Description of yellow mushroom

Many people like to pick mushrooms. Yellow mushroom is very popular among mushroom pickers. He is loved for his appearance and pleasant smell. It is used in cooking and treatment.

Description of yellow mushroom

Mushroom description

Edible yellow mushroom, it grows on trees and is noticeable due to its bright colors. Its red hat has an orange tint around the edges. The body is placed on trunks in small groups. He does not have the usual thick leg, the bottom of the hat is black, and the place of the cut gradually turns blue. The leg is brown.

Sometimes the leg is white with pink-red spots. Over time, the base becomes gray. Only young specimens are eaten because toxins accumulate in older ones and fungi become inedible.

Description of the yellow mushroom:

  • height - 5-6 cm, width - up to 15-20 cm;
  • yellow-brown gimenophore darkens with age;
  • spores of an ellipsoidal form.

The semicircular fruiting bodies are small and fleshy.

The color of the fungus changes depending on the degree of ripening. In the young, he is orange-brown, inside has a red-pink hue, the top hat is gall. They use a red-brown organism, whose thick leg has a gray tint. Grows in deciduous trees. Often found on birch and alder.


There are two types of yellow mushroom:

  1. Hedgehog yellow: different fruity aroma, dense pulp. The hat has a brown color on top and white below, rough, irregular in shape, the slice gradually turns blue. The foot at the base is black.
  2. The cobweb is yellow: it has a smooth hat, it is orange-yellow in the center, slippery on top, pink-white inside, the slice acquires a blue color. It is characterized by a thick black leg, has a delicate taste, and is often used for pickling.

Irina Selyutina (Biologist):

Yellow hedgehog belongs to edible mushrooms, however, due to the incomprehensible appearance of the hymenophore - it is prickly in the fungus, it is often considered inedible. His hat is often irregular in shape and tends to grow together with hats next to growing mushrooms from the family. The cuticle (skin) does not separate from the surface of the cap. Yellow hedgehog is often confused with ordinary chanterelle.

All mushrooms of this peculiar group have some similarities, namely, a bright yellow hat and delicate pulp. Sometimes poisonous yellow mushrooms are found. They are distinguished by a brighter yellow-red color, a gray leg and a pungent smell of chlorine and rot; the cut of the pulp from them quickly acquires a green tint.

Beneficial features

This red-yellow mushroom has a number of useful properties. It contains a lot of amino acids and vitamins, so necessary for the body.

The nutritional value:

  • water - 83.5;
  • fatty acids - 0.53;
  • unsaturated fatty acids - 0.42;
  • dietary fiber - 4.22;
  • ash - 0.83;
  • mono- and disaccharides - 1.15.

The beneficial substances in its composition strengthen the immune system, positively affect the skin and hair. Vitamins A, D and Group B relieve fatigue, this mushroom is especially useful for people who often experience stress.

Mushroom helps to cope with stress


Overripe yellow individuals and mushrooms with a green tint should not be eaten. They accumulate a lot of toxic substances that can cause serious poisoning.

Before cooking, the collected young specimens are thoroughly washed under running water. Boil for 10-15 minutes, and then drain the water.


Jaundice is often used in cooking. When cooking, it acquires a pleasant smell of fried chicken. It is also dried and pickled.

The species is widely used in medicine. It is used to prepare tinctures that enhance immunity, as well as treat the stomach and heart.

In cooking

This mushroom is edible and has good taste. Used in the preparation of first and second courses. It is often consumed fried. To prepare this dish take:

  • mushrooms - 350 g;
  • sour cream - 1 glass;
  • onions - 100 g;
  • butter;
  • salt, spices.

Finely chop the onion and fry in oil, then add chopped mushrooms, spices and salt. Then pour sour cream and simmer for 5-7 minutes. This dish is used as a sauce.

Yellow mushrooms are also often dried for the winter. It is washed, dried, cut into large pieces and strung on a thread. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, dried in a room that is well ventilated. A distance of about 1 cm should remain between the pieces. With this drying method, it is best to cover the mushrooms with gauze to prevent “visiting” the workpiece by insects.

At home, the orange mushroom is dried in the oven. It is cleaned, cut into slices and carefully laid out on a wire rack or on a pallet covered with culinary parchment. It is important that the mushrooms are loose. The temperature should first be no higher than 40-45 ° C. When the plates are sagging and stop sticking to the parchment, they dry out, the temperature is raised to 75-80 ° C and left until dry. Also, during drying, do not close the oven door tightly. This is necessary for good ventilation.

In medicine

Regular use of this product strengthens the immune system. It is especially useful to eat it during the rehabilitation period.

Jaundice extract treats skin diseases. If you regularly wipe the problem areas with a solution, the rash will quickly disappear. Powder from dried mushrooms treat wounds. They are sprinkled 3-4 times a day until they completely heal.

To improve overall health, prepare a tincture:

  • the dried mushrooms are ground;
  • add 50 ml of alcohol or vodka and honey;
  • insist 3 days in the refrigerator.

This medicine is taken 2 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. They also treat varicose veins. Fresh mushrooms pour 1 liter of alcohol and insist 1.5-2 weeks. Sore areas are lubricated 4-5 times a day. The course of treatment lasts 2 months.


The young yellow mushroom is edible and has useful properties; it is used in cooking and medicine. It can be found in green deciduous forests, it will grow on the bark of trees.

More often this type is consumed fried or pickled. In medicine, they are used to increase the protective properties of the body and treat certain diseases.


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