests - chafer and scoop. Against them, the crown of the plant is treated with the preparation "Antichrush", "Aktara" or any other based on imidacloprid. After 1.5 months, the spraying is repeated.


Be sure to carry out monthly disease prevention.

The first spraying is performed even at a temperature of 4 ° C-6 ° C from diseases and rodents. Bushes at this time are sprayed with a 3% solution of copper sulfate. The vines before this should be put in order: it is important to cut off all the shoots and leaves affected by the disease.

The next spraying is carried out as soon as young leaves are formed on the vine (after about 1.5-2 weeks). This time they are treated with fungicide.

With symptoms of gray rot or oidium, the bushes are treated with a pink solution of potassium permanganate. In the case of oidium, colloidal sulfur can also be used.


Grapes Marshal Foch does not require special care: it is resistant to colds, oidium, mildew. Its advantages do not end there. It is this variety that has the noble taste of Burgundy wine. The drink from these berries has a high percentage of alcohol and sugar, which does not prevent it from being light and unobtrusive.


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