Description of tomato Tanya

Among vegetables with excellent taste and a high percentage of yield, a special place is taken by Tanya tomato.

Description of tomato Tanya

Grade characteristics

According to the description, Tanya tomato f1 is a hybrid plant created by breeders in Holland. To date, this species is quite popular in the Russian Federation.

This variety is great for growing both in open ground and in greenhouses and greenhouses.

Plant description

Tanya tomato variety is a hybrid plant, the bush has a determinant type of cultivation. It is small in size, grows on average up to 50-60 cm, of a common standard type, branched.

Tanya tomatoes are grown anywhere in the country, they are not afraid of frost or a high percentage of humidity. In a warm climate, they are planted in open ground, in harsh climatic conditions, seedlings are strengthened with a film.

A variety of medium ripeness, from the time of planting to the time of collection, takes 70-73 days. Fruiting occurs until late autumn without any interruptions.

Fruit Description

The description of the fruit also deserves attention. They are not too large, each weighs from 145 to 165 g, all saturated red in color, round in shape. By structure, tomatoes are dense and strong, 4-6 pcs. Can form on one brush.

The very first inflorescence is formed over the 5-6 leaf, and the next - over 1-2. Fruits of this type are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. In addition, they contain a high percentage of sugar and various dry substances.

A unique feature of the variety is the absence of a green spot at the footboard during the period of technical ripeness.


Plant needs garter

Pluses of the form:

  • disease resistance;
  • good tolerance of frost and temperature changes;
  • high percentage of yield;
  • constant fruiting.

Due to the abundant fruiting, each branch of the plant must be tied up, since it does not withstand the weight of all fruits.

Outdoor landing

When buying seeds, pay attention to the label: it should indicate that they can be planted in the open ground, as well as the fruit ripening period: if more than 75 days are indicated, then this is not pure hybrid representatives of the Tanya species.

Planting is best done in late May or at the very beginning of June, while observing a distance of at least 30 cm between plants.

Since the Tanya F1 variety is a type of medium ripeness, the ground should be warm enough before planting. It is advisable to plant tomatoes in areas where potatoes did not grow before. Tomatoes do not tolerate soil with a high percentage of acidity, so fertilizer in the form of compost or ash will not be out of place.

Bush care

Be sure to remove weeds on the site. Tomatoes are plants that love moisture in moderation, so when dry land they grow 2 times slower, and then completely disappear.

Top dressing is carried out throughout the season. They should be at least 5. You can alternate: first organic, then mineral, then complex.

General recommendations for growing

When growing this type of tomato in a greenhouse, it must be constantly ventilated.

Landing in the open ground should occur only in sunny areas, and with a sharp cooling at night, cover material is used. Watered once a week.

For the prevention of diseases of Tanya tomato f1, Profit or Oksikhom preparations are used: they do an excellent job and do not affect the quality of the fruits and their taste. In the initial stages of the disease, Fitosporin is used.


The above characteristic proves that Tanya F1 is a universal variety that does not require special care. The result of growing - ripe, beautiful and healthy fruits.


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