Dressing for cucumbers at home

Growing cucumbers on the balcony or on the windowsill is an exciting experience. Green cucumber creepers can not only please with crispy fruits for a fresh salad, but also serve as a wonderful element of decor. The key to successful gardening is proper care, and the right top dressing for cucumbers at home for the growth and development of bushes is the basis of a good crop and plant health.

Dressing for cucumbers at home


The main stages of growing indoor cucumbers include:

  • variety selection;
  • sowing seeds for seedlings;
  • care and top dressing.

Grade selection

For home gardening, it is important to choose the right variety. They recommend self-pollinated varieties that are less demanding on lighting and grow well in tight spaces. They tie 5-10 fruits in one internode. Varieties Ekol F1, Pasalimo F1, Pasamonte F1, Hummingbird F1, Balcony Miracle, Masha F1 are well suited.


You can grow indoor cucumbers at any time of the year, but keep in mind that in the autumn-winter period additional illumination will be required.

Any containers are suitable for planting cucumbers: flower pots with a volume of more than 5 liters, balcony boxes and even ordinary buckets. For cucumbers, a universal or specialized soil mixture suitable for growing vegetables is suitable.

Seeds are sown directly in large containers at a permanent place. Also a good option would be sowing seedlings. Young plants are conveniently grown in peat tablets. When 2-3 true leaves appear, seedlings are transplanted into large containers.


To ensure the growth of cucumbers on the windowsill, it is worth remembering the features of caring for the crop.

For the cultivation of cucumbers choose the most bright place. In the event of a lack of daylight, plants are illuminated with special photolamps, but in their absence, ordinary daylight lamps will do.

Cucumbers are a moisture-loving plant, and therefore watering should be carried out regularly. Absolute drying of the soil must not be allowed, otherwise the plants will quickly dry out and turn yellow. It is also worth avoiding overflow.

It is important to pay attention to plant health. Monitor whether the plant is infected with pests.

Why is feeding necessary?

Unfortunately, without careful and regular feeding, it will be difficult to grow indoor cucumbers.

For intensive growth, cucumbers require a constant influx of nutrients, and a limited amount of soil is quickly depleted. That is why the plant requires constant feeding.

Potted soil should be periodically enriched.

Regular top dressing will provide:

  • root system formation;
  • plant growth and development;
  • intense flowering;
  • the formation of ovaries;
  • growth of quality fruits;
  • extended fruiting period.

Specialized dressing

When the first sprouts appear on the windowsill, the question arises of how to feed and fertilize room cucumbers so that they grow well and bear fruit. To do this, use both special mineral and organic fertilizers, and a variety of natural top dressings according to folk recipes.

Mineral fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers are used to feed cucumbers. The best option is a specialized mineral fertilizer in the form of chelates or solution. For example, Master, Yara, Blank sheet. These types of fertilizers are convenient to use. Mixtures are most often packaged in small packages.

Fertilizers are easily soluble, chlorine is absent in their composition. The composition of trace elements is balanced and most suitable for cucumbers. The approximate ratio of NPK is 22: 8: 16. The presence of B (boron), Cu (copper), Zn (zinc), Mn (manganese), Fe (iron), Mo (molybdenum) has a beneficial effect on plants.

3 main dressings are carried out with a frequency of 10-14 days, the first time cucumbers are fed no earlier than 10 days after emergence. Fertilizers are dissolved in accordance with the instructions and watered.

Sometimes carbamide and superphosphate are used for top dressing. For the first, take 5 g of urea and 5 g of superphosphate, dissolve the granules in 3 l of water and pour the cucumbers over the resulting solution. The second top dressing is carried out with the same solution. In the third, only superphosphate is used.

Organic fertilizer

To get an environmentally friendly product, cucumbers are fed with organic fertilizers based on humates. These fertilizers are produced on the basis of humic acids, they are enriched with amino acids. The composition contains all the components necessary for plants. Such top dressing stimulates root formation, growth and fruiting.

Fertilizers are bred according to the instructions and water them with cucumbers every two weeks.

Folk recipes

Popular and maximally safe top dressing based on folk recipes, but they are only suitable as an adjuvant.


One of the most popular fertilizers among gardeners. Ash is rich in trace elements, including phosphorus and potassium, which provide the plant with intensive flowering and fruiting.

Ash will increase plant productivity

To feed indoor cucumbers using an infusion of ash. To do this, add 1.5-2 tbsp to 3 liters of water. l ash, mix and insist for at least 24 hours. The finished infusion is filtered, after which they are watered with bushes.

Such top dressing is alternated with other types of fertilizers. The best time to use ash infusion is the period of flowering and fruit set.

Banana skin

As a home-made potash fertilizer for cucumbers, the usual banana peel has worked well. In addition to potassium, it is rich in amino acids, which positively affect the vegetation process.

The peel is used, dried well and crushed to a powder. The resulting banana powder is sprinkled under the bushes. For one bush, 1 tsp is enough.

You can also prepare an infusion. To do this, put the peel in a jar and fill it with water, insist 2 days. The resulting infusion is watered with cucumbers.

Onion peel

A wonderful tool that has a double effect. It serves as nutritious top dressing, and also protects plants on the balcony and in the house from pests.

Husk is more convenient to apply by preparing an infusion. For this, 30 g of husk is poured with 5 liters of boiling water, it is allowed to infuse for 2-3 days. Filter the infusion, after which the bushes are sprayed on the leaves.

Peeling potatoes

The value of peeling potatoes is the presence of starch in them. Starch is a substance that plants themselves produce in the process of photosynthesis. Often cucumbers are grown at home with a lack of lighting, which slows down the process of photosynthesis, respectively, the amount of starch produced by the plant decreases. A decoction of potato peelings will make up for the lack of this nutrient.

The broth is prepared in an elementary way: the peel is boiled in water, and then cooled. Means are watered with bushes once every 2 weeks.


Green plants produce sugar through photosynthesis. It provides bushes with energy necessary for growth. Sweetened water will be very beneficial for indoor cucumbers. To create top dressing, 2 tsp are dissolved in 3 l of standing water. Sahara. The resulting sweet water cucumbers watered twice a week. Instead of sugar, pharmaceutical glucose is often used.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are used in the cultivation of not only indoor flowers, but also vegetable crops. It favorably affects the structure of the soil: the soil becomes looser, air, moisture and nutrients flow better to the roots.

As a fertilizer use only thick natural roasted coffee. Before use, they are dried and only when dry they are poured under the plants, carefully mixed with the top layer of the soil.


Egg shells occupy a leading position among effective top dressing in the conditions of room growing vegetables. For feeding cucumbers, use an infusion on the shell. For cooking, washed shells from 4-5 eggs are poured with clean water (it is better to do this in a glass jar), cover with a lid and put in a dark place. After a few days, the water becomes cloudy and takes on a specific smell. Ready infusion cucumbers watered every other day.


In order to grow cucumbers at home, proper top dressing is necessary, it is it that will allow you to collect a quality crop. Plants with beautiful leaves and stems will decorate the windowsill or balcony of the house better than indoor exotics.


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