Fancy Varieties of Ornamental Cabbage

If you want to decorate the site with a beautiful plant, pay attention to decorative cabbage. There are many varieties that differ in the color and shape of the leaves. Decorative cabbage will decorate the cottage even in winter. Consider a description of the most common varieties.

Fancy Varieties of Ornamental Cabbage


Bohemia is a small plant that can be grown both in open ground and in a pot of the appropriate size. The height of the bush does not exceed 0.4 m, and its diameter varies from 35 to 55 cm. The color of the leaves attracts attention. The inner leaf plates are red-violet. External leaves have the usual green color for garden crops. Often on the outer leaves there is a grayish coating. The edge of the leaves is wavy.

The internal leaves of the head are collected in a bunch and slightly bent inward. External leaves are semi-spreading and formed outward. Accordingly, a head of cabbage looks like a fancy flower with a red-violet core and green petals.

All leaf plates are edible. Vegetables are used to decorate various dishes.


Decorative cabbage Serenade has an unusual shape and is used to create floral arrangements. The edges of its leaves are unusually wavy. All sheet plates are slightly bent inward. In general, the shape of the head resembles a slightly flattened ball. In the garden, a plant whose height is 0.2 m does not take up much space. The outer leaves are saturated green. The inner leaf plates may be white, pink or purple. The leaves acquire the brightest color after the onset of the first winter frosts.

This variety of decorative cabbage is unstable to a black leg. Therefore, it is recommended to grow it in seedlings. You can’t overfill young plants. When planting seedlings in the ground, consider that serenade loves light.

In cooking, this hybrid is not used. It is valued solely for its decorative qualities.

Kamome Pink

A hybrid with an unusual name Kamome Pink will decorate the most refined garden. The inner rosette of the plant, 20-25 cm high, pale pink. The middle ball of leaf plates has a light purple hue, and the outer leaves have a saturated green color. But the hybrid acquires such a color after the air temperature drops below 15-18 °. Accordingly, the most beautiful plant becomes with the onset of late autumn. The diameter of the dense outlet is 0.4 m. The edges of the corrugated sheet plates look outward. From afar, heads of ornamental cabbage Kamome Pink is difficult to distinguish from real flowers.

Use a plant for decorating gardens. As a rule, bushes are placed along the curbs. They are also great for growing in containers. Kamome Pink is a hygrophilous hybrid that needs a lot of nutrients. Therefore, vegetables should be fertilized periodically.

Autumn Potpourri

It is not difficult to care for cabbage

From the name of the variety Autumn Potpourri, you can guess that these plants are of various colors. Strongly corrugated leaves at the edges form a rosette in the form of a slightly flattened ball. Low plants (20-25 cm) with a fairly loose rosette are 30-35 cm in diameter.

The outer leaves may be grass green or dark green. But the color of the inner sheet plates is much more diverse. There are specimens with white, pale pink, raspberry, cream or purple color. Sometimes the wavy edges of the leaf plates are painted in noble nacre. The plant is unstable to the black leg. Watering is carried out as the soil dries.

When decorating the garden, as a rule, several bushes of decorative cabbage Autumn Potpourri are planted simultaneously.

Nimble turtle

In appearance, the variety Shustra Turtle is different from all of the above. It has a conical shape, and small inflorescences, painted in light green color, form miniature domes. Around the outlet of an unusual shape are dark green narrow sheet plates.

Use the Quick Turtle to decorate the gardens. Using this plant, it is convenient to create geometric shapes or ornaments. A feature of this variety is its resistance to severe frosts. But for young plants, such a temperature is fatal. The permissible minimum for fragile decorative bushes is -40.

Sunset F1

Variety Sunset F1 can compete even with roses. The hybrid has a pronounced trunk that looks like a trunk of a miniature tree. Leaves form 2 balls, the first of which is painted in dark green, and the second in hot pink, cream, raspberry or purple. The wavy edges of the leaf plates of the inner ball are slightly bent inward, while the edges of the outer ones are more even and look outward. Some leaves, which are located at the junction of these balls, are partially colored green, and partially the color of the inner rosette. Green leaves resemble velvet in appearance. Formed as a head of cabbage looks like an enlarged copy of a rose.

This variety can be used both for landscape design and for creating bouquets. Such a bouquet will delight at least 25-30 days.

A similar appearance are hybrids Sunrise and Heron.

Peacock tail

The Peacock Tail hybrid is a novelty that has already been enjoyed by many landscape designers. Leaf plates resemble lace. The socket is formed from the inner and outer layer of sheet plates, which are painted in different colors. Most often, specimens are found, the outer leaf plates of which are painted in a grassy-green color, and the inner ones in a cream color. Another popular combination is purple and dark purple. In this case, the internal outlet is colored in purple. In height, the bushes grow to 0.3 m, the diameter of the outlet –0.4 m.

In general, few people attribute the bush to varieties of cabbage. It is used exclusively in landscape design. You can plant the Peacock Tail in groups, or you can combine this hybrid with other varieties of decorative cabbage.

Mistress Lacemaker F1

Hybrid Mistress Lacemaker F1 is a bit like a Peacock Tail. Leaf plates have torn edges, which is why they look like lace. The socket is loose. But, due to its structure, the head of cabbage looks magnificent and voluminous. Leaf plates that are adjacent to the ground are painted light green with a clear waxy coating. Sheet plates located in the middle of the outlet are painted in milky white or light purple.

