Description of tomato sunrise

It is very important for every gardener to know that he has the best sample of a certain type or type of variety. Everyone chooses the best quality and excellent type for themselves, especially for tomatoes. It should be a variety that gives a large percentage of yield, has excellent taste and immunity. Under this description, the tomato variety Sunrise is suitable.

Description of tomato sunrise

Grade description

What kind of tomato is it from Sunrise? Tomato Sunrise f1 is a first-class hybrid. Recently, many experienced gardeners are increasingly giving their preference to hybrids. Such types have become almost universal, they are great for any type of activity, and you can do anything you like after harvesting. According to the description of the variety, tomato Sunrise is a completely Dutch work of local geneticists. They tried to develop just such a variety of tomatoes that could give a high percentage of yield even under extreme living conditions.

The yield of tomato Sunrise is amazing - they can give from 5 to 8 kg, sometimes this figure can increase to 10. Everything will depend on the conditions in which the bushes will be kept.

Tomato Sunrise f1, according to the description of the variety and reviews, refers to those varieties that are sung early. From the time of planting to the time of harvesting, only 64 -75 days will pass. This is a very good result. You can grow this type of plant, as in the open ground, in the same way as a greenhouse. Tomato Sunrise f1 according to the variety description is not tall plants, the bushes are very compact, belong to the determinate types, it is also necessary to pinch the plants to the first brush.

Tomato Sunrise is very resistant to various diseases, especially to such as:

  • alternariosis (stem cancer);
  • spotting gray type on the leaves;
  • verticillus wilting.

The plant is absolutely not whimsical, does not require a special place or care, the most important thing is not to forget to water it, and from time to time to fertilize the earth with calcium and humus.

Grade Advantages

According to the reviews of many gardeners, it is safe to say that such a variety of tomatoes has a lot of positive qualities, and universal:

  • persistent immunity to many diseases and pests;
  • excellent percentage of yield;
  • compact bush;
  • fast precocity;
  • unpretentiousness in leaving and cultivation.


Plant needs garter

Despite the overall positive picture, there are also disadvantages.

  1. It is sometimes noticed that very small bushes can grow from some bushes, they can’t cope with their task, and already in the middle of ripening they dry up and die because their root system is very weak and cannot produce the necessary useful substances for itself.
  2. Tomatoes of this type can sometimes show their bad side when transplanting, if they are not prepared for this. Before transplanting tomatoes into open soil or even a greenhouse, you need to treat the roots with a solution and add fertilizer there, and you also need to take seedlings out into the street, in the sun a few days before planting, so that the leaves get used to it.

Also, according to experts, it is sometimes necessary to tie tomatoes, as the fruits can weigh too much, and the branch may simply not cope with the load that it was given. Usually a stick is tied to a stalk, and various branches are tied to it so that they do not break under the pressure of tomatoes, since then the whole branch and fruits on it will disappear.

How to plant

As mentioned earlier, the yield of the tomato Sunrise variety is impressive. If you take care correctly, then you can get high-quality fruits within a few months. Given the fact that all plants of this species are quite small, then Sunrise tomato f1 can be planted 8 bushes per 1 m2 according to reviews and description.

For ordinary tomatoes, this would be very thick, since the standard is 4 bushes per 1 m2. In addition, gardeners deduced the ideal size of the dimple for planting - it is 50 by 50 cm. The roots can completely grow into the ground and not creep out, except for that, when watering, the water will quickly reach the roots and give it the necessary minerals.

Cultivating varieties

Tomato Sunrise is a hybrid variety, so its seeds can only be purchased. Since they already come with stable immunity, you do not need to process them for prevention before disembarkation. Unless you can handle the roots yourself immediately before transplantation from various parasites that live in the ground and can somehow harm them. It is necessary to plant bushes at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other.

All fruits are round and large, with full ripening they have a bright saturated red color, this indicates that it is already possible to collect the fruits. By taste characteristics, the variety is very soft, juicy and with a slight tint of acidity. If the tomatoes are not ripe, then they will be tight and tough.

One fruit weighs from 210 gr. and up to 233 gr. After you have harvested, you can use such a variety for anything: cut it into a salad, preserve it, and make juice from it.

Disease prevention

Tomato Sunrise f1 reviews of professionals say that it is a hybrid that can very rarely be infected with a disease. Most often, it can be sunburn due to the fact that the plant did not prepare for this in time and a sharp change in climate.

In this case, it is necessary to drastically reduce the amount of watering and give as much fertilizer as possible. It is desirable that calcium be present there. Also, from midges and problems with the leaves, you can prepare a garlic solution - for 1 liter of water 0.5 kg of crushed garlic. Squeeze the leaves periodically.

F1 - like cherry tomatoes. The tomato variety Sunrise is a unique type that can perform several tasks. The most important thing is the proper planting and care, and then you will have a large percentage of yield, and the food product is fresh, which can be stored for a long time.


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