The distance between the bushes of grapes

The distance between the vine bushes affects the further development and productivity of the crop. The density of the vineyard is determined immediately, because in the future it will be impossible to change. Gardeners create a diagram of the vineyard, calculating the distance between the grapes, and then prepare the planting material.

The distance between the bushes of grapes

Time and place of landing

Planting material is planted in autumn or spring. In spring, they land in late April - early May. At this point, the culture takes root most well. The autumn period for planting begins in October and until the first frost. In autumn, shoots better develop immunity to various changes - location, soil, temperature. But there is a minus - the risk of frostbite. In autumn, care for the plant is more careful.

Grapes should be planted in well-lit places, for example, west or south.

Soil should have a large amount of nutrients for better development, it is better if the earth has a high level of rockiness. Such soil will help to avoid stagnation of water and will contribute to the rapid release of oxygen to the root system.

Selection of seedlings

Planting material - green shoots and cuttings - are chosen carefully, it must be of high quality and healthy.

Features of seedlings:

  • if the shoot is annual, then the root system should be white. If the color of the root cut is yellow or brown, the plant will not take root and will soon dry out;
  • eyes should look fresh and healthy. If they fall away - the plant is sick.
  • the vine, the stalk of the seedling should be moist, and also release juice. The vine should be green.

The day before planting, planting material is placed in a container with water. For this, 3 eyes are removed on the shoots. Growth stimulants and honey are added to the water for better development of seedlings.

Grape planting density

The seating pattern is affected by:

  • variety;
  • the soil;
  • location
  • climatic conditions, in general and for each region individually;
  • method and time of disembarkation;
  • number of seedlings.

Row spacing

The distance depends on the variety.

When choosing a distance for planting grapes, there are such types of arrangement of rows in the vineyard:

  • high - bush - from 3 m²;
  • medium - bush - up to 3 m²;
  • moderate - bush - up to 2 m².

For the correct choice of the location of the rows, both technological and mechanical factors are taken into account. With the help of neighboring shrubs, you can create shaded places that will protect against burns.

The width of the rows for each of the varieties is different:

  • white variety - if there is a lot of light, then the berries will be sour and the aroma will become less expressive. When planting grapes, the distance between the bushes should be the same as from the ground to the leaves;
  • red - there should be a lot of light so that the fruits are sweeter.

For each variety, the density is calculated individually, taking into account the ratio of leaf height and the gap between plants. On average, 3 m is left between the bushes.

The distance between the bushes

The distance between the grape seedlings is approximately 3 m, if the species is overgrown.

If you plant grapes at close range, this will lead to different consequences:

  • reduced development;
  • weak immunity;
  • low crop.

Wine varieties are planted 1.5-1.7 m apart. Dessert varieties are 1.4-1.5 m apart. The trellis can be of different heights (up to about 1.8 m).

Landing for trellis

If the trellis is single-plane, then there must be at least 10 cm between the two shoots. The distance between the shoots is multiplied by the number of shoots on one bush. This number is the length of the trellis. Then the places between the bushes are left, where the crop is planted, not more than 3.5 m.

If the trellis is two-plane, this means that the vines of the bush are placed immediately in two planes. In this case, grapes need to be planted at a distance of up to 2 m.


At a distance, grapes need to be planted so that the trees have enough space for growth and development. The specific distance depends on a number of factors. Grapes should be planted up to 3 m between bushes and rows. To correctly calculate the location of the planting of cuttings and shoots, take into account the type, climate, growth force, soil, height and type of trellis. Each species has its own growing rules - shaded areas are suitable for the white variety, well-lit for the red variety.


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