Features of the Assumption mushrooms

In the forests of Russia, lovers of quiet hunting gladly collect rich harvests of mushrooms, including the Assumption mushrooms. They are found in whole placers on mossy stumps and fallen trees, from September to frost. Tasty and healthy, they are a great addition to the basic diet.

Features of the Assumption mushrooms

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On the territory of Russia, honey agaric grows in all regions and is considered the most popular. Finding one stump with the family, it is easy to feed the whole company, collect more than one basket.

Assumption mushrooms were named, thanks to the Orthodox holiday Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At this time, their massive collection. Large crops are harvested for 14 days, then their number is in decline.

These autumn mushrooms have the following description:

  • the hat is thin, yellow-brown;
  • the shape of the hat is convex, from below it is lamellar;
  • the leg is long, thin;
  • the plates are gray or whitish;
  • leg color is brown.

The size of the hat in diameter is up to 7-8 cm, the bulge on it becomes smaller with the age of the family.

Circles can be seen on the top of the hat, the plates below from time to time turn into spore powder of red or red-brown color.

The leg is always thin, its height reaches 8-10 cm. On its trunk there is a ring, characteristic of edible mushrooms, under which the scales are clearly visible.


Assumption mushrooms have many varieties, including conditionally edible.

They are well disguised as edible, but have a number of differences:

  • bluish plates;
  • bright yellow body;
  • gray-yellow hat;
  • no flakes.

False honey agaric is classified as conditionally edible. It is difficult for them to be poisoned, but cooking should still be, carefully observing the technology: soak, rinse with water and boil. Only after this they start cooking.

The edible family includes such species: gray, pine, red, dark, with pimples, meadow, Chinese, winter, autumn, thick-legged honey agarics and garlic. In total, there are more than 30 subspecies. Some love shaded forest thickets, old fallen trees, while others grow in open glades and in tall grass.

Winter view

The winter look feels good on deciduous trees, willows or poplars. Sometimes found on the banks of rivers, streams or in orchards. Those who like to walk through the winter snowy forest sometimes find colonies under snowdrifts. Caps of such mushrooms are up to 10 cm in diameter, flat, yellow or brownish in color.

Autumn view

Autumn view forms a good mycosis with any affected trees. Gathering phosphorus from them, such mushrooms spread a mysterious bluish glow in the deep thickets. They have been harvested since August. The lower temperature threshold is 10 ° C.

Autumn mushrooms grow on damaged trees

The size of the hat reaches 15-18 cm, the height of the legs is up to 12 cm. The color of the young honey agaric is greenish with an olive tint. It changes to brown with age. The edges become wavy, the scales disappear.

Summer view

The collection of summer mushrooms begins in the spring, in March, and continues until frost. This mushroom grows in the forest, on trees and stumps. The size of the hat is medium, up to 5-6 cm, and the legs - up to 7-8 cm.

A tubercle is visible from above on the cap of a young mushroom. Color differs at the place of growth. In a damp place, the hat becomes transparent brown, and in a dry place - yellow and dull. Cracks appear at the edges.

Beneficial features

The main positive qualities of the Assumption mushrooms include the presence of bacteria and viruses in their composition. They strengthen the immune system and improve performance.

Introducing Assumption mushrooms into the diet is useful for hypertensive patients. Honey mushrooms reduce pressure and restore metabolism. For diseases of the thyroid gland, doctors prescribe them as therapeutic nutrition.

The beneficial effect of honey agarics on the work of the heart, a decrease in blood sugar, was noticed. With constipation, such plants serve as a laxative. These mushrooms are able to excrete bad cholesterol and improve memory.

Harm and contraindications

Forest mushroom in addition to the benefit is capable of harming health. It is not recommended to eat for people with gastrointestinal problems: abuse of this delicacy will lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

There is a ban for children under the age of 14. Such food is considered heavy, poorly absorbed by the young body.

Pregnant and people suffering from allergic reactions, it is better to consult a doctor in advance.

Cooking Application

Assumption mushrooms are used for the preparation of soups, broths, appetizers, pastes and side dishes. They make blanks for the winter: they dry and freeze.

Most often they are pickled. For this:

  • the harvested crop is cooked, having previously sorted and washed under running water;
  • for 15 minutes the whole crop is immersed in boiling water, then the water is drained: toxins and hazardous substances will leave with it;
  • pour fresh water and cook for 40-60 minutes, periodically removing the foam; as soon as honey mushrooms are ready, they will immediately settle to the bottom;
  • the resulting broth is used for marinade, to which spices are added (per 1 kg of the main ingredient): 30 ml of 9% vinegar, 250 ml of water or broth, 1.5 tbsp. l stone table salt, 1 clove, 1 bay leaf and 3 peas of allspice.
  • boiled assumption mushrooms are put in sterilized jars, add salt and spices, pour boiling broth, add vinegar and roll up lids;
  • the workpiece is set to cool and stored in a cool place before use.


Harvesting forest meat is pleasant and useful, but be sure to remember that unfamiliar or suspicious species are fraught with danger. It is better to take reliable and familiar mushrooms, from which you can get delicious dishes that can please friends and relatives.


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