Features and characteristics of tomato Auria

To date, breeders have bred many different types of tomatoes. Even demanding gourmets can easily find a variety that they will definitely like. Tomato Auria is popular with many farmers and summer residents - tasty and very unusual in shape.

Features and characteristics of tomato Auria

The fruits of this tomato will surprise you with their size. They have an elongated shape, unusual for a vegetable, thanks to which such names as Man's Joy, Ladies' Whim, Fun. Therefore, if you decide to purchase the seeds of this tomato in specialized stores or via the Internet, please note that in the product catalog they can be hidden under any of these names.

Grade description

The hybrid fruit was bred in Israel in 1997. It has a wonderful aroma and a very interesting taste. Auria tomatoes are an indeterminate, that is, tall plant species and mid-season tomato variety. From the time of sowing the seeds until the harvest is over 100 days pass. The fruits ripen over 3 months - from July to September.

Gardeners also call this variety tomato liana, because one bush of a tomato can grow up to 2 m in height, which is why they need obligatory garter and pinching. However, the plant is very compact. The size of the fetus is also amazing. As a rule, their length reaches 15 cm, and their weight ranges from 150 to 250 g, and only one lash can weigh 800 g. The plant's brush gives 5-6 fruits, and on the bush there can be up to 14 pieces.

One of the main advantages of tomatoes belonging to the Auria variety is that they can be grown not only in open ground, but also in special greenhouses, and they will also bear fruit well. In addition, this type of tomato does not need special conditions for transportation. It has an attractive presentation and is in great demand.

Fruit characterization

These tomatoes are popular not only because of their good yields, but also because they do not need complicated cultivation methods. Giving a description of the Auria tomato variety, vegetable growers and farmers note a number of undeniable advantages. Using reviews to breeders, the full characteristics of the tomato are known.

  1. The plant is unpretentious and has a high yield.
  2. Fruits are not susceptible to temperature changes: tomatoes perfectly perceive both cold and heat.
  3. It is resistant to various diseases.
  4. You can grow in any region of the country.

In addition, in the description of the characteristics of the Auria tomato, the housewives emphasize its unusual form, which is why they choose this variety for home preservation. Long bright fruits look very beautiful in a three-liter jar and have an amazing taste.

Since the tomato is not very juicy, it is great for preparing various kinds of culinary preparations. Tomatoes can be used for salads, snacks, ketchups and tomato pastes. You can eat fruits and dried.


The disadvantages of the variety include fragility of branches

Although all of the above advantages distinguish Auria tomato from other tomatoes, unfortunately, this variety has disadvantages. These include, first of all, such moments:

  • short shelf life of fruits;
  • very fragile branches near the bush, which are easily accidentally broken;
  • it is a rare variety and the seeds of Auria tomato are not easily found on sale.

Preparing seeds for planting

In order to grow good seedlings and achieve high productivity, seeds need to be planted in the ground in February. Before starting this work, carry out preparatory work.

  1. Sort and select healthy seeds carefully.
  2. Seeds need to be disinfected from harmful bacteria, so treat them with a 1% manganese solution.
  3. Do not forget that the necessary step in preparing the seeds for germination is hardening. They should be refrigerated for 12 hours. This procedure is carried out three times. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 2 °.
  4. In order for the seeds to sprout well, they must be germinated in advance. After this procedure, the sprouts should be planted in separate containers.
  5. As planting material, you can use either land bought in advance in the store, or taken from the garden, but only necessarily fertilized.
  6. As they grow, weak shoots are best removed immediately so that they do not interfere with stronger ones.

How to grow good seedlings?

Do not spare time for caring for plants and then tomatoes will thank you with an excellent harvest. Sprouting sprouts for planting includes traditional methods, following which will allow you to grow beautiful tomatoes.

In order to get good seedlings, seeds should be sown three months before planting in open ground and 45 days if you are going to plant them in a greenhouse. Do not forget to carry out their daily ventilation, removing the protective film from the ground for an hour and a half.

During seedling growth, the temperature regime must be observed at 25 °. Sprouts need good lighting, therefore, if there is not enough daylight, it is necessary to organize additional illumination with the help of special lamps.

3 weeks after the appearance of the sprouts, they must be fed with standard mineral fertilizers. It is recommended to start planting seedlings: under the film and in greenhouses - in May, directly into the soil - in early June. On 1 m2 of soil can not be planted more than 4 plants.

Plant care

The rules for caring for tomatoes are very simple, and even a novice farmer can easily cope with them.

  • do not forget that the fruits need abundant watering;
  • carefully monitor the cleanliness of the garden beds and get rid of weeds in time;
  • this tomato variety loves when the soil is constantly loosened;
  • Do not be afraid to use fertilizers to feed the plant, you need to do this several times a season;
  • if you decide to grow vegetables in a greenhouse, remember that it is necessary to observe moderate humidity in the greenhouse, while it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the fruits will rot and begin to disappear.

Reviews gardeners

Most gardeners respond positively to this tomato variety, since, following all the rules of care, Auria tomatoes have excellent yields, are excellent for home preservation and can be grown not only in greenhouses, but also in open ground.

In addition, this tomato tolerates both hot and cold temperature changes and continues to bear fruit even in autumn. This tomato does not require special conditions during transportation, making it easy to find its consumer, as evidenced by reviews.


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