Description of white rowing

Novice mushroom pickers are attracted by the white Ryadovka. It stands out from the foliage. It is forbidden to eat this mushroom: it is poisonous.

Description of white rowing


The mushrooms are inedible, they are hazardous to health. Therefore, they are not used in medicine and cooking. The species is not grown at home or in production. Poisonous fruits are removed from the site by chemical means and digging the soil.

Belaya Ryadovka lives in deciduous and mixed forests, comes under single coniferous trees. It is found in groves and parks. It grows in groups, actively bears fruit from July to September. In Russia prevails in the European part of the country.

Description of white rowing:

  • The diameter of the cap is up to 10 cm. The shape is outstretched, with concave uneven edges. In old fruits, it is brown or brown, with spots. The skin is dry, not shiny, slightly rough.
  • The leg of the fetus is visually separated from the cap, has a cylindrical shape. Length from 5 to 10 cm. Sometimes there is a powdery coating on top. Expands to the bottom, forming a small tuber. The skirt is missing from it. Density elastic, not hollow.
  • The pulp is dense, fleshy, turns pink at the break, it can have a sharp musty smell, and for some it has the aroma of hyacinths. It tastes bitter and burning.
  • Flesh-colored plates turn yellow with age. The spore powder is white.

Variety varieties

Ryadovka white has no subspecies. She is often confused with white champignons. But her records are always white, and the Champignons’s record is brown at any age. Looks like an inedible white her kindred smelly. It is also dangerous to humans.

Contraindications and symptoms of poisoning

Ryadovka white is inedible, it is dangerous to every person. It contains toxic neurotropic toxins, which makes it unsuitable for food and dangerous to the body. Neglected poisoning is fatal. And immediately started cleaning actions guarantee a speedy and complete recovery.

White rowing is very dangerous

Symptoms of poisoning appear after 1-3 hours:

  • a person is sick, sick, vomiting appears;
  • diarrhea;
  • confusion, hallucinations, fainting;
  • temperature rise;
  • weakness, dizziness;
  • sweating
  • severe pain in the stomach (not always).

At the first sign of poisoning, an ambulance should be called immediately.

While she is traveling, give the person strong absorbents, provide a plentiful drink. Do not take antiemetics: vomiting will help cleanse the body.

Doctors wash the stomach, give the patient absorbents. During treatment, the patient observes bed rest, is limited in products. In severe cases, drugs are prescribed for the stomach, heart, liver, nervous system.

Rehabilitation and preventive measures

Some time after treatment, the patient should not drink alcohol, consume mushrooms. Canned foods cause botulism, which is also treated in a hospital. Prevention measures include:

  • Selectively pick forest fruits and not pluck unknown species.
  • Never try to consume even processed inedible or poisonous specimens.
  • Sort through trophies repeatedly, carefully process even edible ones.
  • Do not buy fruit from hand.
  • Do not eat many fruits at once, although they are processed. They are considered heavy food.

People with a weak stomach, diseases of the liver, intestines, children and the elderly are especially susceptible to product poisoning. They should eat foods in small quantities.


Belaya Ryadovka is inedible and poisonous. It looks like the edible mushrooms of Champignon, but the inedible fruit is distinguished by white plates. Do not use the variety in cooking and medicine. First aid for poisoning involves taking an absorbent and washing the stomach. Strong intoxication is treated in an inpatient setting. Follow preventive measures to avoid unpleasant situations when eating mushrooms.


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