Description of the variety of cucumbers Miranda

The Miranda cucumber variety has several advantages: excellent yield, good resistance to viruses and diseases.

Description of the variety of cucumbers Miranda

Grade characteristics

Cucumber Miranda f1 was created by breeders in the early 1990s. The key to success in growing this variety is the correct formation of the bush and uniform watering. Miranda f1 is a type of plant that does not require pollination, and therefore no other bushes should be planted next to it. Mirinda f1 is a parthenocarpic variety, that is, the bushes themselves are fertilized, the female type of flowering prevails. The variety is advised to grow only in greenhouse conditions.

This is a super early hybrid. 46 days after planting, the first shoots appear. From 1 to 4 ovaries form on one sprout. According to the description, about 60 days elapse before the harvest.

Plant description

The plant is tall, on the main stem is the largest number of foliage. The leaves are small, smooth and bright green in color, their edges are even without serration.

The bushes are strong, with a well-developed root system, in length reach from 2 to 4 m. From the central node, from 8 to 15 nodes are formed, in them again 2 ties. At the optimum temperature, the ties form at the same time.

Description of the fetus

All fruits are cylindrical in shape, with a slight ribbing and a short neck. Large tubercles with white spikes on them. On average, the fruits grow to 10-12 cm in length. Mass Zelentsy reach 110-120 g.

The peel of the fruit is thick, green, has a rich aroma. Taste excellent, without bitterness. For 1 square. m recommend planting no more than 2 bushes.

Growing Features

As mentioned earlier, the Miranda hybrid does not need pollination of insects, so there are no problems when growing bushes in greenhouse conditions. This makes it possible to plant varieties in northern regions with severe climatic conditions. If we are talking about the southern regions, then there the variety is planted in unprotected soil.

The gardeners who grow Miranda use the seedling method. Before planting seedlings, special treatment with TMTD is carried out. Seeds with powder are placed in a container, shaken and wait a few minutes. You do not need to process purchased seeds: they have already passed this stage.

Sowing seeds

A sturdy plant can grow from quality seeds

Seeds of cucumbers for seedlings are sown 25 days before planting in open ground. It is necessary to fill the seedling cassettes in advance with earth and add natural organic additives there.

It is permissible to sow only 2 seeds per cell. It is necessary to constantly water the plantings with warm water. Capacities are set in a bright place so that direct sunlight falls on the seeds. Adhere to the optimum temperature - 22-24 ° C.

The first manifestations of the plant appear after 6 days. At this stage, it is important to constantly water the plant and get enough heat and light. If the seedlings are in a dark place, the shoots will begin to reach up and become thin and long, which means weak. After 1 month, the seedlings will already have 3-6 leaves. After this, the seedlings are transferred to the greenhouse or to the open ground.


Regardless of which place is chosen for planting, the ground should be fertilized, loose, with enough minerals and well-conducting air. Seedlings are carefully removed from the container so as not to damage the root system.

The distance between the beds should be 20 cm, between the rows - 50 cm, otherwise it will be difficult to approach the bushes and harvest them. Between the plants air should pass well.

If the plantings are dense, there will be a lot of moisture on the leaves, which will lead to the development of diseases and infections on the bushes.

The ideal temperature for plant growth and good variety development is 22-27 ° C. Bushes tolerate small temperature differences up to 15 ° C, but temperatures above 30 ° C adversely affect the growth of fruits.

Features of care for the bushes

According to the description, Miranda does not require special attention. The following care must be taken:

  • Cucumbers are plants that love watering. For such a procedure, only warm and settled water is used. It is best to water the bushes in the evening, when the sun will not dry the soil.
  • In order for the root system to develop well, it is necessary to constantly carry out the earthing up of the stems, and to loosen it with special care. All due to the fact that the roots of cucumbers are not deep in the ground, about 5 cm. At the time of loosening with a hoe, they are easily accidentally damaged.
  • Miranda is a branching plant, therefore it is advised to grow such a variety of cucumbers only on a trellis, then the yield of the bushes will be much higher.
  • Do not forget to fertilize the plant so that the roots can find all the necessary minerals and calcium. It is important to alternate top dressing among themselves: mineral, complex, organic, fertilize every 2 weeks.
  • Prevention of the plant is carried out before the formation of the ties: do not wait until pests and insects attack the bush.


According to the characteristic, after 46 days the gardener receives the first cucumbers from the Miranda bush. Do not pick the fruits still green: this will lead to the fact that the lashes of the bush will be injured. Watering is carried out carefully, first every day, and then reducing it every time.


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