Features of the black-fire rabbit

The black-fire rabbit became known at the beginning of the XIX century. It was obtained by crossbreeding with the Belgian Giant breed. Now black-fire rabbits are known for their large size, jumping ability and a memorable color.

Description of the black fire rabbit

The description of a person born in the year of the Fire Rabbit is similar to the characterization of animal morals. What kind of black rabbit is he?


The black rabbit has an average body weight, which ranges from 2.5-3.5 kg. The animal has a wide body, a refined back, as well as strong and erect legs. A small head is complemented by straight ears. Rabbit fur is a real value, because it is painted in a unique color with glitter and glossy effect. In order not to acquire a fake animal, it is necessary to pay attention that the distribution of the true breed in black and bright yellow is always the same.

  • The uniform monophonic yellow-red color has the entire lower body. The color covers the abdomen, breast, inner side of the legs, the frame around the ears and eyes, the lower jaw.
  • The entire "top" of the animal is covered with a solid black color.

Rabbit appearance

Sometimes you can find a brighter border around which yellow hairs can be found.

Black-fire rabbit, according to European standards, may include shades of blue, brown, squirrel. Culling animals that have:

  • white blotches on the body or grayish in color;
  • a dense body;
  • heavy weight;
  • bending in the skeleton;
  • pale color without pronounced contrasts;
  • uneven fur density, bald spots and friability of the skin.

Black-and-red crawl has an independent and peculiar character, which is very difficult to confuse.

Breeding rules

A black-fire male can begin to mate as early as six months of age, while the rabbit acquires this ability after 5 months after birth. To determine the onset of puberty, it is enough to pay attention to the behavior of the female: her aggressiveness rises sharply, she begins to bite, drag hay, tear down fluff from her chest. If there is no time to observe the behavior, you can put the rabbit in the male’s cage - she will begin to chase the rabbit and take up a mating position.

As soon as a black-red baby is born, the female begins to pay all attention to him, licking and covering her down in the nest. A newly-made mother has the opportunity to qualitatively feed animals in the amount of 7 individuals, her milk is formed after the birth of offspring.

Mostly affectionate and handmade black-fire crawl becomes not only an object for enriching the owner, but also an excellent decorative pet that adorns any household.


The black-red animal, although it has a small size, can only live in a large cage in order to fully satisfy its increased activity. Representatives of the breed can fully develop only in free space.

The advantage of keeping animals is their strong and persistent character, because kids are able to withstand even frosty winters, while maintaining high-quality fur and all the necessary characteristics. When choosing a cage, preference should be given to options with a solid floor, so as not to injure the limbs of animals.

Caring for a black-fire rabbit

Fire crawl requires compliance with several rules for the care.

  • Continuous maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene of the room. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness and dryness of the cell, as well as regularly and often change the substrate. Regular cleaning keeps the high-quality valuable fur normal.
  • A balanced and healthy diet. Like a person, a rabbit needs a full menu that guarantees health and a beautiful skin.
  • Clean and fresh water, which will be freely available and plentiful.
  • The room is closed from draft and other climatic changes.

Let the crawl fire and has good immunity, regular inspections are still necessary for him. Animals are easily amenable to procedures, therefore it is not difficult to vaccinate and vaccinate them and it is necessary to preserve offspring.


It is necessary to feed the representatives of the breed in the same way as their relatives. The only difference is felt in the amount of food consumed by the female after the birth of the baby. Due to the need to feed the small rabbit, the rabbit needs several times more food. During the period of feeding offspring, the female needs to be fed 3-4 times more, giving preference to herbs, oats, clover. In the winter, it is better to switch to the use of legumes, potatoes, silage and root crops. Concentrates also increase by almost 90%.

For a normal diet, specialized high-quality compound feeds or carefully collected grain mixtures are sufficient. Plus, every meal should be saturated with minerals and vitamin components, animal protein. A crawl of any age needs tree branches in order to maintain hygiene in its mouth. With a well-designed diet, the crawl will provide the owner with delicate and dietary meat, as well as a shiny and glossy gun.


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