This hybrid looks impressive. Therefore, it can be used both to create various compositions, and independently. Bushes planted in a group look less impressive. In cooking Barynya Lacemaker is not used.

Winter Tale

Plants will delight your eye

Decorative cabbage Winter's Tale is another variety of vegetable culture with lace leaves. The hybrid has a pronounced core, painted in raspberry or light yellow. The lower tier leaf plates may be brown or green. From afar, heads of cabbage resemble large chrysanthemums. The height of the plant can reach 0.5 m. The diameter of the outlet is 30-35 cm.

Hybrid Winter's tale is resistant to frost. It can be left in the garden until December. Snow-covered openwork leaf plates really look fabulous. A pack, as a rule, contains a mixture of seeds that give bushes of different colors.

Hare cabbage

Hare cabbage is an unmatched vegetable crop. It grows in the form of a bush, consisting of several stems, on which small light green leaves are densely arranged. The height of the bush varies from 50 to 60 cm. During flowering, inflorescences are formed, consisting of miniature lilac flowers. Hare cabbage is a perennial culture. Its root system is represented by tubers that do not need to be dug up for the winter. They perfectly tolerate frosts.

Hare cabbage is used both in landscape design and in folk medicine. With the help of juice obtained from the aboveground part of the bush, the healing of wounds and burns can be accelerated.

Purple Dove

Considering the varieties of ornamental cabbage it is impossible to ignore the hybrid Purple Dove. Upright sheet plates with a corrugated edge are painted in purple. The height of the bush does not exceed 40 cm, and the diameter of the outlet is about 40 cm. There is free space between the leaf plates, which makes the decorative culture as similar to flowers as possible. The leaves become saturated in color at the end of August. Bushes retain their decorative qualities until winter frosts.

Large purple plates containing large amounts of selenium can be used to decorate various dishes.

Crane Feather King

Decorative cabbage Crane Feather King is actively used by florists to create bouquets. A fairly thick stem forms on the plant, on which openwork leaves are tightly adjacent to each other. The upper leaf plates are purple and the lower ones are green. At the same time, the veins on the lower leaf plates are also colored purple. There is also a combination of green with milk. Crane Feather King is a tall hybrid. The height of some bushes reaches 0.9 m. This is perhaps the highest decorative cabbage.

If you put the cut plant in water, then it can stand for more than 1 month.

Osaka Red

The variety tolerates frosts well

Ornamental cabbage Osaka Red is the fruit of the work of breeders in Japan. This annual plant has a height of 60-70 cm, and the diameter of the rosette is 20-30 cm. Wide leafy plates form a dense two-color rosette. The combination of colors is very different. Of the most popular, it is worth noting raspberry with swamp, pink with light green, purple with dark green, raspberry with dark purple. The inside of the outlet is painted in brighter colors, and the outside, respectively, in darker ones.

Osaka Red is resistant to low temperatures. Bushes withstand severe frosts. Accordingly, the plant can become a decoration of the winter garden.

Kai and Gerda F1

The hybrid Kai and Gerda F1 got its name because of its resistance to frost. She, like Kamome Pink, can withstand low temperatures. On the stems, and several of them are formed, strongly corrugated leaf plates, painted in swamp green or purple, are located. The bush does not form a socket, which distinguishes this hybrid from all other varieties.

Kai and Gerda F1 is used in the preparation and decoration of a variety of dishes. Also, the hybrid is an excellent decoration of the garden.

North rose

Northern Rose is another unusual hybrid that has the shape of an oblong ball. The top of this ball is painted in a pale pink color, 7-10 leaf plates adjacent to the top - in cream, the rest - in a bluish-green color. Plant height reaches 70 cm.

Decorative cabbage of this type is used by landscape designers. They look equally good in both group and single landing.

Reflex F1

Reflex F1 is a frost-resistant hybrid of Dutch selection, which is appreciated not only for its decorative, but also for taste. Oblong, strongly corrugated erect leaves do not form a rosette. The plant reaches a height of 0.8 m.

Green leaf plates are extremely rich in trace elements and vitamins. Sometimes there is bitterness in them, getting rid of which can be by freezing.

Kale cabbage, which is widely used in cooking, looks similar.

Nagoya F1

Fringed cabbage Nagoya (Nagoya) F1, the height of which varies from 10 to 20 cm, has decorative value. She has a dense outlet, consisting of two-color sheet plates (bicolor). The inner leaf plates can be painted in bright yellow, saturated raspberry or burgundy, purple. The outer sheet plates are always painted in a deep green color. If we compare Nagoya with the similar varieties described above, then it is worth noting that she has most of the leaf plates making up the internal outlet. A small amount of corrugated leaves is painted green.


The decorative cabbage Princess has an unusual appearance of leaves that grow almost horizontally. The center of the sheet plates is flat, and the edges are heavily corrugated and bent up. The formed heads in their shape are like water lilies. The center of the leaf plates can be colored red, yellow or lilac, and the corrugated edges are green. A small amount of lower leaves is painted in a light green color.

A hybrid is used, which reaches a height of 35 cm, for decorative purposes and for decorating culinary dishes.

Other varieties

We examined the most popular varieties of ornamental cabbage. Hybrids of the Tokyo series also deserve attention, which look very similar to the variety of decorative cabbage Serenade and Autumn Potpourri. The same applies to the varieties Mosaic, Russian Circle. It is recommended to purchase varieties of the following domestic companies:

  • Aelita;
  • Gavrish;
  • Russian garden.

From foreign manufacturers it is worth paying attention to the company Sakata, which is well established in the domestic market.


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